#Canada Picked A Bad Week To Invest In #Wind Power Technology

January 31, 2013

(OTTAWA) – January 23, 2013 – Export Development Canada (EDC) today announced that it has provided Endurance Wind Power (Endurance), a Vancouver-based manufacturer of wind turbines designed for power grid application, with CAD 7 million in financing for the completion of new projects in the United Kingdom….

Ooops…The wind turbine that couldn’t cope with a gale: £250,000 tower crashes to the ground after its blades spin out of control

The Endurance Wind Power E-3120 50kW device was the first model of its kind to be erected in the UK

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Canada – Ezra Levant: "West duped by the Arab Spring."

December 8, 2012

(via mfs-theothernews.com) how many liberals want to move to Canada this year? …yeah shut your hole

Toronto: Man Told Israeli Flag ‘Incites Riots’

August 20, 2012

Israeli flag(israelnationalnews.com)Israeli flag – Flash 90 – A Jewish high school teacher from Toronto was warned by local police that he is inciting a riot and could be causing mass violence by carrying an Israeli flag.
According to a report on the Shalom Toronto website, the teacher was told this by police officers as he attended the Iranian Al-Quds Day rally at Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto on August 18.
The teacher was interviewed by a local blog, “BlazingCatFur”, and said that he had been shadowing the rally on his bicycle while waving his Israeli flag.
He said the police were telling him to get off the street, so he went onto the sidewalk and was warned he’d be arrested.
“I’ve been threatened with arrest a few times,” the teacher told the blog, adding, “I tried to talk some sense into some of the officers but they’ve just been telling me that the more I do this the more I’m inciting riots.”(MORE)

Typical of the police just about everywhere imhop

Widespread support for burka ban in Canada

January 24, 2012

The precedent for this does not exist: If there is threat to people’s rights then free expression does not apply. The Marxists used the same argument to limit free expression. What proportion of fashion limits can a free society really have? My opinion is this is not how things should be dealt with. As you can see here in the article these people think Islam is not at fault, but Islam is really where the law can categorize as being violent. If we do not accept the truth about Islam then a free society can not… and will not exist. When a ideology is violent then it is acceptable to intervene, but simply saying you are protecting women and ignoring the cause of the problem is a mistake. Sadly feminism is taking priority over real human rights here.

TORONTO – A month after Canada banned Muslim women from covering their faces during citizenship ceremonies, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the policy has won widespread support.
Speaking at a Muslim Canadian Congress event honouring his “courageous decision,” Mr. Kenney said polling shows that eight out of 10 Canadians agreed with the decision while only 14% were opposed.
“It is only a sign of respect for your fellow citizens, when you are pledging to them your commitment to live in a community with them, to show your face and who you are and that your pledge is heartfelt and authentic,” he said.
He said he would not act on suggestions to hold separate citizenship ceremonies for Muslim women who cover their faces in public. “We are all becoming Canadians together,” he said. “We are not going to start segregating our citizenship ceremonies.”
The Minister characterized the new rule as part of a broader strategy to strengthen the value of citizenship in Canada, which he said has the highest rate of naturalization of any country in the developed world. While the audience gathered at a Toronto hotel spoke mostly in support of the niqab ban, one woman said she was “extremely offended” by the comments she had heard. “If somebody believes in it [the niqab] then it’s their right to practise it,” said Fatema Dada of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association.
Mr. Kenney responded that taking an oath was a public act and could not be done in a way that hides identity. He also recalled meeting Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, Egypt’s top Muslim authority, who told him face coverings were not a religious requirement.
“He clarified for me that people in the West who think this is a religious obligation do not understand Islam law. So I am not going to second-guess the most pre-eminent Sharia authority in the Sunni world.”
There was a tense moment at the event when a woman dressed in a burka approached the Minister and tore off the blue cloth to reveal she was actually author and women’s rights activist Raheel Raza. Writer Tarek Fatah also briefly wore a burka hand puppet.
“The niqab or burka is a political tool by Islamists who wish to segregate Muslims into religious ghettos, cut off from mainstream society,” said Farzana Hassan of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “Islamists consider women who do not cover their heads and faces, which constitutes the vast majority, as sinners and lesser Muslims.”

Canada says it is cutting funding for UNESCO after cultural body admits Palestinians as member

November 1, 2011
TORONTO — Canada is joining the U.S. in cutting off funding for the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO because it approved a Palestinian bid for full membership.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday the decision is not in the best interests of peace in the Middle East, so Canada is freezing all future voluntary contributions to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
Canada contributes about $10 million a year to the agency.
The United States has also announced it will pull its $60 million in funding from UNESCO, which depends heavily on American funding.
The UNESCO vote represented a fallback plan for the Palestinian leadership after its bid for U.N. recognition as a state and full membership in the global body foundered in September.
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Canada to Reconsider its Support to UNESCO

November 1, 2011

(Israel National News) Canada contributes about $10 million Canadian a year to the agency. It was one of 14 nations that voted against the PA’s request in Monday’s vote. Israel, the U.S. and Germany voted against the move as well.

Earlier on Monday, the United States announced that it is cutting off funding to UNESCO.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland announced at a briefing that the administration had no choice in the matter, and would not make its $60 million payment in November to the agency.
Nuland noted that a longstanding law that prohibits U.S. support for any United Nations-affiliated body that accepts Palestinian Authority membership precludes funding the international body.
Meanwhile, it was reported Monday that Israel is considering ending its relationship with UNESCO over the decision to accept the PA as a member.
In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that Israel was “reconsidering its future cooperation with UNESCO” in the wake of the PA’s membership. (MORE)

Amnesty urges Canada to arrest and prosecute George W. Bush

October 16, 2011

Somehow I don’t think Amnesty International is going to be watching the World Series

From Amnesty International:12 October 2011…Amnesty International today urged Canadian authorities to arrest and either prosecute or extradite former US President George W. Bush for his role in torture, ahead of his expected visit to Canada on 20 October.
“Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest and prosecute former President Bush given his responsibility for crimes under international law including torture,” said Susan Lee, Americas Director at Amnesty International.
“As the US authorities have, so far, failed to bring former President Bush to justice, the international community must step in. A failure by Canada to take action during his visit would violate the UN Convention against Torture and demonstrate contempt for fundamental human rights.” A failure by Canada to arrest former President Bush demonstrates contempt for human rights?
I have never seen Amnesty urge any Western nation to arrest Mahmoud Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority has been found to – surprise! – torture prisoners. Similarly, I cannot find any Amnesty calls to arrest leaders of Hamas or other terror groups. (Egypt, for example, is a signatory to the Convention Against Torture and Amnesty did not urge Egypt to arrest any Palestinian Arab terrorist or political leader responsible for torture when they are in its territory.)
Amnesty, it will be remembered, has defended a supporter of the Taliban as a “human rights defender” and suspended an employee who disagreed.
If anyone needed any more evidence of the twisted priorities of Amnesty International, this pretty much seals the deal.
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I have my differences with G W Bush myself (for the opposite reasons)… but I find this amusing. It is awesome to see how far gone this organization is. It was rather recently that I merely disagreed with them, but still respected them… after all I used to like some of the songs by U2 and Bono… and The Chocolate War (which is dedicated to Amnesty International) is one of my favorite movies. It was with great pain that I disagreed with this group… but the more the facts came out, the more I realized that Amnesty International was beyond the pale.