May 29, 2008

the whole version of this video is on facebook because youtube and blogtv suck
…if you’re on facebook you can watch it there by clicking here. sorry if your not.

only 24 hours and 30 uploads to youtube and a failed blogtv… here is my birthday.
f#(%k you very much Time Warner Cable

won’t upload my video when wifi and destroyed my birthday. f#(%k you very much Time Warner Cable
frigg’n miracle of you youtube finally uploaded my non controversial birthday video.

I don’t break any laws… I’m just laughing at you. if that is harassment then you better go after Howard Stern now b4 precedent dries up

millions of accounts on millions of networks.don’t need 2b on twitter or facebook or myspace or so on. if u make me n2 devil then I am

I lost access to @NoahDavidSimon here, but could see everyone elsewhere. the only real administration is the US government ladies.
best thing 4end user r as many competitive standards as possible n a guarantee that ur friends use more then 1net.twitter down was great4me!

I’m beginning to get social networking… when my friend count goes up the social nets get weird with my content. it isn’t black and white

anyone notice that facebook logs people out lately like myspace? or is it just me. I get very paranoid

how may cars does it take to equal the emissions of seven factories in China? ( All of our cars = 7 factories ) Kyoto?

if we turn America into a Green ghetto then we will relapse n2 industrial grime

no I didn’t become conservative so I can set up a police state. I became conservative to take away the state as much as possible.

no I didn’t become conservative to take away ur liberties. I became conservative so that I can conserve them. about 6 hours ago

no I didn’t become conservative to be richer then you. became conservative so you can be richer then me. and when u do please leave me alone

no I didn’t become a conservative to stifle your sex life. I’m conservative because I don’t want you stifling mine. to hell with feminism

@chrispirillo youtube in violation of won’t upload my video when wifi and destroyed my birthday. f#(%k you very much Time Warner Cable

@anjrued good Zep album… I’m partial to houses of the holy. bit more Soul oriented. about 8 hours ago

@bamapachyderm ur new logo looks a bit stale. use my @theAntiChrist logo instead. bit more menacing. gets the point across clear

@RoyBlumenthal I love flaming a self righteous ass that hides behind a political front. first you… then Desmond Tutu in the Poo Poo

@tylergillies autobots transform and roll out because I have shitty WIFI for my youtube upload

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