Terror Gang That Targeted Gush Etzion Busted

January 29, 2013
In a joint operation, the Shabak, IDF, and Israel Police arrested in recent months an Arab terror cell, based in Beit Fajr, adjacent to Bethlehem. The terrorists, among them members of the Tanzim – the military wing of Fatah, which controls the Palestinian Authority – confessed to being involved in planning and carrying out numerous attacks against Israelis. A news blackout on the case was lifted Monday, and details of the case were released for publication.
Among the acts of terror they carried out was a shooting attack on a bus that was traveling from the town of Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion. In addition, they fired shots at Migdal Oz itself, and then shot at IDF troops and security officials who came to the town in the wake of the attack. No one was injured in those attacks.
TerroristsThe gang said that they had a long list of terror attacks that they were planning to carry out, and that only their arrest by Israeli authorities had stopped them. The five members of the terror gang, all of them Beit Fajr residents, range in age from 21 to 35 years. The five have been indicted on numerous charges, including attempted murder, membership in an illegal terror group, and others.
Also released for publication Monday afternoon was the IDF elimination Sunday night of a Bedouin near the site of the security fence in Sinai. The Bedouin, along with a gang, met several individuals at the fence, with one of them bringing a ladder, apparently to boost himself over the fence onto the Israeli side.
The operation was interrupted by an IDF patrol, which called on the group to surrender itself. Instead, they attempted to run away, and after warning them again, soldiers, fearing that the group consisted of terrorists on their way to carry out an attack on an Israeli population center, opened fire on them, and arrested them. One of the detainees, injured as he tried to escape, later died of his wounds in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva.

This is Fatah and not Hamas. Let me repeat that… This is Fatah. The peace partner that Obama and Clinton said were moderate. There is no peace partner with people who never changed what they said they were about…. which is killing Jews as stated by Mohammad in his Quran and Hadith. The U.S. government will not admit this.



November 13, 2012

Video: Bedouin Steal Cows from Jews

Lawless Negev: Bedouin take revenge against Israel by burning a kibbutz cow barn. They previously stole cows. Police afraid to act.
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By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

First Publish: 11/13/2012, 1:28 PM

Bedouin burn Jewish cow barn

Bedouin burn Jewish cow barn
Photo by Akiva Bigman, Mida website
Bedouin lawlessness continues to plague Jews in the Negev, this time with a “price tag” arson of a kibbutz cow barn as an act of revenge for Israel trying to regulate a Bedouin settlement known as Bir Hadaj.
The Mida website reported that villagers rioted and burned tires on highways, closing off access to Kibbutz Revivim and Kfar Retamim, according to a translation of the Hebrew article by Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA).
Arab Knesset Member Taleb al Sana reportedly witnessed the disturbance, which was dispersed by police but then was followed by the arson of a cow barn at Revivim.
“I was working on the roof and saw [someone] coming from the orchards and throw something at the barn,” Shlomi Shoshan, who was installing solar panels on the roofs of the barn of the kibbutz, told Mida.
“Before I could understand what it was, the barn caught fire.” Seconds later, he heard the sounds of an all-terrain vehicle, which apparently was waiting nearby to rush the arsonist away from the scene.
Two weeks ago, the kibbutz lost 16 calves in a theft that was observed on a closed-circuit video. Bedouin thieves previously have stolen 16 other calves.
“What is happening here right now is a problem between the police and the Bedouin,” Eran Erez, manager of the kibbutz dairy, told Mida. “Kibbutz Revivim is not a party to this. We have nothing to do with this matter and harmed nobody,” he said.
“Besides letting off their anger and frustration, this action doesn’t give the Bedouin anything and only leads us to the situation that we will not have food for the cows.”
The same day, the kibbutz discovered three water pipes to the fields were sabotaged.
He said the kibbutz is not able to protect orchards and barns outside its fence. “We are very vulnerable. Nothing stops someone from coming at night and burning the rest. To maintain it properly would require a battalion of police.”
Police often do not enter Bedouin villages for fear of reprisals.
Tens of thousands of Bedouin have confiscated land through the Negev and established illegal villages, which the government calls “unrecognized villages,’ in contrast to the mainstream media term regarding  “illegal Jewish settlements” in Judea and Samaria.
The lawlessness extends to cities such as Arad, where businessmen have told Arutz Sheva they have to pay protection money to Bedouin to guarantee they will not be burglarized.
Below is the video of the theft of calves.

Are the Negev Bedouin an Indigenous People?

June 2, 2012

(crethiplethi) That no other Bedouin tribe in the entire Middle East has raised a claim to indigenousness raises questions regarding the motivations and authenticity of such an argument. Since the Bedouin in the Negev in some cases are from the same tribe as those found in neighboring countries, it is not logical that they can only be indigenous when they are on the Israeli side of the border.

Terrorists Try To Blow Up Egyptian-Israel Gas Pipeline

March 27, 2011

Six terrorists, reportedly Bedouin, tried to blow up the Egyptian-Israeli gas pipeline Sunday for the second time in two months. The timer failed to detonate the explosives, preventing a huge economic and political crisis.

Six terrorists overwhelmed a lone guard at the El-Sabil gas terminal, planted the bomb and fled, despite the recent deployment of hundreds of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai.

“They failed to detonate the bombs and fled the scene. Even the security guard was missing when police arrived, according to the French news agency AFP.

Unofficial reports said the terrorists were Bedouin from the Sinai Peninsula. Bedouin have placed themselves as the rulers in several parts of the region since the uprising against then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Bedouin have also been increasingly active in cooperating with Hamas, helping its terrorists in carrying out attacks against Israel.

An explosion at another gas terminal in early February disrupted the flow of gas to Israel until last week. Egypt originally said the blast in February was an accident, but later admitted it was the result of a terrorist attack during the uprising.

Several media reports have indicated that Egypt delayed resumption of the gas supply and has decreased the amounts of gas in order to pressure for a higher price than called for in the original agreement. The new interim Egyptian military government is considered to be even more anti-Israeli than the regime of Mubarak, who refused to visit Jerusalem despite the peace treaty signed in 1979.

His lone appearance in the capital was for the funeral of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.

Egypt supplies Israel with 40 percent of its natural gas, but recent discoveries of natural gas off Israel’s Mediterranean Coast are expected to transform Israel into an exporter of energy in several years.

SOURCE: Arutz Sheva via thejidf.org

In Response to the Police shooting 15 civilians…

February 28, 2011

In Response to the Israeli Police shooting 15 civilians…outraged residents are blocking intersections around Samaria.
Here is a video of the police brutality this morning.

Here is a map of the current major intersections which are blocked by demonstrators.

TAKE BACK ISRAEL FROM THE LEFTISTS! Israeli police open fire on Jewish civilians, wound 15

February 28, 2011

they were not Jewish police.  this is not sovereignty.  don’t tread on me. 

Border police arrested eight residents of the Gilad Farm during the demolition of buildings there. According to the settlers, 13 residents were injured during the evacuation, as a result of police violence. The police deny using excessive force

The most amazing thing about this story is that it is not even being reported on Israel Radio. Perhaps that isn’t so amazing. It’s no secret that Israel Radio is totally Leftist and hates the revenants (what some of you call ‘settlers’).
Israel’s border police – who are largely made up of what is so delicately called ‘minorities‘ (Bedouin and Druze) – shot rubber bullets and tear gas at revenants at Gilad’s Farm during a raid that took place at 4:00 am on Monday. Gilad’s Farm is an outpost that overlooks Route 60, the main North-South road through Samaria. It is just north of Geva Binyamin and Kochav Yaakov.

Setters claimed that Border Police forces shot rubber bullets and tear gas at them during the demolition of three structures at the unauthorized outpost of Gilad Farm in Samaria on Monday.
According to police, eight settlers were arrested during the clashes that broke out when they entered the outpost in a pre-dawn raid. Settlers claimed that 12 people were bruised by rubber bullets.
Police said they responded only after stones were thrown at them and they understood that a number of settlers had knives and instruments which could be used for stabbing.
Settlers have called for an immediate investigation into the incident. Police said they operated according to the rules of engagement, but they did not respond to the specific charges.
MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union), who was at Gilad Farm, claimed that Border Police pushed him to the ground. He added that he retrieved a rubber bullet from the scene.

Here’s video of the incident – decide for yourselves.
Let’s go to the videotape.

And for those of you who question whether they really used rubber bullets, over at the Muqata, Joe Settler has pictures of people who were wounded that were taken by Jameel (who was there).
Israel Radio reports on its 12:00 newscast that the police claim they used paint bullets and not rubber bullets.


כוחות משטרה ומג”ב עצרו הלילה (שני) שמונה מתושבי חוות גלעד, במהלך הריסת מבנים במקום. חמישה מהם נעצרו בחשד להחזקת סכין או דוקרנים, ואחד נעצר בחשד שהשליך אבנים על כוחות הביטחון. שני בני אדם נוספים נעצרו בחשד לכריתת עצי זית. בין העצורים גם איתי זר, מקים המאחז הקרוי על שמו של אחיו גלעד, שנהרג בפיגוע ירי. Border Police forces arrested the night (two) of eight residents of the Gilad Farm, the demolition of buildings there. Five of them were arrested on suspicion of holding a knife or spikes, and one was arrested on suspicion of throwing stones at security forces. Two other people were arrested on suspicion of logging trees. Among those arrested Even stranger to me, establishes outpost named for his brother Gilad, who was killed in a shooting.

לטענת ה מתנחלים , 13 תושבים נפצעו במהלך הפינוי, כתוצאה מהאלימות המשטרתית. According to the settlers , 13 residents were injured during the evacuation, as a result of police violence. בעקבות האירוע, צפויות היום חסימות כבישים והפגנות ביהודה ושומרון. Following the event, expected today roadblocks and demonstrations in the West Bank.

המשטרה וכוחות הביטחון עזבו את המאחז, לאחר ששלושה מבנים שנבנו בצורה בלתי חוקית נהרסו. Police and security forces left the outpost, after three buildings were built illegally destroyed. תושבי חוות גלעד הביעו זעם רב על היקף הכוחות שהוקצתה להריסת המבנים, והשמיעו תלונות קשות על שימוש לכאורה באלימות על ידי השוטרים כלפי המתיישבים. Gilad Farm residents have expressed great anger on the scope of powers assigned to the demolition of buildings, and made serious complaints about the alleged use of violence by police against the settlers. לטענתם, כמה שוטרים אף ירו מטווח קרוב מאוד כדורי גומי על תושבי המקום. They argue that few police officers also fired at close range with rubber bullets on local residents.

המתנחלים טוענים בתוקף שיש ברשותם תמונות של רימוני הלם וכן כדורי גומי בהם נעשה שימוש כנגדם, אך המשטרה הכחישה את הטענות, ומסרה כי המתנחלים יידו אבנים לעבר אנשיה. The settlers insist that have pictures of stun grenades and rubber bullets used against them, but police denied the allegations, saying that the settlers threw stones at people. “כוחות הביטחון הגיבו באמצעים לפי מדרג הפרות הסדר. ככלל, האמצעים בהם השתמשו הכוחות הם לא-קטלניים ונועדו לבלום את ההתפרעויות”, נמסר. “Security forces responded to the means by level of disturbances. In general, the means used by forces they do not – meant to curb the deadly riots,” it said.

“ראינו מה קורה שמשטר יורה על אזרחיו” “We saw what happens regime shoots on its citizens”

“זוהי הכרזת מלחמה עלינו”, אומר בתגובה יהודה שמעון , מתושבי המאחז. “This is a declaration of war on us,” says Yehuda Shimon response, residents of the outpost. “הגיעו לכאן באמצע הלילה כוחות עצומים של למעלה מאלף איש על מנת להרוס שלושה מבנים. אחד מהם הוא של חייל. איזה מסר זה מעביר לבחור שנותן עכשיו את גופו למען המדינה? ישנם אלפי צווי הריסה על מבנים של ערבים פה באזור שצריך להרוס, כמו למשל מסגד לא חוקי בכפר בורין, אבל המנהל האזרחי טוען שאין לו מספיק כוח אדם. כנראה שלהרוס מבנים של יהודים שמשרתים את המדינה אפשר להקצות מאות לוחמים ומשתמשים אפילו באמצעים כמו מזל”טים כנגדנו. “Midnight arrived enormous forces of over a thousand people to demolish three buildings. One of them is a soldier. What kind of message it now takes to choose who gives his body for the country? There are thousands of demolition orders for buildings of Arabs here in the region to be destroyed, such as Invalid mosque in the village of Burin, but the civil administration claims it has enough personnel. Apparently demolishing buildings of Jews who serve the state can allocate hundreds of fighters and use even by means of UAVs against us. אין ברירה, על התושבים ביישובים להתעורר בהקדם”. There is no choice, residents in wake soon. ”

ח”כ מיכאל בן ארי (איחוד לאומי) אמר, כי “רק הליכוד יכול לירות כדורי גומי על מתיישבים ולהמשיך להילחם ביהודים ולהחריב בתים. Michael Ben-Ari MK (National Union) said that “only the Likud can shoot rubber bullets to sit down and continue to fight the Jews and destroy homes. בזמן שההתנתקות הביאה עלינו גראדים בבאר שבע, עסוקים נתניהו ואהרונוביץ’ בחורבן ובפגיעה חסרי תקדים במתיישבים. While the disengagement brought us Grads Beer Sheva, busy Netanyahu Aharonovitch unprecedented destruction and compromising the settlers. מה שרבין ואולמרט לא עשו עושה ממשלת ימין”. What Olmert, Rabin did not do right-wing government. ”

מארגון “נשים בירוק” נמסר: “אנו מוחים בתוקף על השימוש בכדורי גומי על ידי כוחות הביטחון נגד תושבי חוות גלעד. האחריות לפועים במקום מוטלת על ראש הממשלה נתניהו, שצריך להפסיק להסתתר מאחויר שר הביטחון ברק. את סופם של משטרים היורים על אזרחיהם אנו רואים במדינות סביבנו”. Organization Women in Green said: “We protest strongly the use of rubber bullets by security forces against residents of the Gilad Farm. Bleating responsibility instead rests on Prime Minister Netanyahu, who must stop hiding Mahuer Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The end of the firing regimes on their citizens, we see countries around us. ”

מוועד מתיישבי שומרון נמסר: “ההרס והאלימות בחוות גלעד הם מעשי התגרות של אהוד ברק במתיישבים כתגובה לדרישה בכנסת להפקיע ממנו את סמכויות מתן אישורי הבנייה וניסיון לשקם את מעמדו בשמאל, לאחר שהתברר שרשימתו תימחק בבחירות הבאות. ברק, כמו שאר שונאי ההתיישבות יישאר הערת שוליים בהיסטוריה היהודית”. Vaad settlers of Samaria said: “Gilad Farm destruction and violence are acts of provocation in response to Ehud Barak and settlers to expropriate the Knesset demand from the construction permit granting authority and trying to rebuild his standing on the left, after learning his list is deleted the next election. Barak, like other enemies of the settlement will remain a footnote in history Jewish. ”