EPA will Ban Rat and Mouse Toxic Poisons: For professional use only

June 7, 2011

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko or the great sparrow hunt all over again

Remember when they banned DDT almost 40 year prior because it claimed responsibility for the degeneration of eagles and other birds? Rachel Carson,  made it known through her book called “Silent Spring, a falsification of the effects of DDT.  Thus, the creation of the EPA.   DDT had earlier been hailed as a “miracle” chemical that repelled and killed mosquitoes that carry malaria, a disease that can be fatal to humans. The results from the ban were disastrous: at least 1-2 million people continue to die from malaria each year.  The USA is still plagued by Bed Bugs epidemic because of this ban today.  
Now, present the EPA as of Tuesday creating better and healthier living, for children, pets and wildlife will ban the rat and mouse poisons, as well as most loose bait and pellet products  in residential form. 
Only a licensed pest control professional will be able to use those poisons that are available for use in residential setting.  In other words, not obtainable to the public any longer.
The pest control lobbyists in Washington made a comeback.
But the EPA has issued a media release with other tips how to stop the invasion of rat and mice.

Now, the inner city children can get bit by rats and mice that plague their dwellings. Let us see what diseases will occur from a new infestation of these rodents.


EPIDEMIC! Bed Bugs Swarm Into Beverly Hills.. WHERE IS THE MSM?

December 6, 2010

Come on.. When are people going to face the truth about these damned bed bugs? There are a few reasons why we have them.  When is FOX or CNN going to cover this?  When Megyn Kelly has one of these crawling up her puss, thats when.

Why we have bed bugs:
#2. Goods coming in from the 3rd world.
#3. We do not allow any more poison that we used to use to kill these critters, because the f/n EPA feels sowwy for the g’d bed bugs.
Read this… I am sick of this, now they are in Beverly Hills.

Bedbug epidemic spreads to the United Nations

October 27, 2010

New York City’s bedbug epidemic has spread to yet another landmark in the city that never sleeps — the United Nations, officials at the world organization said on Wednesday.
The pests appeared at places like the Empire State Building and Bloomingdale’s before reaching the city’s center of international diplomacy on the East Side of Manhattan.
The U.N. press office said a bedbug-sniffing dog had confirmed the presence of bedbugs in furniture in the basement of the Dag Hammarskjold Library, where the offices of the team overseeing the U.N. headquarters’ $1.9 billion renovation project are housed.
“This furniture has been moved to a part of the building not occupied by staff to facilitate fumigation,” it said.
The library is a three-story annex to the main building.

“Bedbug infestations have been found in many public and commercial buildings throughout New York City indicating a worsening problem,” the U.N. statement said.
In August, the pest extermination company Terminex said that New York is the most bedbug-infested urban center in the United States. Other cities in the top five were Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati and Chicago.

looks like a UN delegation for Human Rights is here to stay. Bring out the extra-terrestrial greeter to facilitate appeasing the enemy.

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