October 20, 2010


Blue State Smurfs

August 23, 2010
Noah David Simon
…sympathy for the TERRORISTS



Noah David Simon


for the study on strippers and their chemical cycles in relation to tip quantity you will find it in this weeks issue of NYTimes Magazine page 79. (December 9th 2007 – The Year in Ideas)
“Lap Dance Science”
it might not make sense for Hilary to work when she’s not ovulating. but then again… “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Right Bill? Worked great when he prosecuted the American worker for sexual harassment while he ordered pizza out with Monica Lewinsky. And the biggest embarrassment in armed force history occurs in Abu Gharaib… but “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”… you might offend Brook Shields.
I would like to see Brook shoot herself in the head like she did in Freeway.
How come Woody Allen and Michael Douglas’s marriage is working Anita Hill?
…coming soon EuroTrash Smurfs, Arundhati Roy Smurf, Chomsky Smurf,
& Gloria Steinem Smurf

Politics of the Body

May 14, 2010

updated May 13th 2010 at Midnight from 5/30/07

Fishy Economics

January 10, 2010

why a global free market without border is a fishy idea.


October 19, 2008


February 29, 2008

PhotobucketTonight’s post was supposed to be about the irrelevance of Noam Chomsky and his theories on contemporary media structures… in a world where niche media has supplanted Broadcast…

…but instead my Blue State mother decided to be a bad joke. She asked me to install three lightbulbs… (I’m not kidding)

While I’m installing the lightbulbs she starts nagging me about if the thicker design I picked would cause a fire or not… it won’t of course… but that doesn’t help when your mom is a SELF RIGHTEOUS BLUE STATER…

while arguing with her my brother chimes in and plays a scene from his movie to ridicule me (he was editing his film)
the scene showcases a person making a very involved argument… my point is that this argument doesn’t sound like my point of view, but rather sounds like someone who is against morality…

(disregard the above… somethings you have to just take on faith or you had to be there to listen to it)

point is I’m screwing in a lightbulb and dealing with two hysterics that are having a philosophical breakdown and are confusing they’re own arguments with emotional anger…. I could of electrocuted myself.

why they had me screw in three light bulbs while I took they’re abuse… I guess it might of put me at a disadvantage in that I might of electrocuted myself. At any rate it didn’t work because the crux of they’re point of view didn’t make any sense at all and they knew it… so my mother threatened to call the cops. When a woman calls the cops in a BLUE STATE… the cops come and blame a man in a domestic setting regardless of evidence. Blue State women know this.

My brother starts chiming in about how I have an Oedipal complex…. I know for a fact that the kid hasn’t even read Freud. I tested him and asked him if he knew what the RATMAN was. Of course he didn’t. (keep in mind I’m still trying to screw in a light bulb and deal with two hysterical angry so called “Liberals”)

…my mother starts calling the cops. her taunts were not enough. While I’m writing this I’m waiting for the police to come.

I’m not sure if this is more taunting or not. but the problem with the Left is that they would call they’re own children in to the government on a disagreement.

New York Times goes White Supremacist at the Oscars in 2008 with Tilda Swinton

February 27, 2008

this was found in the NYTIMES today:

….Ms. Swinton, a consistently brilliant actress, seemed more like an ancient Druid than a movie star.
“It was a huge victory for the Celts,” she said, cradling her statue at the Governors Ball after the ceremony. “Spain, France, England, we all served as a reminder that it was Europeans that invented Hollywood in the first place.”

….er what the fuck?

this quote was taken from

…and look the NYTimes is nearly out of business. unrelated issue but…

maybe the people can smell the lies after all. It is as if the emperor had no clothes when it came to FED and loans, but who was telling us that we could afford to pay for people’s loans?

Not sure how it came to this so fast, but the New York Times (NYT) is approaching the point where it will have to manage its business primarily to conserve cash and avoid defaulting on its debt. This situation will only get worse as advertising revenue continues to fall, and it will be very serious by early next year.

The company has only $46 million of cash. It appears to be burning more than it is taking in–and plugging the hole with debt. Specifically, it is funding operations by rolling over short-term loans–the kind that banks worldwide are cancelling or making prohibitively expensive to save their own skins:

At the end of the quarter, cash and cash equivalents were approximately $46 million and total debt was approximately $1.1 billion. The Company’s current source of short-term funding is its revolving credit agreements under which it had approximately $398 million in borrowings outstanding at the end of the quarter.