REPORT: George Soros Is Giving A Lot Of Credit To American Apparel

March 12, 2012
George Soros put his investment into the trend and then pulls out of the market when the collectivist mentality cannibalizes. Why would anyone be shocked that he would invest in fashion?

(business insider) The debt-laden, controversial, American-made clothing chain reportedly has a new financial backer to bail it out: George Soros.

From the New York Post’s James Covert:The billionaire octogenarian — who, like American Apparel’s controversial CEO Dov Charney, has lately been entangled in lawsuits with young, beautiful women — is backing a firm that’s in talks to extend a credit line worth as much as $80 million to the cash-strapped clothing chain, The Post has learned.
The credit facility from Crystal Financial, a Boston-based firm that boasts Soros’ hedge fund as its lead investor, will immediately replace and expand a $75 million revolving credit line from Bank of America that matures in July, sources said.

Specific terms of the credit agreement couldn’t be learned, but it will be “long term,” albeit at a higher interest rate than at the Bank of America facility, according to a source briefed on the negotiations. The deal could be finalized as soon as this week. Read the whole story at

were you really that stupid as to think that fashion was liberating? fashion is the mechanism that George Soros understands and manipulates. fashion is what put Obama in office. Do you remember when you realized that we were being taken advantage of by the Democrats during the election and everyone called you a racist? not all that different than not fitting in because of your clothing or a haircut. Everyone buys into fashion…


Bank of America nixes $5 debit card fee

November 1, 2011
Protesters with the 'Occupy Seattle' movement burn a Bank of America debit card. | AP Photo

(Politico)In a win for President Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street, Bank of America will abandon its plans to charge customers $5 per month to use debit cards.

“We have listened to our customers very closely over the last few weeks and recognize their concern with our proposed debit usage fee,” said David Darnell, co-chief operating officer, in a statement Tuesday. “Our customers’ voices are most important to us. As a result, we are not currently charging the fee and will not be moving forward with any additional plans to do so.”

wait a second. how is this a win for anyone? I’d prefer to see Bank of America fail and their competitor get all their business… the way it should of happened

Nof Zion will remain in Jewish developmentNof Zion will remain in Jewish development

March 3, 2011

Bank Leumi almost reneged on their previous deal with supermarket mogul Rami Levy and sold the rest of the Nof Zion project to PLO-sympathiser Bashar al-Masri. But luckily, justice has prevailed and Rami Levy and Australian businessman Kevin Bermeister have succeeded in buying (Hat tip: Israel Matzav):

Bank Leumi was founded at the Second Zionist Congress and incorporated in London in 1899 as the financial instrument of the Zionist Organization. The initial capital raised – a total of £395,000 – fell far short of the £8 million target; Nahum Sokolow in 1919 wrote: “The British East Africa Company, which administered 200,000 square miles, began with the same amount £250,000.”[1] The bank’s activities in Palestine were carried out by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, a subsidiary formed in 1902. The bank opened its first branch in Jaffa in 1903 under the management of Zalman David Levontin. Early transactions included land purchase, imports and obtaining concessions. Branches were opened in Jerusalem, Beirut, Hebron, Safed, Haifa, Tiberias and Gaza.[2]The Anglo-Palestine Bank offered farmers long-term loans and provided loans to the Ahuzat Bayit association which built the first neighborhood in Tel Aviv.[3] During World War I, the Ottoman government declared the bank, because it was registered in England, to be an enemy institution and moved to shut it down and confiscate its cash.[2]
After World War I, its operations expanded. In 1932, the main branch moved from Jaffa to Jerusalem.[2]
During World War II, the Anglo-Palestine Bank helped to finance the establishment of industries that manufactured supplies for the British army. After the founding of the state of Israel, the bank won the concession to issue new banknotes. In 1950, the bank was renamed Bank Leumi Le-Israel (National Bank of Israel). When the Bank of Israel was established in 1954, Bank Leumi became a commercial bank. [2]
The bank was nationalized in 1983, as a result of the Bank Stock Crisis.
Today, Bank Leumi is Israel’s leading commercial bank, with $85 billion in assets and a presence in USA, Switzerland, UK and 18 other countries (as of 2008). Bank Leumi is mainly in private hands, with the government as the largest single shareholder, with 14.8% of the stock (as of June 2006). The other major shareholders are Shlomo Eliyahu and Branea Invest, which each hold 10% of the stock, constituting the control core of the bank. 60% of the bank’s stocks are held by the public and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Historic Bank Leumi branch on Jaffa Road

Bank Leumi (Hebrew: בנק לאומי‎, lit. National Bank) is an Israeli bank. It was founded in London as the Anglo Palestine Company on February 27, 1902, by members of the Zionist movement to promote the industry, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure of Palestine.

Bank Of America Selling Accelerates, As Fears Spread That It’s In The Wikileaks Crosshairs

December 3, 2010

Bank of America is down over 1.7% right now, far underperforming the rest of the banking sector, as fears spread that it’s the target of a forthcoming Wikileak. Last night the news broke that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said the next leak would be a bank, and today it was discovered that in 2009 he said he had 5GB of data on the bank. Ominously in the interview he warned that new revelations could take down a bank. By comparison, Citigroup is up 1.8%, and Wells Fargo is flat right now.
I’m starting to really like this WikiLeak thingy. please get some dirt on Goldman Sach by any means