Ass Bomb

July 14, 2012

ASS BOMB by simonstudionyc

ASS BOMB: Sodomy: It’s the will of Allah
Let me fuck you in the ass so that we can kill a few Jews. It’s the will of Allah, now bend over. Oh yeah… All that comes to matter is one’s intention, or niyya.

As a possibly convenient way of rationalizing what one desires while still being able to feel “pure,” anything and everything that is otherwise banned becomes permissible. All that supposedly matters is one’s intention, or niyya.

Not only did the original “underwear bomber” Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri hide explosives in his rectum to assassinate Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef—they met in 2009 after the 22-year-old holy warrior “feigned repentance for his jihadi views“—but al-Asiri apparently had fellow jihadis repeatedly sodomize him to “widen” his anus in order to accommodate the explosives— all in accordance with the fatwas [religious edicts] of Islamic clerics.

A 2010 Arabic news video that is making the rounds on the Internet gives the details. Apparently a cleric, one Abu al-Dema al-Qasab, informed jihadis of an “innovative and unprecedented way to execute martyrdom operations: place explosive capsules in your anus. However, to undertake this jihadi approach you must agree to be sodomized for a while to widen your anus so it can hold the explosives.”

Others inquired further by asking for formal fatwas. Citing his desire for “martyrdom and the virgins of paradise,” one jihadi, (possibly al-Asiri himself) asked another sheikh, “Is it permissible for me to let one of the jihadi brothers sodomize me to widen my anus if the intention is good?”

After praising Allah, the sheikh’s fatwa began by declaring that sodomy is forbidden in Islam,

However, jihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle of Islam can only be achieved through sodomy, then there is no wrong in it. For the overarching rule of [Islamic] jurisprudence asserts that “necessity makes permissible the prohibited.” And if obligatory matters can only be achieved by performing the prohibited, then it becomes obligatory to perform the prohibited, and there is no greater duty than jihad. After he sodomizes you, you must ask Allah for forgiveness and praise him all the more. And know that Allah will reward the jihadis on the Day of Resurrection, according to their intentions—and your intention, Allah willing, is for the victory of Islam, and we ask that Allah accept it of you.

ASS BOMB, a photo by simonstudionyc

ASSBOMB : when a terrorist sticks a bomb up his ass does that mean enemas for everyone?


Phony ‘fix-a-flat’ doc busted

November 19, 2011

(American Thinker) Con artists since the dawn of time have instinctively known that it doesn’t matter what something really is if you can convince the mark that they need it.  Today we are surrounded by corruption at all levels of society from nickel and dime street corner scams to the multi- trillion dollar looting of America at the hands of Barack Obama and his gang. 

The same media types who sold “Hope and Change” to the uninformed majority in 2008 have promoted the concept that big buttocks are beautiful.  By selling insecure women on the big butt mythology new age con artists have created a need that can be exploited by legitimate plastic surgeons or dangerous criminals.  The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports:
This was no ordinary flat repair.
Oneal Ron Morris took a look and went to work.
Not on a tire. But on the backside of a Miami Gardens woman who was seeking the derriere of her dreams.
Instead, she got a tush full of toxins.
Morris, a self-proclaimed doctor, injected a concoction of “fix-a-flat” — cement, mineral oil and Super Glue — into the woman’s buttocks, police said.
The materials eventually spread through her body and nearly killed her.
The woman, whose name is not being released because of medical privacy laws, went to three different hospitals before doctors finally figured out the cause of the mystery ailment that caused pneumonia-like symptoms and left large, infected welts on her backside.
The 30 year-old woman in question was referred to Morris by “a friend of a friend” and paid $700 for the butt-pumping injections in May of 2010.  Undeterred by the grossly misshapen buttocks of the transgendered “fix-a-flat” specialist or the residential townhouse operating room where the “medical” procedure was to be performed, the victim lay on a table and received the injections. 
She was able to see some of the “tools,” which she described as rubber tubing attached to what appeared to be a cooler. She felt enormous pressure, and then pain, as Morris began inserting the tubing into her buttocks.
“It hurt to the point that she was screaming,” Dillon said. Morris “kept reassuring her that it was almost over.”
The victim stopped Morris before the injections were finished because she was in such agony, Dillon said. Morris sealed her wounds with Super Glue and she went home, Dillon said.
Twenty-four hours later, she was still in pain and began suffering flu-like symptoms.
Real doctors encountered difficulty treating the woman who by then was both fearful and deeply embarrassed.  While receiving treatment at Tampa General Hospital the woman was uncooperative and after several days she fled the hospital.  This past March a state health department investigator was able to locate the victim and convince her to identify “doctor” Morris. 

The Florida Department of Health and local law enforcement continued to pursue the elusive Morris who managed to stay one step ahead of investigators.  On Friday morning during a routine check on Morris home, a Miami Gardens police officer found the “fix-a-flat” doc and placed her under arrest.  The arresting officer was shocked by Morris appearance as she may have been a victim or her own procedures. 

Meanwhile the 30 year-old woman who sought Morris’ services is still suffering the effects of the procedure, is unable to work and has a veritable mountain of medical bills.  Bad as this sounds, the victim in the case in much more fortunate than Coral City resident Vera Lawrence who died as a result of a similar butt pumping procedure performed by an unlicensed doctor several years earlier. 

An Odd Comment

November 15, 2011
(How Iran persecutes its oldest religion | Vlad Tepes) Big Black Booty Porn says: (November 15, 2011 at 7:32 am) But it seems they can not get enough of the big black booty porn. This regime is also a big fan of that genre of porn. I have sent the Pres literally tons of the stuff. He can not get enough. My only worry is that when he is finished with it, he should spare a thought for those less fortunate than himself and sell it off to other fans for a cheap price. Also if he is really compassionate he should remember that his regime has chopped off the right hand of a lot of men who need that hand to jack off when viewing the gigantic black assess in the magazines. If the regime wants to get its compassionate face back it needs to go to the homes of these porn fans and help them to jack off. The pres himself should set an example by being the first to perform this compassionate jacking off duty for the black booty fans he has maimed for life.

Bomb blast at Jerusalem bus station, many wounded: 1 killed, 31 wounded: Video

March 23, 2011

Video from AP:

Today, FOX News’ headline on the attack–since changed in the article, and also on the homepage–claimed this is the “First Terror Attack in Years,which they’ve since changed to “Jerusalem’s First Terror Attack in Years.”  But the first headlines showed complete ignorance.  I guess they forgot about the decapitated baby  and stabbed family in Itamar.  Or the rockets and missiles sent into Israel every day for the last week. Or the repeated rockets shot into Sderot, where poor, working-class Jews live and cannot afford to move out.  Or the daily terrorist attacks you don’t read much about, like the attack on the Jewish woman and her Christian missionary friend as they were hiking in the forest.  There are Islamic terrorist attacks on Israel and its civilians every single day.  You just never hear about it.  And even though FOX News changed the headline, the lying crap remains in the story:

Israel Rescue workers and paramedics treat a person wounded by an explosion at a bus stop in Jerusalem, Wednesday, March 23, 2011. A bomb planted at a telephone booth exploded at a crowded bus stop Wednesday in central Jerusalem, wounding many people in what appeared to be the first militant attack in the city in several years. (AP Photo)

An explosion at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem has caused dozens of casualties, police said.

(Telegraph) Scores of ambulances converged on the area, near the central bus station and a city conference hall in a Jewish neighbourhood of Jerusalem.
Around 25 people had been wounded, according to medical sources, 15 of them seriously. No deaths were reported.
Police described the explosion as a “terrorist attack”.
The explosion appears to be the first bus bombing in the region in several years and comes amid rising tensions between Hamas militants and Israel.

Update (M&C via DPA):

Jerusalem – A woman injured in a bombing in Jerusalem on Wednesday died of her wounds, Israel Radio reported.
Some 31 people were injured by the bomb, which was placed next to a bus shelter by Jerusalem’s convention centre. The bomb exploded as two packed buses were passing.


Ass Bomb Leads To Sodomy At Airport

November 19, 2010

Barney Frank (D-Ma) has quit Congress to take his dream job working for TSA.

We now remove our shoes at the airport because terrorist Richard Reed smuggled a shoe bomb onto a jetliner shortly after 9/11. We are also forbidden to bring certain amounts of liquids with us in response to the 2006 “liquid bomb” plot against at least 10 airliners traveling from the UK to the US and Canada. And now Americans are forced to deal with invasive pat downs and full body scans in response to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to bring down Northwest Airline flight 253 on Christmas day in 2009, by hiding a bomb in his underwear.

Yet what if terrorists emulate Abdullah Asieri, who attempted to assassinate Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism operations, with a bomb that reportedly evaded airport security because it was planted in the terorrist’s rectum? Subsequent forensics revealed that the bomb was not a rectal device but the same bomb used by Abdulmutallab. Drug smugglers frequently attempt to hide contraband in body cavities. Does anyone seriously think a suicide bomber would hesitate to do the same thing? One thing is certain: the same public that is outraged over full-body scans and pat-downs will never submit to a “routine” body cavity search. More importantly, if these types of bombs are virtually undetectable, doesn’t that make a complete mockery of the current procedures?

The second issue is our apparent determination to ignore the most successful airport security strategy currently in use. Israelis have a far more effective and far less invasive and time-consuming system. Why? Because it is the exact opposite of ours: in America the focus is on finding an explosive device. In Israel, the focus is on finding the person carrying the explosive device. Each passenger passes through several layers of security, and each layer is manned by people looking for unusual behavior. Lines are staggered to prevent creating large bunches of people who might be targeted by a terrorist who has gotten into the terminal. In addition, each airport is equipped with a blast-proof luggage screening area, complete with “bomb boxes” which can be used by screeners if they encounter a suspicious piece of luggage.

These bomb-proof areas serve another purpose as well. By isolating luggage in such an area, it no longer becomes necessary to evacuate an entire terminal if something proves suspicious, something which could take several hours. Only the people in the screening area need to move — and only a few meters away.

But the most important part of the equation is summed up by Rafi Sela, the president of AR Challenges, a global transportation security consultancy:

They’re not looking for everything they look for in North America. They just look at you. Even today with the heightened security in North America, they will check your items to death. But they will never look at you, at how you behave. They will never look into your eyes … and that’s how you figure out the bad guys from the good guys.

The third issue is the insistence that the federal government control airport security. It may seem like an odd question to ask with regard to airport security, but why is the federal government thirteen trillion dollars in debt? Because there are few direct consequences for government officials behaving irresponsibly. If a TSA agent allows a terrorist on a plane and that plane blows up, maybe the agent will be fired and most likely the government — meaning taxpayers — will be sued for damages. If airlines themselves are responsible for security, they would be incentivized to provide the best security available for a simple reason: failure on their part could bankrupt the company. Airlines would also likely compete with each other to provide the best combination of security coupled with minimal intrusion and inconvenience in order to maximize their market share. And the cost of that security would be borne by the people it is keeping secure, instead of taxpayers.
Barney Frank Picture via

As columnist Charles Krauthammer pointed out, Americans have taken to a new slogan which neatly encapsulates their consternation regarding airport security. It was inadvertently coined by John Tyner, a 31-year-old software programmer from Oceanside, California. When he refused to allow a Transportation Security Administration official to administer a pat-down near his private area, he uttered a phrase which has resonated nationwide: ”You touch my junk, and I’m going to have you arrested.” Yet as a Senate hearing on Wednesday indicated, the TSA is not backing down. TSA administrator John Pistole says he is sensitive to privacy concerns but insists that “government must provide the best possible security for air travelers.” Thus, the inevitable question: is this the best possible security government can provide? It is hard to reach that conclusion when one considers the salient issues surrounding the controversy.

The first issue would be terrorist creativity and determination.


how is it that this guy is offensive and the Quran is not?

October 30, 2010

IMG[3][1]Gory film artist tests obscenity law

Special effects makeup artist Remy Couture pleaded not guilty to charges of moral corruption and distribution of obscene material for his short films.

…I’d like to see him recreate this event…. 

From the Saudi Gazette:

The failed assassination attempt on Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, Thursday night was planned by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which operates from Yemen, sources confirmed.
According to Okaz sources, the bomber who detonated himself only a meter away from the Prince was part of a terrorist cell formed to target oil installations and public figures.
He had slipped into the Kingdom from Mareb, east of Sana’a, Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu-Bakr Al-Qirbi told The Associated Press.
“He was in Yemen,” said Al-Qirbi. “He claimed that he was going to hand himself over to Saudi authorities and make a statement to his followers to abandon Al-Qaeda principles.”
Okaz sources said the bomb was implanted in the attacker’s rectum, which could explain why he refused to drink coffee at the Prince’s Court.
The bomber had sent word he wanted to surrender personally to the Prince who had ordered that he not be searched to encourage others to come forward.
At the Prince’s home in Jeddah’s north Obhur beach area Thursday night around 11.30 P.M., the attacker was in line to enter a gathering of well-wishers for Ramadan when he blew himself up. The Prince was lightly injured in the attack. The bomber died.

Al Arabiya (Arabic) adds more detail than you might be interested in, including interviews with experts on how exactly one can create an assbomb and how long it can be inside one’s body. Al Arabiya’s version says that the terrorist was searched but not quite that intimately. He was only a couple of meters away from the prince when he detonated, so it looks like Al Qaeda and its terrorist pals will be working a little harder at perfecting this technology.