Metro North posts anti-Israel posters on the first day of Passover

March 28, 2013

I’m going over to my station right now with my video camera. don’t worry I won’t attack anyone like Mona Eltahawy did to Pamela Hall

(Carl)And afterward they’ll tell us that there were no complaints….

Billboards calling for an end to US aid to Israel were erected this week at 25 train stations in suburban New York and Connecticut.
The billboards that went up Tuesday, on the first day of Passover, in Metro North train stations are sponsored by a group called American Muslims for Palestine.
The ad also calls Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza a form of apartheid, and features a quote by South African social rights activist Desmond Tutu. They are scheduled to run for one month, and were reportedly timed to coincide with US President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel this month.
“The campaign against US aid for Israel targets neither Jews nor Passover, but rather Israeli apartheid and injustice. And the best way to honor Passover, which celebrates Jewish liberation from ancient oppression, is to champion Palestinian human rights today,” said Michael Letwin of Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, who spoke at Tuesday’s launch of the billboards at the Metro North Harlem station.

I wonder how many American Jewish morons are funding this….


Obama Billboards in Israel sell Palestine on the U.S. taxpayer dime

August 30, 2010

Obama is selling billboards on the U.S. tax payer’s dime to convince Israel that the Palestinians want peace, but the Palestinian official media says otherwise.  If the Tea Party only knew!

Washington is funding an ad campaign in Israel featuring billboards of Palestinian officials asking: “We are partners — what about you?”
The campaign launched Sunday includes the faces of senior Palestinian Authority officials Saeb Erekat, Jibril Rajoub and Yasser Abed Rabo, and Riad Malki, Palestinian foreign affairs minister, Yedioth Aharonoth said.
The aim of the campaign is to persuade Israelis that peace partners on the Palestinian side truly exist, and calls for support of a two-state solution, the Tel Aviv newspaper said.
The U.S. government was approached to fund the campaign by the Geneva Initiative founders, who drew up an agreement in 2003 to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the newspaper said.
The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, invested close to $250,000 toward the creation of the billboards, the newspaper said.
The campaign has raised a few eyebrows in Israel.
“We are talking about a Palestinian Authority campaign funded by the American government,” an Israeli Foreign Ministry official was quoted saying.

As it turns out, there is also a second campaign for ‘peace’ being paid for by American tax dollars.

Abbas’s speech came as the PA prepared to open a USfunded campaign to persuade the Palestinians to support the peace talks with Israel. Advertisements calling on the Palestinians to support the negotiations will be broadcast on PA-controlled TV and radio stations. Posters with the same message will appear on large billboards in most Palestinian cities.
In addition to Abbas and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, several Palestinian officials have been recruited to the new campaign. Among them are Saeb Erekat, Yasser Abed Rabbo and Jibril Rajoub. Their main task is to explain to the Palestinians the importance of making peace with Israel, sources involved in the $250,000 campaign said.

promotion for terrorists. People shouldn’t pay their taxes till Obama is out of office.  here is a little taste of the real leaders of Palestine.  These is the lies our taxes pay for, and in Arabic the truth is spoken

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