US tax dollars also funding #radical Leftist #Israeli #NGO’s like #Keshev and #BTselem

February 18, 2013

(Carl)And you thought that it was only European governments that were using taxpayer money to fund radical Israeli NGO’s. No. It turns out that the United States of Obama is also funding radical Leftist NGO’s in Israel. This is Caroline Glick.

According to the report, in accordance with the NGO Transparency Law which requires NGOs to report on donations received from foreign governments, three Israeli NGOs received funding from the US.
Keshev, a radical leftist “media watchdog” group run by some of Israel’s most outspoken, and radical journalists and writers received NIS 492,452 in direct aid from the US government. To understand how subversive Keshev is, it suffices to note that they criticized the Israeli media for rushing to judgment about Fatah’s unity deal with Hamas. That is, the group the US supports believes we should not criticize Fatah for joining forces with a genocidal jihadist movement committed to the obliteration of Israel that is in cahoots with the Iranians.
Through Catholic Relief Services,the US also gave NIS 220,304 to the anti-Israel pressure group B’Tselem. The money was used to fund B’Tselem’s video project. B’tselem’s video project involves the distribution of video cameras to Palestinians to film snuff films that portry Israelis as aggressive bullies who seek to harm the Palestinians for no reason.
Numerous examples have already been reported of how those film clips have falsely portrayed events.
Finally, the US government donated NIS 15,474 through the Foundation for Middle East Peace to the far left internet outlet Social TV. To a certain degree, Social TV can be — and has been — portrayed as the anti-Zionist answer to Latma, the Hebrew-language media criticism site that I run. But Latma is wholly funded by private contributors and foundations.
It would have never occurred to me to ask a foreign government to fund the project. It never would have occurred to me to ask a foreign government to get into the media watchdog game in Israel. But then, from reading the report it is clear that the aim of the US government is not, in fact to help Israeli media outlets do a better job reporting on events. Rather, the report indicates that the US government has decided to use radical Israeli NGOs to wage political warfare in Israel. The aim of this campaign is to convince the public that Israel is to blame for the absence of peace with our neighbors.

Dishonest. Benghazi spin is just the surface. Weapons and public relations going to terrorists. What is really going on is hostility. America and Israel are at each other’s throats. This is a cold war.


NGO Monitor: NIF Network’s Campaign on September Protests

September 13, 2011
Naomi Chazan
This NIF seems to go to a lot of trouble to claim they are not involved with things. They left a comment on my blog and it isn’t like I’m a big fish. They must have a huge social media campaign financed by who knows? What I do know is that it costs a lot of money to go to supposedly Conservative blogs, which is something I really am not (can’t you tell by the raunchy offensive jokes?), but the NIF assumes I am because I support Israel and think totalitarianism is a nightmare.
B’Tselem’s report on Nabi Saleh a pretense to discuss September JERUSALEM (Daled Amos)
In advance of the Palestinian “September initiatives” at the United Nations, the New Israel Fund (NIF) network of organizations are conducting a coordinated campaign that accuses Israel of “infringing” on the “right to demonstrate” and ignores Israel’s legal obligations to maintain public order. As a pretense to promote this agenda and pre-judge Israeli responses to predicted mass demonstrations, B’Tselem today published a politically motivated “report” on “Weekly Demonstrations in a-Nabi Saleh,” according to Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor. “The timing of the B’Tselem report suggests that the objective is to undermine the policies of the democratically elected government of Israel,” noted Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor. “Along with Adalah, Mossawa, Yesh Din, CWP, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and other members of the NIF network, B’Tselem is perpetuating the myth that these protests are non-violent.” In its report, B’Tselem alleges that “security forces denied the residents their right to protest the infringement of their rights, and completely prohibited them from demonstrating…even in the absence of any violent act by the demonstrators.” To match its political aims, this NGO also claimed that “forces made excessive use of crowd control measures.” NGO Monitor notes that, in addition to this B’Tselem publication, ACRI sent an open letter (to generate publicity) in August to Defense Minister Ehud Barak alleging that “military legislation governing protests and demonstrations in the West Bank denies Palestinian residents the right to demonstrate.” Similarly, ACRI and Adalah pubished a joint letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Minister of Internal Security, and the Chief of Police entitled “Police Preparation for the Expected September Demonstrations” (August 28). And, in June 2011, Mossawa released an inflammatory statement condemning Israel for preparing for possible violence in September, satirically entitled “Mossawa Center calls [on Israel] not to send security forces to train in Daraa [Syria] and Tripoli.” The comparison between Israel and the regimes of Assad and Qaddafi is particularly odious. In addition, Yesh Din, Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), and the Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI) are hosting a “Lawyers workshop for representing arrested demonstrators” on September 15, 2011. This workshop, run by NIF-funded groups, is being held in order to counter an alleged policy of “police repression of demonstrators.” “The aim of these statements and activities is to constrain the Israeli government, and distort the legitimate responses to violence, by painting these actions as non-violent. In actuality, extensive evidence shows that many of these confrontations, such as in Bilin, Nilin, and Nabi Saleh, include significant acts of violence by protesters,” continued Steinberg. “If the planned demonstrations include or exceed these levels of violence , or that of the ‘Nakba’ and ‘Naksa’ riots of earlier this year, Israeli security services are required to act to protect civilians from injury.” “NGOs claiming to promote human rights and the rule of law are wrong to erase the very real threats to public safety and human life,” said Steinberg. “In media campaigns pre-condemning the Israeli response, the NIF network is attempting to handcuff Israeli security forces.” Examples of this campaign: * On September 12, 2011 B’Tselem published a report titled “Show of Force Israeli Military Conduct in Weekly Demonstrations in a-Nabi Saleh.” * ACRI sent a letter to defense Minister Ehud Barak titled “The Proper Security Forces Preparation for Expected Palestinian Protests and Rallies in September” (August 8, 2011). * ACRI and Adalah sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the minister of interior security and the chief of police titled “Police Preparation for the Expected September Demonstrations” (August 28, 2011). * Yesh Din, Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), and the Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI) are hosting a “Lawyers workshop for representing arrested demonstrators” on September 15, 2011. * “Mossawa Center calls [on Israel] not to send security forces to train in Daraa and Tripoli” (June 14, 2011).

JCC Watch rips JCC of the Upper West Side

March 15, 2011

For those of you wondering why the
JCC logo has been censored, go here.

At a press conference in New York on Sunday, JCC Watch ripped the JCC of the Upper West Side of Manhattan for cooperating with organizations that promote boycott, divestiture and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

The JCC of the Upper West Side, notes the watchdog group, is a beneficiary agency of the UJA-Federation. BDS was launched in 2005 by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which seek to demonize, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy Israel by the spread of misinformation, incitement, and promotion of various boycotts.
In a news conference held Sunday afternoon in front of the JCC offices, JCC Watch reported that the organization is partnering with a number of pro-BDS organizations.
Among those listed were the leftist organizations New Israel Fund, B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch, and J Street.
JCC Watch founder Richard Allen called on the JCC board of directors to establish public and transparent guidelines regarding BDS.
“It’s time that the board of directors of the JCC in Manhattan take action. It’s simple: all they have to do is stop supporting groups that partner with, fund, or support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel,” Allen said.

I know the rabbi of that JCC. I had my Bar Mitzvah at a Reconstructionist Synagogue called B’nai Keshet in Montclair NJ.  Joy Levitt is a very sick woman. this is not political for me. this is personal.
Joy had me thrown out of Hebrew school at B’nai Keshet …if I remember correctly. I drew a picture of my teacher when I was 13 years old. for the record I was wrong… and it wasn’t a female teacher it was a male teacher, but I was 13 years old. I had to train for my Bar Mitzvah with the Orthodox because the Reconstructionist synagogue would not allow me to go to Hebrew school. These women are out to hurt Western men. It is their agenda. The girls are coddled and groomed and the boys are given hairy eyeballs. I have pictures of girls dancing with each other at my Bar Mitzvah party. at the time it didn’t mean anything to me. now I realize they were reinforcing Anti-Social behavior. Very few of the kids still talk to each other. Just about every girl who was in my Bar Mitzvah class is now a lesbian. The one straight girl there in my class was known to be promiscuous. when they elected Obama president… it felt like Montclair NJ started running the government. I used to get beat up by black kids and my parents would take me to a shrink and the guy would say… “you don’t know how to read people”. yeah right… I read the hate just fine

More Libel from the European B’tselem

November 4, 2010

punishing terrorists saves lives,
but Euro funded organizations
like killing Jews too much.


Palestinians detained for questioning by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) face cruel conditions, disgraceful hygienic conditions, sleep deprivation and physical abuse, according to a new report released Tuesday by B’Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, and HaMoked – Center of the Defense of the Individual.
The report is based on the testimonies of 121 Palestinians who were held in the Shin Bet’s main detention facility in Petah Tikva throughout 2009.

ah B’tselem…. does anyone remember who they were?

suspected of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The law, enacted in 1938, requires those acting as agents of foreign principles in a political or quasi-political capacity to disclose their relationship to the foreign principles and their activities.
B’Tselem and Peace Now both receive much of their funding from the European Union and individual European countries. As Bender wrote, “They have and continue to receive funds from European governments, and have an office in Washington D.C. that lobbies United States officials.”

Obviously we aren’t done putting these guys out of business by following their funding
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B’Tselem, Israel’s largest and best known human rights organization, took a donation last week from an organization that supports the BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) movement against Israel.

On October 25, 2010, B’Tselem announced a donation from a group known as “Bubbes and Zaydes for Peace” (BZP); Executive Director Jessica Montell wrote on Twitter, “I don’t know the group but it brought a big smile to my face.”

Due diligence would have revealed that BZP endorses the antisemitic BDS (boycotts, divestment, sanctions) movement and employs the demonizing rhetoric of the Durban strategy – in violation of B’Tselem’s stated principles and growing adoption of ethical guidelines, such as by the New Israel Fund.

NGO Monitor wrote to B’Tselem informing the NGO of BZP’s BDS advocacy and asking whether the donation would be refused. B’Tselem responded that it was “honored to receive [the] contribution[].”

BZP, based in Philadelphia, claims to work towards “justice in the Middle East.” Using its disarming name to mask its agenda, “Bubbes and Zeydes” participated in Israeli Apartheid Week by hanging “BOYCOTT ISRAELI APARTHEID!” signs on major Philadelphia highways. The group demonstrated outside local cellphone stores that sell Motorola phones, in order to “call on the corporation to cease producing and selling equipment to the Israeli army to prevent its involvement in future abuses.”

BZP members also joined “Divestment Teach-ins.” BZP co-sponsored a Sabeel Conference at Villanova in March 2008. Sabeel is a leader in the church divestment campaign, and uses antisemitic imagery and theology to demonize Israel.

The loyal opposition? Hardly. Traitors would be a better description.

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Israeli Leftist Groups May be Violating US Law

April 21, 2010
B'Tselem cameraman

It is sad that the only way to prove that these groups are not who they say they are is in the United States where there are laws about dishonest funding for foreign agents.

Two of Israel’s largest extreme-left organizations, B’Tselem and Peace Now, have been accused of potentially violating United States law by acting illegally as foreign agents. The U.S. Department of Justice has been informed of the accusations, and is looking into the matter.

The charges were raised by Attorney Lee Bender. Bender first notified the Department of Justice’s National Security Division of the potentially illegal status of Americans for Peace Now in November 2009. While awaiting the conclusions of the Justice Department, he developed concerns about B’Tselem as well and last week contacted the National Security Division to report in the group.

The Americans for Peace Now group is part of the Isreli left-wing movement that campaigns against a Jewish presence in all of the land restored to Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967. Its activists often support Arab incitement as part of the “resistance.” B’Tselem is a self-acclaimed human rights group that consistently has condemned Israel for counterrorist operations against Hamas and has blamed Israel for most Arab violence.  Both organizations use the Israeli Supreme Court as venue for attempting to bring about home demolitions in Judea and Samaria communities and for attempts to indict Israeli civilians and soldiers for what they term unnecessary violence in the face of perceived terrorist threats.

Both organizations are suspected of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The law, enacted in 1938, requires those acting as agents of foreign principles in a political or quasi-political capacity to disclose their relationship to the foreign principles and their activities.
B’Tselem and Peace Now both receive much of their funding from the European Union and individual European countries. As Bender wrote, “They have and continue to receive funds from European governments, and have an office in Washington D.C. that lobbies United States officials.”

If the two organizations are found to be foreign agents under FARA, they will need to report all contact with American officials, as well as for every political activity they organize.

 In Israel, organizations funded by foreign governments are required to report the donations they receive to the Non-Profit Associations Registrar. Since 2008, such groups have been required to make their donations public via the Internet as well.

In 2009, MK Danny Danon revealed that he plans to criminalize the activities of Peace Now, B’Tselem and similar organizations by making it illegal for foreign-funded groups to engage in political activity inside Israel. 


From the PZO's websiteIsrael can play that game too…

For the first time since pre-State days when Zion and Palestine were synonymous terms, a “Palestinian Zionist Organization” has been established – by Arabs.

The latest Arab to show his public support for Israel is Elias Issa, who describes himself as a “European West-Bank Palestinian.” He writes that he chose a unique approach by which to celebrate Israel’s 62nd birthday – namely, by launching the Palestinian Zionist Organization. He says his goal is “to show the world why it must support the Jewish people and to [distance itself] from the terrorist Palestinian government.”  via

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Hypocritical Jewish Organizations

April 17, 2010

there will be peace when we are not afraid to say the truth

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