Global: Torture in Drug Treatment Detentions

June 25, 2011

20733_full_Kunming Municipal Compulsory Rehabilitation CentreIn China convicted drug users are required to complete at least 2 years in their drug rehab program, a span of time that is filled with forced labor, physical abuse and no drug treatment according to many who’ve completed the program many of whom say they are haunted by the experience. via

People detained in these centers are denied medical care that has been proven effective and subjected to physical and sexual violence, forced labor, and involuntary or experimental medical procedures, the campaign said.  A 36-page report, “Treated with Cruelty: Abuses in the Name of Drug Rehabilitation,” compiles personal testimony by detainees in Russia, China, Cambodia, and Mexico. A 64-page publication, “Treatment or Torture?: Applying International Human Rights Standards to Drug Detention Centers,” reviews the multiple forms of abuse common in drug detention centers and shows how these practices in many cases constitute torture, or at least cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment – in violation of basic human rights treaties widely ratified by most nations worldwide. via

by the way… the links from HRW go to George Soros… who was the one who spent the money so we would be in debt to China.  I’m sure our country will degrade to this standard of abuse when our society crumbles.  Till then… I’m just another Marijuana smoking Conservative.