PLO’s Ashrawi: No such thing as Jewish refugees

September 4, 2012

(jpost) Member of PLO Executive C’tee says Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries came voluntarily, pressured by Zionist groups. Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries are not refugees because they left their homes voluntarily and under pressure from Zionist groups and the Jewish Agency, Hanan Ashrawi, member of the PLO Executive Committee, said over the weekend. In an article published in a number of Arab media outlets, Ashrawi, who is also an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said that the “claim that Jews who emigrated to Israel, which is supposed to be their homeland, are ‘refugees’ who were uprooted from their homelands…is a form of deception and delusion.” (MORE)

now imagine the influence a biased voice like this would have if she dated the anchor of the largest news division of the time? That’s right… Ashrawi was Peter Jenning’s bitch. America was watching what they thought was unbiased reporting, but in fact was nothing of the sort. There were more Jewish refugees escaping persecution in Muslim lands then Palestinians, but Ashrawi (a true nazi) will never acknowledge it. So if you were watching the intifada on TV in 1987 and you got a narrative that didn’t seem like what you knew from first person references (like I had)… here is the kind of spin you were dealing with in the Main stream media.