Obama: Meeting Lady Gaga was ‘intimidating’

October 2, 2011
A known anti-bullying spokesperson and gay rights activist, Lady Gaga showed up to Obama’s $35,800-per couple fundraiser to lobby for anti-bullying policies and enforcement. Earlier this month, she tweeted her devastation over the suicide of a gay Buffalo teen who ended his life in the aftermath of relentless school bullying. According to a White House pool report, the New Yorker donned “sky-high heels (she towered over everyone, a good 2 feet taller than POTUS) … [and] a floor-length sleeveless lacy black dress.” “She was wearing 16-inch heels,” Obama said of Lady Gaga’s style choice for the presidential gathering. (MORE PAIN)
Obama seemed puzzled and uneasy by Lady Gaga’s outfit for last week’s fundraiser. “She was eight feet tall. It was a little intimidating.” The pool report added that the “Monster” singer sported a bouffant hair up-do “with a black veil down the back.” Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, famous for shamelessly conducting business in hoodies and other casual attire, dressed up and wore a tie to meet the president.

Thank G-d for the NFL

August 8, 2011

I feel bad for the person who tries to teach me a lesson and make me submit. A personality like myself you would have to kill. Teaching me an old school lesson is not a profitable action. Due to the law which tried it’s best to be punitive I was forced to travel 3000 miles without identification in one of the worst blizzards in history. I switched modes of transportation about four different times to avoid the police. I could not even stay in a hotel because you need I.D. to rent a room. When I reached Buffalo New York the police boarded the train to search for terrorists probably. They walked down the isle looking for an I.D. that I did not have. I made a bluff. I smiled… looked at the officer and said. Go ahead… ask me who won the Superbowl… any year. I doubt the people you are looking for know information like that. The police officer smirked and left me alone. American Football… the best identification you can get.