"Pinkwashing:" Visceral hate for Israel in a NYT op-ed

November 23, 2011
(Elder of Ziyon) (h/t Docs Talk) The New York Times has an op-ed by Sarah Schulman, a professor of humanities at CUNY, that can only be described as pure, visceral hate for Israel under the veneer of fake liberalism.

In 2005, with help from American marketing executives, the Israeli government began a marketing campaign, “Brand Israel,” aimed at men ages 18 to 34. The campaign, as reported by The Jewish Daily Forward, sought to depict Israel as “relevant and modern.” The government later expanded the marketing plan by harnessing the gay community to reposition its global image.

Last year, the Israeli news site Ynet reported that the Tel Aviv tourism board had begun a campaign of around $90 million to brand the city as “an international gay vacation destination.” The promotion, which received support from the Tourism Ministry and Israel’s overseas consulates, includes depictions of young same-sex couples and financing for pro-Israeli movie screenings at lesbian and gay film festivals in the United States….
This message is being articulated at the highest levels. In May, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Congress that the Middle East was “a region where women are stoned, gays are hanged, Christians are persecuted.”
The growing global gay movement against the Israeli occupation has named these tactics “pinkwashing”: a deliberate strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life. Aeyal Gross, a professor of law at Tel Aviv University, argues that “gay rights have essentially become a public-relations tool,” even though “conservative and especially religious politicians remain fiercely homophobic.”
Yes, a professor at a prestigious university is arguing that every positive Israeli action is not positive, but an immoral attempt to whitewash Israeli crimes.
We’ve seen this same kind of thinking before, when Israel set up field hospitals in Japan and Haiti after natural disasters. Critics charge that the doctors and other volunteers who spend countless hours helping ordinary victims far away from Israel are really doing propaganda for the evil state of Israel, and their efforts are a transparent effort to distract the world from Israeli crimes.
In both these cases, we have a pure manifestation of psychological projection at play.
Strident critics of Israel look at the state through a single lens: one that shows Israel to be a purely evil entity whose entire raison d’etre is the subjugation and oppression of innocent Arabs. There are no shades of grey, no other issues at play – everything Israel does is somehow connected to its inherently evil nature. (Shulman’s “proof” is that homophobia still exists in Israel, as if there is anywhere on the planet that it has been eradicated.)
Since the critics define Israel this way, they assume that Israel defines itself this way as well. If Israel exhibits any whiff of charity, or liberalism, or kindness – it is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover for its genocidal, racist ways. The idea that Israel has both good and bad parts, or that different Israelis (outside the enlightened anti-Zionist variety) can ever do something different or orthogonal to their real goal of oppressing Arabs, is simply not possible. If some Israelis start a charitable organization it is not because they actually want to help people, but because they want to cover up their constant crimes. Kindness and morality are not possible, so any examples must really be sophisticated manifestations of Israel’s inherent evil.
To these sick people, it is literally impossible for Israel or Israelis to do anything admirable outside the context of the conflict. The conflict is everything. To them, Israel itself is defined by its own desire to rid itself of Arabs. Any counter-proof is readily dismissed as nothing more than PR. The concept that most Israelis are just trying to live their lives like everyone else, and that they might even be nice, normal, relatable people, must be combated. If Israelis are perceived by the world as human beings, their message of Israeli criminality gets diluted – and that must be fought. Anything that could blunt the demonization of the Jewish state is by definition as evil as the Jewish state itself is.
This is hate, pure and simple. It is the exact opposite of the liberalism these haters profess. It is the bigoted stereotyping of an entire people and their democratically elected government in order to twist reality to reflect their own visceral loathing.
And just as the bullying Israeli Jews cannot possibly do anything positive for gays, the eternal victims in “Palestine” cannot do anything wrong:
Pinkwashing not only manipulates the hard-won gains of Israel’s gay community, but it also ignores the existence of Palestinian gay-rights organizations. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in the West Bank since the 1950s, when anti-sodomy laws imposed under British colonial influence were removed from the Jordanian penal code, which Palestinians follow. More important is the emerging Palestinian gay movement with three major organizations: Aswat, Al Qaws and Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

So not only is Israel incomparably evil, but Palestinian Arabs are incomparably tolerant and liberal, according to this faux crusader for gay rights.
A quick look through the websites of the three Palestinian Arab gay-rights groups she mentions reveals something interesting: it is nearly impossible to find the names of any of their members or leaders.
And the reason is explained at the Awsat site:
Most of Aswat members are “closeted” to some extent. Consequently, only one or two members can go public and identify themselves as Aswat members in our activities involving a certain amount of exposure i.e., advocacy & outreach, education etc. The ‘closet’ is an outcome of a homophobic and patriarchal society which has an undeniable impact on Aswat activities. Yet, group members develop different strategies in order to participate in various activities. For example, some members use nicknames when presenting themselves or reaching out to other community members, while others choose to promote activities which allow a reasonable degree of anonymity such as translations, Committee meetings, virtual support to others, information gathering, fundraising tasks etc. Thus, due to personal safety considerations, Aswat members have requested their names not to be disclosed.
The cognitive dissonance that runs through Sarah Schulman’s head must be overwhelming. According to their own activists, Palestinian Arab gays live under the constant fear of being physically harmed – a fear that the evil Israeli gay community simply does not have. Schulman is trying to give the impression that it is Israel that has the problems with gays, and Palestinian Arabs are the tolerant ones, even as this is shown to be a lie by the Palestinian Arab gay community itself!

The only way to explain this self-contradictory thought process is that logic and simple facts fly out the window when you are dealing with a hater. Their hate is all-encompassing. They are consumed by it, and their brains are infected by it.

We’ve seen the same hate and concomitant lack of rational thinking in the absurd ramblings all over the Internet from the KKK, from neo-Nazis, from Islamists, from the far-right as well as the far-left. This same laughable “logic” has been used to justify hate against Jews, blacks, gays and women. They also have only one lens through which they look at the world. Pure, unbridled hate is no more moral when it is against members of a nation than when it is against any other group.
Being a professor does not inoculate one against infection with this virus of hate.

Sarah Schulman is just another hater.

And this op-ed proves it.

Palestinians to embark in nation branding too

October 24, 2011
(h/t Doc Talk/Article by Tobias Buc) FYI-pay attention everyone: Palestine might not be a country yet, but it’s a nation to most people – which qualifies them to rightfully do some nation branding. And as it turns out by this story on the Financial Times, they’ve just started to create a brand-new Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy, which will be charged with Palestine’s nation branding efforts. This is the story, written by Tobias Buck in Ramallah.

It may be many more years before Palestinians finally establish their own nation state. However, a nation-brand is already in the making. Over the past few months, a group of influential Palestinian business leaders has been quietly working to set up a special body charged with creating a Palestinian nation-brand and promoting it around the world.
If everything goes to plan, the first campaigns will be launched later this year. The initial markets targeted are the US and, perhaps more surprisingly, Israel.
“There is a lack of knowledge and understanding about how we operate and behave, and what we believe in,” says Samir Hulileh, the chief executive of Padico, a Ramallah-based conglomerate and the biggest Palestinian company by market value. “Outside Palestine, people either see us as a primitive community and a third world country, full of gangsters and terrorists. Or they don’t have an impression at all.”
Padico is one of several Palestinian businesses that are determined to nudge global opinion in a different direction. They are in the final stages of setting up a new Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy charged with overseeing the campaign, and intend to hire an international marketing company in the coming months.
The new Palestinian initiative, says Mr Hulileh, consciously echoes the long-running Israeli hasbarah effort to bolster its image around the world. But it also draws inspiration from Lebanon, which has undergone a striking image transformation in recent years, emerging as a business and tourism hub after decades of bloody strife.
The cost of the Palestinian campaign – which is set to kick off with an audit of public perceptions in Israel and the US – will be carried entirely by the business community. “We will start with US$1m, but we will need much more,” says Mr Hulileh.
According to the Padico CEO, establishing and promoting a distinctive national brand will be an important flanking measure to the current Palestinian diplomatic effort to gain international recognition as an independent state. The drive is set to culminate in an appeal to the UN in September, asking the global body to admit Palestine as a full member state.
For the diplomatic campaign to be effective, Mr Hulileh says, the international community must look to the Palestinians not simply as recipients of aid and the source of diplomatic problems but as a community that “contributes to the world”.
He points out that the Palestinian territories boast an “exceptional” literacy level of 95 per cent, and that Palestinian universities produce 45,000 graduates every year.
He cites cultural luminaries such as Mahmoud Darwish, the celebrated Palestinian poet who died two years ago. There is, Mr Hulileh says, “success despite the situation”.
International surveys examining nation brands normally do not examine the Palestinian territories. One survey that does, the East West Global Index, ranked Palestine 182nd out of 200 countries last year. Israel, placed 176th, did not fare much better. Both countries came in below military dictatorships such as Burma and Syria, but ahead of North Korea and Iran.

a 95% literacy rate… with all the money these animals get they only have 95% literacy so that they can read their vile Mohammad texts and kill people. It is sad to think of all the things that could of been done with the money that the West has thrown at these people. An illiterate South American kid hoping to have his own farm is more noble then people who are financed by the West and turn around and kill Jews. All the marketing in the world won’t help people who blow themselves up… (you might get a few teary eyed anorexic Italian fashion models, but anyone who sees anything good in those whose entire reason for being is death is a sick in the head…. but not to worry. Israel’s Rebranding failed like New Coke. People want Israel to be on a more spiritual level, not hip, I expect Palestine to be incapable of becoming a hipster retreat… unless the fashion world decides that Hijabs and Burqas are the next in runway item.

Dhimmi President Peres hangs out with celebrities like Shakira and ignores Jonathan Pollard’s request to see his father before he dies.

June 23, 2011
…and now for a little grab ass…
As if catering to the Arabs actually work. Already Egyptians are saying…

Shakira must be boycotted! Which is just what a few new Facebook groups are calling for. Shakira is scheduled to give a concert in November in Egypt, and some Egyptians are calling for a cancellation of the concert. Four years ago, the pop star performed in Egypt at the foot of the Pyramids. via elderofziyon.blogspot.com

dirty old man and a Lebanese whore… the man who practically put a gun to Yitzhak Rabin’s head by lying to him about Arafat and his goals.  Here he is with Media_https3amazonaws_bjbeiShakira. She says she is, “Proud of My Lebanese Origin”. Says “I am convinced that the road to peace has to be traveled hand in hand with education because that is the only way perhaps that we are going to achieve global stability and peace,” she told the AP. via naharnet.com and via news.yahoo.com and via upi.com
Shakira you Wrong, bitch!…The Arabs have enough indoctrination… Shakira can do her beauty pageant elsewhere.
…This is who the  President of Israel hangs out with when he should be on the phone to Obama screaming at him to do the right thing and free the hostage? …no not just Gilad Shalit.
Jonathan Pollard.

Gay shame

April 14, 2011

Israel is sort of participating in the ‘gay pride’ festival in Berlin in June. I say ‘sort of’ because like good dhimmis, Israel’s participation will be entirely incognito.

Berlin Municipality invited Tel Aviv to take part in the main festival, which will be taking place ahead of the gay pride events. But the Israeli delegation decided to leave out any state symbols at the stand, as well as in any performances by Israeli artists taking part in the festival.
Thus, there will be no Israeli flags and the emphasis will be on Tel Aviv as a global city – pluralistic and liberal, which accepts members of the gay community no matter where they’re from. Moreover, visitors to the festival will receive information about Tel Aviv which will include a map that highlights LGBT entertainment centers.
A source within the tourism industry told Ynet that “in the past it has been proven that the correct and smart way to ‘export’ Israel, especially these days, is through emphasizing brands it excels in, without using anything that symbolizes the state of Israel. Unfortunately, the Israeli flag or Star of David can cause antagonism among many.”
The Tourism Ministry understands this new reality and explains: “Unfortunately, this is the smart way to market Israeli brands abroad.” It should be mentioned that the ministry promotes some Israeli sites and destinations without mentioning the word Israel.

One would think that Israel would (and could) at least appeal for some credit from the gay community for being the only country in this region where gays are not the subjects of ‘honor killings’ just because they are gay. But sadly, that is not the case. And now that we have expediently rebranded Israel into something other than the Jewish state, we aren’t even going to try to get credit for the things that we do for which other countries do get credit.
Now you all see why Carl of  israelmatzav.blogspot.com was (and remains) so angry with the Foreign Ministry’s Brand Israel program when it was introduced to bloggers two and a half years ago. Israel’s gay community should be ashamed of itself for accepting creating these terms of participation.

The Gay Community on the international level should be ashamed of their behavior towards Jews.  This also makes it unbearable to be a gay Jew outside of Israel.

The secret cause of Israel’s PR and image catastrophe

While I agree with Israel Matzav and Zionism-Israel that Israel will not solve anything by selling *T* and *A* to replace the Jewish homeland and repackage Israel as *Sexy*, *Rich* and *Vogue* ….I certainly see the point that any image can be co-opted and it is better to just be about Love, G-d, Community but I also have no problem with *SEXY ISRAEL* existing in parallel marketing, though I sincerely think it shouldn’t be state financed because I don’t think it is in the interests of Israel to turn itself into Los Vegas.

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Bob Dylan finally confirms he’s coming to Israel

March 23, 2011

After many rumours over the last couple of summers, Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman to his mates) has finally confirmed he’ll be coming to perform in Israel on June 20th, at the Ramat Gan Stadium, just outside Tel Aviv. Wow, wet dream time for many a Bob Dylan fan – and there are many in Israel!
are likely to be snapped up of course, so watch out for news of their sale (still unknown – and when we hear about it we’ll let you know!). They’ll probably be in the region of 350 shekels upwards.
Bob Dylan is of course, a legend. He began his career back at the end of the 1950s, though he became huge in the 60s, with hits like ”Blowin’ In The Wind” and “The Times They Are A-Changin’” becoming anthems for the anti-war and civil rights movements.
There’ll be lots more to come on this…plus the inevitable “will he, won’t he”, as anti-Israel movements spread their love over the coming weeks.
For info about tickets: 03-5247373
There are no clips on YouTube that we can post here as they’ve all been disabled, but here’s a reminder of one of his classics

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Israel News: The secret cause of Israel’s PR and image catastrophe

February 7, 2010

While I agree with Israel Matzav and Zionism-Israel that Israel will not solve anything by selling *T* and *A* to replace the Jewish homeland and repackage Israel as *Sexy*, *Rich* and *Vogue* ….I certainly see the point that any image can be co-opted and it is better to just be about Love, G-d, Community but I also have no problem with *SEXY ISRAEL* existing in parallel marketing, though I sincerely think it shouldn’t be state financed because I don’t think it is in the interests of Israel to turn itself into Los Vegas.

Israel advocacy is not about telling people Israel is a good place to invest or that we have pretty girls and nice beaches. “Everyone knows,” don’t they, that Jews are “clever with money” and that Jewish girls are hot and loose, right? Does that help us? Will it win support in international fora? Bragging about Israeli economic prowess plays into the image of the blood-sucking Jew-Zionist colonialists who are getting rich by oppressing the poor Palestinians, who are minding their own business, trying to make an honest living in the suicide vest business. Bragging about our technologically advanced society plays to Palestinian propaganda too. They are poor helpless native victims of a heartless and evil advanced society. Of course, the Iranians, who are building atomic weapons, tell a different story, and that too is accepted.

People do not base political opinions on a few factoids or “images.” They may use the images or the factoids to bolster their opinions. They build a narrative and force the facts to fit that narrative. One we have been demonized it doesn’t matter what we do. If we send rescue teams to Haiti, the mainstream “responsible” media like TIME ignore it, because it doesn’t fit their narrative about the evil Zionists, the more sophisticated Israel bashers use it as a platform for an attack on Israeli policy, and the professional Israel haters say Israelis went to Haiti to harvest organs for illegal transplant traffic.
In the business world, PR and “image” and “branding” are acceptable. In the world of ideological advocacy, they are dirty words. “Image building” is what an oil company does after a tanker spill. It’s what tobacco companies tried to do for smoking. In other words, it is lying or “improving the truth.” “Rebranding” and remaking of images are what sleazy politicians do in order to foist themselves on the public. Some of us remember “the new Nixon.” He wasn’t much different from the old model Nixon, but the “image remake” fooled enough people long enough to get him elected president of the United States.

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