Dumb and dumber; Socialist Left daft darling says it is all a misunderstanding

March 27, 2011
……………………………………………..it is not my fault @‘s “Commies” are funny.
the stupid happen to be Socialists.

Labor has its way with govt junior partner

In what must have been a night to remember, Socialist Left vice chairman Bård Vegard Solhjell, now wants to have us believe that the verbatim quote from his own unanimous editorial committee is a horrible mistake:

The credibility of the world community in its confrontation with the Gadafi regime is undermined when there is no reaction against other states in the region who commit injustices against civil population. The greater world community must therefore also react against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip.

This, the SV spin doctor now claims, cannot conceivably be interpreted to mean that they are opening up for bombing Israel, but rather:

What they meant to say was that  the UN needs to get engaged in the other ongoing conflicts in the region criticize the violence against civilians and work to introduce democracy also in these countries. But the situation in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen is not comparable with the extreme situation we saw in Libya

So, if that is what they meant, why did they not write it?
I only wish I was a fly on the wall when the Labor party found out about this. I am sure that was an interesting conversation.
Prof. M. McGonagall