Mossad agent Bar Refaeli seduces Hamas man in cinematic depiction of Dubai operation

May 7, 2012
( brazen 2010 assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai, in which Israel’s Mossad was accused, unfurled like a spy movie thriller — and in fact much of it was caught on camera. Now an Israeli movie plays it as a spy caper, complete with a sly seductress played by Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. The movie “Kidon”, or Spear, gives the plot a twist by having a small-time gang of criminals murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in an attempt to frame Israel’s Mossad spy agency. Dubai police accused the Mossad of carrying out the actual hit in a five-star hotel, and released surveillance camera footage of the assassination team tracking al-Mabhouh. A number of countries also cast suspicion on Israel, angrily accusing its intelligence agency of forging passports under their citizens’ names for the killers to use. Israel and the Mossad, as is their policy, never confirmed or denied involvement.

Sounds interesting, but everytime Hollywood gets a story that appears Pro Israel it gets the liberal writers trying to make the Arabs reasonable to make the drama interesting. It appears like it is because they are supposedly interested in the craft of story writing, but often film gives the Palestine narrative legs by merely presenting a so called believable bad guy who is sympathetic. The Spielberg film Schindler’s List presented an actor that now claims to be a Muslim in a sympathetic light. The Jews always need to be saved from themselves in Hollywood. Later in Munich the terrorists are depicted as sympathetic and poor. The reality is most of these Muslim terrorists (especially their leaders are anything but poor) The Nazis were poor… I never saw Spielberg depict a Nazi as poor.  Why did he do it with the Arabs?


Israeli supermodel’s dad convicted in attack

September 17, 2011
JERUSALEM (AP) — A court has convicted the father of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli for malicious damage over an altercation with paparazzi photographers. The Kfar Saba Magistrates Court on Thursday convicted Rafi Refaeli, 57, for the incident that took place in 2007. According to court documents, Rafi Refaeli received a call from his supermodel daughter complaining that she was being followed by photographers while driving to his house in Tel Aviv. The documents say he broke one of the photographers’ cameras and damaged one of their motorcycles when they reached his home. A date has not yet been set for sentencing.

Where was Dad when Bar decided to only Shtup Gentiles?