Bob Dylan finally confirms he’s coming to Israel

March 23, 2011

After many rumours over the last couple of summers, Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman to his mates) has finally confirmed he’ll be coming to perform in Israel on June 20th, at the Ramat Gan Stadium, just outside Tel Aviv. Wow, wet dream time for many a Bob Dylan fan – and there are many in Israel!
are likely to be snapped up of course, so watch out for news of their sale (still unknown – and when we hear about it we’ll let you know!). They’ll probably be in the region of 350 shekels upwards.
Bob Dylan is of course, a legend. He began his career back at the end of the 1950s, though he became huge in the 60s, with hits like ”Blowin’ In The Wind” and “The Times They Are A-Changin’” becoming anthems for the anti-war and civil rights movements.
There’ll be lots more to come on this…plus the inevitable “will he, won’t he”, as anti-Israel movements spread their love over the coming weeks.
For info about tickets: 03-5247373
There are no clips on YouTube that we can post here as they’ve all been disabled, but here’s a reminder of one of his classics