New York Yankees among victims of Facebook hacker

August 3, 2012

Media_httpcdnabclocal_pianvNEW YORK (abc) — Contrary to what followers of the Yankees on Facebook read Thursday, Derek Jeter is not missing the rest of the season for a sex change operation.
The New York Yankees were among the victims of several Major League Baseball teams who had their Facebook pages hacked Thursday.
“We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual-reassignment surgery,” the post read. “He promises to come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantlez.”
The post showed up shortly before 4 p.m. The Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals were also hacked.
The Cubs page read, “F— Bill Murray,” while the White Sox page touted, “Everyone knows President Obama is a die hard ChiSox Fan. Unfortunately, we’re voting for Romeny. #MuslimPresident”
“Wow, the Chick-fil-A guy sure is an a–hole,” read the Giants Facebook page, while Nationals fans were informed, “We’re going back to Montreal. SEE YA SUCKERS!!!!!!”
Facebook released a statement, reading “Recently, several Pages made unauthorized posts as a result of actions from a single rogue administrator of these Pages. Our team responded quickly and worked with our partners to eliminate the spam caused by this attack. This was an unique, isolated incident and we are always working to improve our systems to better protect our users and their data.”
The Yankees had no comment.


Heaven Roots for the Yankees: Bill Maher buys shares of the Mets

June 4, 2012

The Mets announced that comedian Bill Maher is a new limited partner with Mets. Maher currently hosts “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO

G-d Roots for the Yankees

Ryan Braun – The Hebrew Hammer (UPDATES)

February 24, 2012

(Fox) Braun painted a plausible scenario in a late-morning news conference today, hinting strongly that his urine sample was tampered with before being shipped to a Montreal laboratory for analysis. But the unvarnished truth remained elusive, as Braun declined to answer specific questions about the collector who was in possession of his sample for nearly 48 hours.
Braun maintained his innocence, saying, “If I had done this intentionally or unintentionally, I would be the first to step up and say I did it … I would bet my life this substance never entered my body at any point.” Braun didn’t mention the “substance” by name, but ESPN previously reported that it was synthetic testosterone.
Parra said he’s disappointed that “a player’s privacy was not respected at all. Everybody has a right to privacy, to a certain extent. That’s what bothered me. … This is justice. He went through the process. You have these rights, and you have them for a reason. I respect the way it went. I’m extremely happy that he’s going to be with us.”

(JS)…Ryan Braun may be an innocent man” and “may be exonerated.”If this happens, obviously it would be tremendous news for the Brewers and Braun, who tested positive for a banned substance in October and appealed the finding before an arbitration panel in New York last week. It also would make it an even bigger atrocity that news of the positive test was leaked to ESPN, which reported it in early December.

(Hipster Jew) It’s been 48 years since Tribesman, Sandy Koufax, was named MVP of the National League. Thankfully the Hebrews are getting back into the game and representing us well. Kevin Youkilis has a few championship rings. Ian Kinsler is a former all star and a World Series loser. Danny Valencia is a solid 3rd baseman. And Jason Marquis is… well.. forget I mentioned him.
But the man that gets all the praise today is Ryan Braun aka The Hebrew Hammer. The former Rookie of the Year and current NL MVP finished the 2011 season with 33 home runs (6th in the league) and a .332 batting average (2nd in the league). …that was till he was accused of juicing….

(JS) Patrick said he was told Sunday, again, by “somebody involved in the process” that the MLB test might be at fault and that Braun could be found innocent. The arbitration panel, with independent arbitrator Shyam Das expected to cast the decisive vote, has 25 days to render a verdict but it could come as soon as later this week. Some of Patrick’s comments: “There were whispers that this was a personal medical issue, that he was taking something for that, that may have spiked his test. I since found out (Sunday) that that is not the case. “Ryan Braun may be exonerated here. He may be found innocent. And judging from all of the information I was told, there’s a good chance that he should be.”Patrick went on to say that MLB is “cut and dried” about what is allowed to be in a player’s system but said what Braun tested positive for “wasn’t a masking agent.” “The bigger issue here is the testing and was Ryan Braun a victim of the testing by Major League Baseball,” added Patrick. “Let’s see how this plays out… The feeling I got (Sunday) from somebody involved in the process in this, it’s not as cut and dried as people would think. And Ryan Braun may be an innocent man.”

Boston Herald: Kevin Youkilis Is Getting Married To Tom Brady’s Sister

February 12, 2012

( alleged eugenics, Boston! A sister of Boston’s resident best athlete (sorry, JaJuan Johnson) is getting married to its resident Greek god (sorry, Niko Koutouvides), if this story is true, anyway.

( Youkilis family name has an unusual history from his entry on Wikipedia. His Jewish great-great-great-grandfather, a native of 19th-century Romania, moved to Greece at the age of 16 to avoid conscription at the hands of the notoriously anti-Semitic Cossacks. He became homesick, however, and returned to Romania after a couple of years, although he changed his surname from “Weiner” to the Greek name, “Youkilis”, to avoid army and jail. Some researchers make use of distinctive surnames to identify distinct ethnic populations, the Youkilis surename was definitely a curveball for Kevin.

“People have come up to me and starting speaking Greek to me and I don’t speak it,” Youkilis said. “I feel bad. Ever since I was in Lowell (Class A), people have thought I was Greek. People shout at me, ‘I’m Greek, you’re Greek.’ But I’m not.”

Youkilis is the son of a Romanian Jewish jewelry wholesaler, who Youkilis has described as a

“well-known third baseman in the Jewish Community Center fast-pitch softball league.”

He’s a Greek God? Someone didn’t tell some people in liberal Boston

DOUBLE CHOKE! Boston Red Sox And Atlanta Braves Complete Historic Collapses

September 29, 2011


(Wiz Bang) If you weren’t watching ESPN this evening you missed some serious baseball drama. The Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves both managed to historically squander large September 1st wild card leads (9 and 8 1/2 games respectively), loose their final games, and then watch their dogged pursuers (Tampa Bay Rays and St. Louis Cardinals) win their final games and take the last two wild card spots. The sequence of the Red Sox blowing a 3-2 lead to the Baltimore Orioles and nearly simultaneously having the Rays cap a extra inning comeback in a game they were down 7-0 to the New York Yankees was really the best baseball has to offer in terms of drama.

Red Sox Analysis FAIL! Federal Reserve Bank Analysis FAIL! Climate Change Analysis FAIL!

Designated Hitters and the Economics of Baseball

July 13, 2011

and the interleague experiment will it end? not with the DH league disparity…

In the case of the DH, the big-market AL teams have no financial incentive to reduce their competitive advantage, and the NL owners have no real stake in reducing the AL owners’ cost of doing business. Unless and until all the owners are willing to make financial concessions in other areas to bring an end to the DH rule in the AL, we’re stuck with it as is. 

The Associated Press: Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

June 26, 2011
Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

via Associated Press …hey look… the AP is biased about baseball too. If you are from Philly and have to play teams that have no historical significance… I guess you would be biased like the AP… but I’m from New York… and I like seeing the Mets play the Yankees and Redsox. Philly doesn’t get that same excitement. Their historical rivalries are actually within their league (sometimes moved to another division and they play less of those games with inter league). I suppose if you are from Philly you would like to see the Phillies play the Cardinals or the Pirates more… and they are not in your division.  The big classic Philadelphia games are less with Interleague. Put in also the fact that the present system makes money. Mike actually sounds like a baseball insider who is tired of getting on airplanes.

all this talk about the Designated Hitter being a problem has me wondering what Schmidt thinks of Gay Marriage. The joke being that Gay people have to have a DH who doesn’t field to make babies… oh never mind… of course it was not just a far off metaphor. Seriously though it is the heart of the issue.