Iran said it has sent a monkey to space in a move toward an eventual human space mission.

December 14, 2013
In today’s experiment, Fargam the monkey reached the height of 120 km. After 15 minutes into the flight, the mission control released the monkey in a parachute capsule. Fargam the monkey was recovered safely. Scientists say they were measuring the monkey’s physical state following the flight.

a clear pattern emerges of intervention when this advances Islamist interests, and non-intervention when it does not

December 7, 2013
Not so arbitrary

Obama Refusing To Take Calls From Netanyahu Over Iran

November 17, 2013
Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama has been refusing to take phone calls from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of the tension between the two countries over how to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue.
The Prime Minister’s Office issued a flat denial, saying, “The report in Al Jarida is wrong.”
The White House also denied the reports.
Al Jarida, which has previously reported information that was later verified about a leak investigation taking place in Netanyahu’s bureau, says that on Friday, Obama refused more than once to speak to Netanyahu on the telephone and had U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry take the call instead. The paper cited a source it says is familiar with the issue.
According to the report, which was written by a reporter in Jerusalem, U.S. Jewish leaders are trying to get the White House to decrease the tension and snag Netanyahu an invitation to meet with Obama in Washington.
The Kuwaiti paper’s exclusive reports on what’s going on behind the scenes of the Prime Minister’s Office have raised the question of whether Netanyahu’s bureau is intentionally using the paper to release information to which it doesn’t want to be directly linked.

Iran’s ‘Moderates’: Hassan Rouhani’s defense minister was founder of Lebanese Hezbollah.

August 14, 2013
Hossein Dehghan standing alongside
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nassrallah
(OTHER NEWS) Iran’s ‘Moderates’: Hassan Rouhani’s defense minister was founder of Lebanese Hezbollah.

NCRI,12 August 2013 – The Iranian regime’s new defense minister nominated by Hassan Rouhani is one of the founders of the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group, regime websites have revealed.

The latest details of Hossein Dehghan’s murky past come after reports he was also a former terrorist student who stormed the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, taking 53 American diplomats hostage.

Now the regime’s news sites have told how Dehghan was a founder member of the Revolutionary Guards, and an IRGC commander in Tehran until 1982 when he played an active role in suppression of the opposition.

He was then appointed as the commander of the IRGC force in Syria before establishing the IRGC training garrison near Lebanese border to train the regime’s Lebanese agents.

He later entered Lebanon to set up the ‘Abol-Fazl Abbas Garrison’ in the Nabi-Shit region of Bekaa Valley and organized Hezbollah forces.

According regime websites, Dehghan had close relationship with Hezbollah leaders including Seyed Abbas Moussavi, the former Hezbollah chief killed in 1992, and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the group’s current leader.

Dehghan, born in 1957 in Shahreza, central Iran, has maintained his relationship with Hezbollah, who have also released photos of him in Lebanon alongside Moussavi.

The new minister in Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet was also among the ‘Line of Imam’ extremists who held the hostages captive for 444 days until their release in January 1981.

Details of Dehghan’s role in the US hostage crisis has been referred to on various websites of the clerical regime, including and the ‘Muslim Students followers of Line of Imam’ site. However this information has been omitted from his official biography provided to the press following his nomination.Source.

More here from Carl in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia Throws Down a Gauntlet by Targeting Missiles at Iran and Israel

July 12, 2013

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: The disengagement of President Barack Obama’s America from the Middle East has forced the kingdom to square up to Iran and Israel

There was a time, not so long ago, when any missiles directed at Iran from Saudi Arabian soil would most likely have carried the insignia of the United States. But that was before al-Qaeda’s murderous campaign against American influence in the kingdom resulted in Washington relocating its military operations in the Gulf.

So we should not be surprised that the latest images of Saudi ballistic missiles directed at Iran and Israel bear the Saudis’ distinctive green emblem of two swords beneath a palm tree. These days, rather than looking to Uncle Sam to protect their interests, the Saudis realise they are very much on their own. As the Obama administration’s inept handling of last week’s removal of Egypt’s first democratically elected government has demonstrated, not even a military coup in one of its most important regional allies will evoke much of a response from the White House.

Indeed, with President Barack Obama determined not to allow the US to be drawn into any of the region’s poisonous disputes, whether Syria’s brutal civil war or the continuing controversy over Iran’s nuclear programme, former staunch American allies such as the Saudis have come to the reluctant conclusion that, so far as their own security is concerned, they must be more self-sufficient in protecting their interests.

This certainly explains the revelations by IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review that recent satellite intelligence photographs show the Saudis have built a new missile base deep in the desert, stocked with powerful Chinese-made DF3 surface-to-surface missiles with a range of 1,500 to 2,000 miles, which are targeted at Israel and Iran.

The fact that the Saudis find it necessary to point missiles at Israel is itself an alarming indictment of the Obama administration’s decision to turn its back on an erstwhile ally. If America were fully engaged in taking care of its allies, then there would be no need for the Saudis to target Israel. After all, as the recent WikiLeaks disclosures revealed, the Saudis share the same strategic objective as Israel: persuading the US to launch military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear programme – or, as one Saudi diplomat elegantly put it, to “cut off the head of the snake”. But with the Obama administration absent, the Saudis believe they have no option but to defend themselves against potential Israeli aggression. » | Con Coughlin | Thursday, July 11, 2013

So called Moderate Iranian President tied to mass terrorist attack on Jews

June 20, 2013
New Iranian President Hassan Rowhani Tied to 1994 Bombing of Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.(FreeBeacon).
Iranian President-elect Hassan Rowhani was on the special Iranian government committee that plotted the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, according to an indictment by the Argentine government prosecutor investigating the case.

Tehran: Three Explosions Heard Near Missile Facility’

May 7, 2013

J-POST: BBC PERSIAN REPORTS RESIDENTS HEAR BLASTS IN IRANIAN CAPITAL. Three explosions were heard in western Tehran on Tuesday, in an area where Iran carries out missile research and storage, BBC Persian reported.  It was not immediately clear if there were injuries or damage in the incident.
Tuesday’s report of explosions came days after Israel allegedly carried out two air strikes in Syria over the weekend, targeting Iranian-supplied Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missiles destined for Hezbollah. Click to continue.