Catholic Bishop’s Driver Charged With Murder in Turkey

June 4, 2010

He wasn’t just stabbed ~ his throat was cut. This is what Muslims are meant to do to the non-believers ~ according to the Koran.

Bishop Luigi Padovese, Vicar Apostolic of Anatolia, had his throat cut by his driver and bodyguard in the garden of his summer house in a seaside town near Iskenderun, in the southern province of Hatay, news reports said. AFP

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The pope should realize that Israel’s issues with Turkey and the flotilla are related and stop his monkeying around with Islam and Palestine.  If an ideology is as violent and dangerous as Mohammad’s doctrines are then he should realize that he is enabling another Holocaust by not protecting Israel’s security against rockets.  Killing Jews is part of Hamas’s manifesto and it is also part of the manifesto of the so called “Moderates” he has enabled over the years called Fatah and their leader the orchestrator of the Munich Massacre.    Do you think the Pope will learn?

Pope Benedict XVI waves as he boards his plane to leave for his pastoral visit to Cyprus at Fiumicino International Airport in Rome June 4, 2010.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI departed Friday on a sensitive three-day trip to Cyprus, a visit likely to be overshadowed by shock over the killing in Turkey of a bishop who had been scheduled to meet with the pontiff.


Let’s hope the Pope doesn’t just sit quietly as an Islamic speaker denegrates Jews this time.