Drink Palestinian. Taste the Revolution

March 6, 2012

(AP)“My market is local beer for the local people everywhere,” he said. ``Beer has nothing to do with politics.”

(EOZ) Well, that is not quite true. Taybeh’s slogan is “Drink Palestinian. Taste the Revolution.” And it is not exactly an empty slogan.

Have a Jew Brew instead…


Looting in Japan… not what you think! You would too… DON’T LIE!

March 26, 2011
MMMM…. Beer…When a tsunami blasted through Kirin Brewery’s seaside facilities here, it tipped over giant beer-storage tanks and spread a blanket of beer bottles, barrels and other goods across the port. The beverages that spilled out were then hit a second time: by a surge of thirsty residents.  Witnesses say hundreds of people carted off beer, coffee, juice and other goods that had escaped Kirin’s massive warehouse when the tsunami waters receded. “All kinds of people came and were taking things away, they kept coming until everything was gone,” on Saturday, said Makoto Igarashi, who manages a gas station
SENDAI, Japan via online.wsj.com