And Jacob said: Sell me first thy birthright.

January 20, 2013

On December 26, 2012, a new Facebook page was created, called “Real Democracy.” The basic idea behind it is that Israelis “give up” their vote in the upcoming elections to any of the millions of Palestinians under Israeli rule who have no right to vote. It’s all done on Facebook. The Israeli posts a status saying he/she’s willing to do it, the Palestinian tells him/her who to vote for. Some of them took part in a similar campaign called Give your vote in the 2010 elections in England. In that campaign, thousands of Englishmen gave their votes to people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana “who are directly affected by UK policies.” Setting aside the moral and ethical issues with this, not to mention the common sense problem that Palestinian Arab nationalists claim to want a state, not a vote in Israeli elections, that could have been achieved if they had agreed to annexation, here’s the practical result. The sort of people doing this would likely vote for Meretz, a leftist Jewish party that does form coalition with Labor. The Palestinian Arabs are likely to vote for Balad, an Arab/Jewish Communist party that does not enter into coalitions, making this entire exercise a wasted vote that further diminishes the influence of the left.


Advertising campaign to encourage Israelis to return home

December 6, 2011

(israel matzav) Israel’s Absorption Ministry has a number of advertising campaigns in the US to try to convince Israelis to return home to Israel (and to try to convince their families here to keep trying to convince them).
Here are some of the advertisements (they’re short). Parts of them will be difficult for the Hebrew challenged. This one is Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day).
Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Gary P).

Here’s another one. This one is called Before Chanuka becomes Christmas.
Let’s go to the videotape.

And this one is called Before Abba becomes Daddy.
Let’s go to the videotape.

It’s sad that Israelis need to be reminded like this, but they do.
The conventional wisdom used to be that adjustment problems were only getting used to Israel, and not getting used to another country (usually the US). Recently, we heard about some friends’ kids who moved back to the US because they weren’t making it here financially, but we heard that their kids are totally miserable. Maybe they’ll come back someday.

you want me to go? pay for it! I can’t afford to go where no one offers a job. I have a college degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Make a job offer. put up or shut up. seriously. Insulting me doesn’t motivate me at all. I’d love to go, but I have a son to think about. I’m too old for the military and I’m college educated. The job market is dead, but at the very least I have immediate family that helps in America.

(comment for Carl) I’m not insulted Carl, but you must also remember not to play into the stereotype that all Jews are rich. I am not rich! My family is not wealthy and I can not afford to move to Israel unless Israel wants to guarantee me a job. Stop insulting me and do something about it. I went to college. I have the degree and the experience and yet no calls from Israel. Nothing would make me happier then to move to Israel, but Israel had better put up or shut up. If Israel doesn’t put up, then you can’t expect me to swim there. I have a son and the economy is bad. When I make money I’d like to go, but it won’t help us get there if you insult me and the rest of us Jews who are stuck in America at a very bad time. I am not a left winger, but I understand the anger the OWS kids are going through because they are in the same boat as me. It is real Carl. There are no jobs. I might have other ideas then the OWS people as to how to create jobs, but I don’t pick on people that are unemployed. People have not had jobs since 2006… and you are asking us to get a plane ticket to Israel where there is no guaranteed job and no guaranteed home… and from what it sounds like… things aren’t easy in Israel either. It disgusts me to be shamed into doing something that I incapable of doing myself. I am too old for military service… and I don’t have the right skills to work on a farm at a Kibbutz. I would do no one any favors by showing up in Israel and ending up homeless. At least in America I have family that allows me to stay in the attic while I figure out how to survive. I’m not a bum. I’m college educated… and by the way… I didn’t want to be college educated. I was shamed into going… and I should of listened to my own advice. I’m not going to be shamed into showing up in a land that has not offered me a job. Not again. This time… NO TICKY NO WASHY CARL

Occupy Birthright Israel, Un-Occupy Palestine

November 11, 2011
(h/t Carl) what the leftist Jews are up to. They have to reinforce themselves and say everything twice. should anyone feel animosity towards misogyny I suggest they educate these ladies. Listening to their voice is like hearing a fork on a chalkboard. My immediate reaction is one of having to restrain any violent thoughts I have. I’m not sure if they really believe in the cause they are pushing or if they are interested in bothering people. The smirks on their faces betray them. There has got to be a better outlet for the ladies. I’m fairly certain that is Max Blumenthal in the vidie, but not certain. Corrupting the ladies. Some guys will go to incredible lengths to… well you know. Also mentioned in the video is the Jewish Federation. I wish they were the right wing Jews these ladies are making them out to be, because the fact is that they fund many events that are critical of Israel, but this just shows you how far out in left field these freaks are. They have no sense of balance, proportion or reason. AIPAC itself is not the institution that these ladies are making it out to be. Also… another issue. I think this group of leftists are breaking the law. they are infringing the right of an assembly to free expression. (that was proven at U C Irvine in the courts)

"Birthright" criticized in The Nation

June 17, 2011

Kiera Feldman writes an article criticizing Birthright Israel in The Nation. Excerpts:

The seekers are young, just beginning to face the disappointments of adulthood. Their journey is often marked by tears. They may weep while praying at the Western Wall, their heads pressed against the weathered stone, or at the Holocaust Museum, as they pass the piles of shoes of the dead. Others tear up in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery, while embracing a handsome IDF soldier in the late afternoon light. But at some point during their all-expenses-paid ten-day trip to a land where, as they are constantly reminded, every mountain and valley is inscribed with 5,000 years of their people’s history, the moment almost always comes.

When Julie Feldman (no relation), then 26 and a Reform Jew from New York City, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in December 2008, she called herself “a blank slate.” She returned as the attack on Gaza was under way, armed with a new “pro-Israel” outlook. “Israel really changed me,” she said. “I truly felt when I came back that I was a different person.”

It was mission accomplished for Birthright Israel, the American Zionist organization that has, since its founding in 1999, spent almost $600 million to send more than 260,000 young diaspora Jews on free vacations to the Holy Land.

Elder of Ziyon 16 June ’11
(Read full “Birthright” criticized in The Nation”) via

what a bunch of sourpusses