Another Renegade Woman in the Schools: Before Atlanta There Was Newark, NJ

July 7, 2011
Before coming to Atlanta to be the superintendent of schools Beverly Hall was the superintendent of schools in Newark, New Jersey, where surprise, surprise, allegations of intimidation and coercion were also made against her.

Mr. Embrey, the former Principal of West Side High School now under house arrest, was brave enough to speak out for the children.

here is what one parent had to say at that meeting in New Jersey: Allegedly, Hall has since attempted to deny parents their 1st Amendment rights by sending investigators to the homes of parents who speak out at Advisory Board meetings.

A report from 1997 also contains allegations of mismanagement and misuse of funds, cronyism and the picture of a woman who ruled with an iron fist and would tolerate no insubordination in the ranks while painting only a rosy picture of the system she was in charge of. Something she continued when she relocated to Atlanta in 1999. So if you want to read yet another damming report on this All Star of Academia go ahead and click on the link. via jammie wearing fool

what a terror! and kind of familiar. people who send their children to get an education do not deserve to have their rights taken away!  …and yes this story is very familiar… and soon I will be able to say why… (hint: this blog is censored)

From a secret undisclosed location, probably one with no extradition agreement with the US, the disgraced former superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools system, Dr. Beverly Hall, has posted a message letting us know that everything that happened wasn’t her fault and just the rogue acts of a few individuals. Umm, yeah like a 178 of ’em.

I am also disturbed by the repeated references to statements by teachers and other professionals declaring that they cheated or chose not to reveal cheating because of a perceived atmosphere of intimidation and retaliation. A number of years ago, we installed a hotline by which persons with knowledge of misconduct could report it and could do so anonymously if they wished. Anonymous emails and letters provided a further channel of communication. Even so, it now appears that our efforts and procedures were not enough.