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March 26, 2013

In a refreshing reversal of the usual roles, an organized group of hard-line Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka is taking active measures against Muslims and the building of new mosques.
Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this BBC report:

For more Buddhist Islamophobia, watch these Buddhists mock Islam while burning a Koran.


Angry Buddhist mob kill 10 Muslims in Myanmar

June 12, 2012

(Ahram) The United States voiced concern Friday about the mob killing of Muslims in Myanmar and called for the country’s reform-minded government to move forward in reconciling with minorities.
Tensions have flared in western Myanmar since Sunday, when an angry Buddhist mob killed 10 Muslims on a bus after mistakenly believing that they perpetrated the rape and murder of a woman.
“We are deeply concerned about the reports that a mob killed 10 individual Muslim pilgrims, pulling them from a bus and beating them to death,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.
“We’re obviously saddened by this tragic loss of life. It speaks to the importance of the government and the minorities redoubling efforts on a peace process that includes a ceasefire and real negotiations.”
Officials said that four more people were killed in fresh violence Friday in Rakhine state, apparently when Muslims torched Buddhist villages.
Since taking office last year, President Thein Sein has reached out to ethnic minority groups, largely in the north of Myanmar, that have been fighting for decades against the Burman-dominated government and army.
But divisions remain deep with Muslims, who are estimated to account for about four percent of the population in the Buddhist-dominated country formerly known as Burma.
The 750,000-strong Rohingya Muslim community is singled out for particular disdain and is not even recognized as a minority group. The United Nations considers the Rohingya to be among the world’s most persecuted minorities.

yeah… tell that to the Caucasian Bhudhists in Manhattan New York who think their world view of cycles and reincarnation is a pacifists religion. Anyway… just in case you were wondering… If my country had allowed almost a million Muslims in… I’d try my best to educate them about the abuse of their scripture at first and when confronted with the truth of the Hadith about the Tree of the Jews, I’d deport them for death threats. There really is no reason to give anyone a death penalty if you can arrest them long enough to throw them out of the country. It’s very simple… if you can murder because of a scripture… then you are gone… that goes for all ideologies… including any Neo Aztecs out there that want to sacrifice a pretty virgin to a volcano…. which could prove entertaining at first… but in all seriousness…. you are gone pal.
Reminds me of all those Buddhists that got food poisoning in New York at a retreat. Could it have been a divine message?

Visitors to #Buddhist festival fall ill with food poisoning//Didn’t Gautama Buddha die by eating pork? Oh,Why must we suffer!?

May 14, 2012

Media_httpwwwfreaking_dxrdy(ABC) KENT CLIFFS, NY — At least 150 people who attended a Mother’s Day garden party at an upstate New York Buddhist monastery have fallen ill with food poisoning. Eric Gross, spokesman for the Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services, says about 700 people were at the festival at Chuang Yen Monastery in Kent Cliffs, 55 miles north of New York City. About 500 of them came on buses from Chinatown. Gross says people starting getting sick with vomiting and diarrhea around 3:30 p.m. Sunday after they had left the party on buses bound for Woodbury Commons shopping outlets. As of 7 p.m., Gross said 150 had been taken to hospitals in Putnam, Orange and Westchester counties.

If I seem a little hostile at the Buddhist community it is because I’ve noticed a lot of hostility from the Buddhist community towards other people. Meet Jonathon Blakeley ‏@jonathonblakele, who says: “Welcome to the Jewnited States of America”? Yeah… he’s a Buddhist. I’m tired of their philosophy of nothingness… gets in the way of people with goals. Judaism is all about goals. Oh, but how Western of me.

More stupidity from the courts concerning #CyberStalking

April 25, 2012

As (Volokh) noted last year, a federal prosecutor indicted a man for his campaign of insulting Twitter messages about a Buddhist religious leader, and a federal judge then dismissed the indictment on First Amendment grounds.
Some of the Twitter posts might have been seen as threatening, but the government’s theory wasn’t that they were threatening, but that they where posted “with the intent to harass and cause substantial emotional distress to” the religious leader, and actual caused such distress, in violation of the federal antistalking statute, 18 U.S.C. § 2261A. The district court correctly held that the statute was unconstitutional as applied, and left open the possibility that it might be unconstitutional on its face as well. The government appealed, but earlier this month decided to drop the appeal.
Now the Senate, rather than tightening the law to prevent its being applied to constitutionally protected speech, is considering expanding it. Section 107 of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011 (which (Volokh) blogged about below, as to a different constitutionally troublesome provision) would take the existing statute and have it cover not just speech that causes substantial emotional distress, but also speech that “attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress,” so long as the speaker is intending to (among other things) “harass” the target. Anyone who

with the intent to … harass … uses the … any interactive computer service … to engage in a course of conduct that … causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to [the person or the person’s family member]

would now be committing a federal crime. If the statute were just limited to conduct and speech intended to threaten someone — which the rest of the statute does cover — there would be no constitutional problem. But trying to outlaw speech that is made “with the intent to … harass” and “would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress” often violates the First Amendment, as the federal judge rightly held in the Twitter case. It seems to me that Congress should be fixing this constitutional problem rather than expanding it.

This is fascism. plain and simple. proving a person has intent to upset another person is no reason to take their free expression away. I have experience with this kind of legal abuse. I’m not allowed to tell you about it apparently… or rather I’d rather not find out how stupid the legal system is again.