BBC Video on Marketing and Psychoanalysis

March 2, 2008

I didn’t make this video, but I thought it was so important that I posted it on my blog. I believe it might be out of date with W Bush… and his world… and that is why I posted on my blog. I wanted to hear some opinions on what has changed in the last eight years as far as using Psychoanalysis to manipulate the masses. Also I wanted to ask people what they’re opinions are of Niche Media. It seems that Noam Chomsky was the big name as far as language and it’s influence over mass propaganda, but I have heard little of Chomsky talk since the advent and propulsion of niche media. (I suspect that might be why he is out of touch with our political situation, because Chomsky is focused mostly on Broadcast issues) I wanted to hear some opinions on this.

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How do the corporations, powers that be and special interests of divergent agendas manipulate us into doing what is best for the globalized Super Ego of Multi-National Corporations and other multinational organizations that know no boundaries of control and rarely respect our borders? What actions can we take to insure that our libidinal needs are not influenced by enterprises who fool us into thinking we would benefit by one action or another or inaction? Is this possible with niche media? Infinitesimal identities can be manipulated into such a way that someone can send out viral ideas that mutate based on interaction. If this is possible is it moral? I have heard alot about MySpace’s marketing strategy… and I was wondering if anyone had any information on the details of how customized internet advertising works. (I love checking the advertising online. I swear that the algorithms are convinced that I’m a gay religious nut who likes hair metal bands of the late 80’s… how in the hell they got that idea is laughable, but I find it amusing that the algorithms seem to make the same mistakes about myself that most people who know me make… and that is quite amazing.) Niche Media Algorithms are absolutely amazing… This video goes into detail about “Sampling”… it is amazing that in the age of the internet that “Sampling” techniques have been figured out so mathematically today that by searching for text on a page the advertising can reflect even your email’s content! One of the more frightening facebook moments for me was when an ad for “The Single Liberal New York City Dating Service” showed up on my profile. I went to pounce and complained about the ad and the pounce went through my feed. I said something like, “Get The Single Liberal New York City Dating Service off my profile because I want to bomb Iran”… next thing I knew they threw me off facebook and when I came back nine times they continued to throw me off. That really scared me that facebook must have some kind of algorithm that checks key words like the word “Bomb”! Kind of amusing… but true and frightening that they had me pegged as a troublemaker without even knowing me. Sure I used an email list to invite friends… but plenty of people do that without be accused of SPAM. to this day my POUNCE feed and my TWITTERVISION feed are stuck in time… they won’t ever update. Someone went to the trouble to sabotage my feed based on key words! I got my TWITTER feed running, but it took months to even get that back.