Shock Photos of Netanyahu at U.N. from AP, Reuters

September 27, 2012
Associated Press
(Associated Press)

(Weekly Standard) Two shocking photos coming off the wire of Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the United Nations moments ago.
The first is from the Associated Press:

The second is from Reuters:

Of the hundreds of professional photos taken at this speech, the AP and Reuters decided to push these onto the wire.

amateur hour. my blog is more tasteful then the largest news agencies in the world… and I would be the first to admit that I like to tell a narrative. these are news companies that the public counts on to be objective. very sad


Canada says it is cutting funding for UNESCO after cultural body admits Palestinians as member

November 1, 2011
TORONTO — Canada is joining the U.S. in cutting off funding for the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO because it approved a Palestinian bid for full membership.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday the decision is not in the best interests of peace in the Middle East, so Canada is freezing all future voluntary contributions to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
Canada contributes about $10 million a year to the agency.
The United States has also announced it will pull its $60 million in funding from UNESCO, which depends heavily on American funding.
The UNESCO vote represented a fallback plan for the Palestinian leadership after its bid for U.N. recognition as a state and full membership in the global body foundered in September.
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#SMUG #ELITISTS think Believing Is Seeing at the #NYTimes?

September 3, 2011

toysYikes: NYTimes Puff Piece on Mickey Mouse Photos from Lebanon? Remember when photographers like Ben Curtis got caught placing child’s toys in rubble in Lebanon bomb sites? The NYTimes debates whether such dishonesty has any truth it it. It is almost as if they are claiming bullshit is art. Why can’t the media just apologize? Say.. gee I’m sorry… I did wrong. why can’t the propaganda machine admit that what they are doing is unethical. Instead we get a backhanded comparison to some civil war photographer that placed cannonballs to tell a story. It is annoying that this paper has no integrity. Rather then owe up to unethical behavior they are now trying to spin their sins. That takes a lot of Chutzpah.

Israel Matzav: If the Mickey Mouse was in a building that was bombed out, what is the likelihood that it was undamaged like that? And second, if the toy wasn’t planted by someone (and I believe Curtis that he did not plant it), then how is it that at just about every bombing site that was photographed during the Second Lebanon War, posed pictures of children’s toys would show up? Could that be coincidence? I doubt it.

Zombie Time: While it may be possible that these photographers all just happened to stumble on toys and stuffed animals perfectly positioned for maximum emotive response, the cumulative effect of all the pictures together (along with others visible on Slublog) suggests that some if not all of the photographers moved the toys to be better positioned for a good photo. Several readers have also written in to point out how new, clean and undamaged the toys look — unlikely, if they had all just been in an explosion. But this is not a definitely conclusive example of fraud — it’s almost impossible to prove that a photographer moved an object to his benefit. Instead, the images just feel faked.

The Associated Press: Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

June 26, 2011
Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

via Associated Press …hey look… the AP is biased about baseball too. If you are from Philly and have to play teams that have no historical significance… I guess you would be biased like the AP… but I’m from New York… and I like seeing the Mets play the Yankees and Redsox. Philly doesn’t get that same excitement. Their historical rivalries are actually within their league (sometimes moved to another division and they play less of those games with inter league). I suppose if you are from Philly you would like to see the Phillies play the Cardinals or the Pirates more… and they are not in your division.  The big classic Philadelphia games are less with Interleague. Put in also the fact that the present system makes money. Mike actually sounds like a baseball insider who is tired of getting on airplanes.

all this talk about the Designated Hitter being a problem has me wondering what Schmidt thinks of Gay Marriage. The joke being that Gay people have to have a DH who doesn’t field to make babies… oh never mind… of course it was not just a far off metaphor. Seriously though it is the heart of the issue.

I don’t usually believe anything the AP prints, but who can resist a good spanking story?

May 21, 2011

dirty constitutionalist man spanking womanVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Single mothers, former drug addicts and other struggling young women who came to wealthy businessman Henry Allen Fitzsimmons for a chance to climb out of their financial hole knew his help came with a catch. In exchange for an allowance, a place to live and promise of a college education, they agreed to be spanked if they broke his rules.
At least six of the women say his corporal punishment went too far, including one who says he sexually assaulted her, and the 54-year-old Virginia Beach restaurant owner faces felony charges.
“These women are victims. They’re single moms. They need their bills paid,” prosecutor Tom Murphy said at a court hearing Thursday. “It’s bizarre, there’s no doubt.”
Fitzsimmons’ attorney claims his slight, white-haired client is the victim, taken advantage of by women half his age who knew what they were getting into and filed charges only after a falling out.
“He’s not a danger,” Fitzsimmons’ attorney, Moody “Sonny” Stallings Jr., told The Associated Press of his jailed client. “Strange, but he’s not a danger to anybody.”
A judge on Thursday allowed a grand jury to decide whether to indict Fitzsimmons on two felony abduction charges and three felony object sexual penetration charges filed against him. Six other assault and sexual battery charges were dropped because prosecutors acknowledged the women had agreed to the spankings.
For months, Fitzsimmons gave each of the women $200 weekly, promised to pay for their college tuition, treated them to lavish nights on the town and even bought one a car as part of his so-called Spencer Scholarship Plan. They were spanked if they violated rules, such as failing to call Fitzsimmons or drinking too much alcohol.
Several websites, including one run by Fitzsimmons, tout the Spencer plan and the scholarship program, which provides full tuition, room and board in addition to an allowance for participants as long as they follow the plan.
It is unclear how many women have participated in Fitzsimmons’ program. The six who filed the criminal complaints had all been members, but Fitzsimmons’ attorney said there have been several others.
The Spencer Plan started in the 1930s as a form of “carefully regulated corporal punishment” between husband and wife. Couples agreed to a list of things the wife needed to change, such as not spending money frivolously. If the rules were broken, the husband punished her by spanking and it was put behind them. It has expanded through the years.
One 21-year-old woman testified Thursday that the day she joined the program in November, Fitzsimmons spanked her and gave her $300. He paid for her to live in an oceanfront suite and gave her a $200 weekly allowance. In return, she was required to walk 20 blocks each day, keep a log of her meals and spending and refrain from drugs. When she didn’t, she was spanked.
Fitzsimmons took it further, she said, when on three occasions he sexually assaulted her with a curtain rod, a hairbrush and a horse riding crop. When asked by attorneys why she allowed it to happen, she replied: “I’m not allowed to tell him no.”
The Associated Press does not identify those who say they were sexually assaulted.
Another 22-year-old woman said she thought the program was an amazing opportunity. She had only been spanked once before she went to him in January to discuss him paying for her 3-year-old child’s birthday party. She said he refused to let her leave until she let him spank her.
She and others said they feared Fitzsimmons, who walks with a limp. They say he made vague threats and convinced them they couldn’t make it without him.
“He terrorized my life,” one woman said. “He took me away from all my friends and family and convinced me nobody loved me but him.”
None of the women filed charges until Fitzsimmons in April accused one of them of stealing money and fired her from his restaurant, the oceanside Envy Bar and Grill, where many of them worked. A week later, six women began filing charges. On Thursday, that former employee’s complaint was dropped, along with those of two other women whose only complaints were that they had been spanked.
“Who’s the victim here?” Stalling asked in court. “They were taking the money and all of a sudden when the mother gets fired they all run down to the police station and want to file charges.”
Fitzsimmons came to Virginia Beach last year from Minnesota, but much of his past is a mystery. He has a master’s in business administration, but his much of his attention is spent counseling young women and helping those in need, friends said.
Terry Schantz and his girlfriend are helping run Fitzsimmons’ bar since he was arrested in April and denied bond. He said Fitzsimmons was a generous and caring man who would buy groceries for those in need or find the homeless a place to live. He said he can’t imagine Fitzsimmons being violent.
Stallings admits the case is strange but says Fitzsimmons is no predator.
“They’re trying to say he preys on these women,” he said. “These aren’t 15-years-olds. These are all adults and they’re getting the money from this old guy.”

I did not know…..
Not only am I a dirty old man, I am also a ‘Constitutionalist’!
….image via some crack head Ron Paul Retards on

Shooting al-Aqsa

May 20, 2011

Explosive composition.
It’s Rememberance Day in Israel today, and the wire services are full of solemn memorial services to the Israeli victims of terrorism [Ed.:–Corrected w/ apologies for the mix-up]. Including this shot, taken by AP stringer Sebastian Scheiner:

With the Dome of the Rock Mosque in the background, Israeli soldiers empty their rifles after a ceremony for Israel’s annual Memorial Day at a military cemetery on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, Monday, May 9, 2011. Israel marked its Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of militant attacks Monday, with ceremonies and a wailing siren that brought the country to a standstill in two minutes of silence. (AP Photo/Sebestian Scheiner)

Notice the composition carefully — The soldiers, firing their rifles in rememberance of those who lost their lives to terrorists over the years, are superimposed over the golden Dome of the Rock at al-Aqsa Mosque, a source of frequent outbursts of anti-Jewish anger and terrorism by the muslim world. The implication of this particular visual alignment is even stranger when one considers the fact that the graveyard at which this honor guard is performing their duties is nowhere near al-Aqsa.
Take a look at the AFP shot below, which illustrates exactly how far apart these two locations really are:

Notice the tiny golden circle there?
Yeah, that’s the Dome of the Rock. And from where these soldiers are standing, it really is quite a distance away.

Israeli soldiers unload their rifles after a memorial ceremony for fallen soldiers at the military cemetery on Mount of Olives overlooking the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem on May 9, 2011. Remembrance Day is followed immediately by the 63rd anniversary of the creation of Israel in 1948 according to the Jewish calendar. AFP PHOTO/GALI TIBBON (Photo credit should read GALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images)

So why did our AP stringer go through so much effort to zoom the dome into the background of their shot? I can safely assume that it’s not an innocent accident, as the Dome has very clearly been purposefully enlarged via zoom lens to fit exactly where it did. So if it’s not a mistake, why was the photo arranged the way it was?
Every picture tells a story, after all. And from where I’m sitting, this particular story seems to be ginned up to aggravate the Muslim world, and to enflame the passions of Islamic Rage Boys everywhere.
Which makes me wonder: Is the Associated Press really reporting the news in Israel these days? Or are they trying to invent it?

Much Mass Media Coverage of Israel-Palestinian Issues Is Propaganda, Not Journalism

March 21, 2011
The father and brothers of Ruth Fogel comfort each other
during the joint funeral of their daughter and sister,
her husband Ehud and their children, 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad, and 3-month-old Hadas,
in Jerusalem, on 13 March 2011.
The Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed
in the Israeli Jewish West Bank settlement of Itamar. (Credit: EPA)
So constant are the lies told in mass media coverage of Israel-Palestinian issues that it is hardly worthwhile to critique individual articles any more.

Following the horrendous murder of the Fogel family, a number of Internet — but not print — writers have pointed out that various mass media institutions have either not reported the killings at all, only minimally did so, didn’t gives the ages of the children killed, or buried the story amidst a much longer explanation that the settlements are terrible and the settlers are bad people (who deserve it?).
Equally dismaying is the disinterest in getting right even the most basic facts. Consider this AP story, remembering that AP now provides most international coverage for almost all American newspapers today.
When you read something like this the conclusion is inescapable that the reporters involved are pushing a specific political agenda, deliberately twisting or leaving out material. Part of the evidence for this is that every distortion, mistake, and example of slanting is always entirely against Israel.
The article claims:

“Palestinian opposition to settlement construction on lands they want for a future state has brought negotiations to a virtual standstill over the past two years, with Palestinians refusing to negotiate directly with Israel as long as it persists.”

In fact, the Palestinian Authority walked out of talks in January 2009 over the Israel-Hamas war that began after Hamas abandoned the ceasefire and attacked Israel with a barrage of rockets and mortars. Construction was not an issue until President Barack Obama made it his central theme. Then, Israel froze construction on settlements for nine months yet during that period — until conveniently a few days before the end — the PA still refused to talk.
So it is Palestinian opposition to negotiations that has brought negotiations to a virtual standstill.
The phrase “settlement construction” is also misleading. Many (most?) readers probably believe that Israel is still building new settlements — I know this because people keep claiming this to me — something not true since 1993, before today’s first-year college students were even born. The construction of apartments on existing settlements — which is the issue — is not the same thing as expanding the size of existing settlements or building completely new ones.
Finally, a minor point for some but one that made my blood boil, is this statement:

“The Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a mostly defunct Palestinian militant group, took responsibility for the killings. But it was not clear if the group really was responsible because it frequently takes credit for attacks it didn’t commit in a bid to raise its profile.”

So, even if the Brigades did take responsibility, the AP goes out of its way to assure us that they are probably innocent. Moreover, by not mentioning that the Brigades are an integral part of Fatah, which runs the Palestinian Authority, is dishonest. Reading about some unknown or “independent” terrorist group is not the same for a reader as being informed that terrorists who proudly said they murdered three infants are members of the same party as Palestinian Authority “president” Mahmoud Abbas.
And, of course, the Brigades are in no way “mostly defunct.” That is something merely made up in this article.
One reason this makes me angry is that I was just involved in a court case as a consultant. The Palestinian Authority, which was the defendant, claimed that it had nothing to do with the Brigades and thus in no way responsible for its terrorism. I researched this and came up with much proof to the contrary.
But the item I thought most cogent is this: If you go to the Brigades’ official site it says in Arabic that the Brigades are part of Fatah.
Not too hard to find out the truth, is it?

Sun, March 20, 2011 | The Rubin Report | By Barry Rubin