April 6, 2008

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I took a Jewish history classes at Carnegie Mellon University. I received a "C" for arguing this with a professor about this one issue, even though I did all my work creatively and efficiently. The professor was even a friend of my grandmothers (because of this I won’t use her name). She was wrong and she should not of graded me accordingly. Jewish history can be looked at from many different perspectives and it is unfortunate that CMU used this woman as a tool. It is not surprising to see Palestinian slants coming from Humanity and Arts departments at CMU these days. My teacher and other Jews like her set the precedent for future intolerance by refusing to budge on issues coming out of the Holocaust.  The goal of the Jewish people as is the Christian people is a worldwide Zion.  The juxtaposition of how this Zion occurs is a matter of contention, but both faiths believe in the accession of a greater global government called Israel.  The people who started this movement were called Jews.  They are in fact closely related to each other and are debatably a "RACE".  Christians maintain that this government will come with the acceptance of they’re leader, and therefor Christians are a part of this same Zion.  Jews believe that they’re future leader will come and some like myself believe that the scripture is misleading and that while there will be key leaders, that this Zion will come through the actions of people and the details of the messiah will be unknown till it is known and obvious. Regardless of the slant on Zion, the end conclusion of Zionism is a belief in key people who are of close genetic relation and the people’s they friend.  Converts of Judaism become not only part of a philosophy, but part of the physical "People" in that the hope is that they’re blood will mingle into a Jewish gene pool.   It is also part of Christian theology… a concept of the Christian people and Republic, with the Juxtaposition that Israel will become part of this Christian Zionist Republic.  This is not Fascism, nor  is it bigotry.  The very reason both cultures have a process of conversion is to keep the people from being elitist and therefor racist.  The State of Israel is not the final Zion.  The modern state of Israel is a defense to keep the people alive to embrace the coming evolution.  It is in fact a necessary compromise, because the next evolution of Israel will be global.  It is very possible that the people of Israel might might be destroyed and the people executed and that a new genetic group with the same philosophy could rise from the ashes and become the new Israel. (however I feel like I am making some kind of Hollywood movie when I talk like this)

Racism itself is a term that developed recently.  Race generally concerns the color of a person’s skin.  It is a silly term.  The Jewish concept of RACE is a more beautiful embrace of difference then the silly dynamic of BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, RED, YELLOW, in that the Jewish concept of RACE is inclusive.  That is not to say there aren’t some horrible exceptions to this and perhaps that is why ZION has not arrived yet.  My best friend is a Yemenite Jew.  He looks like the people of KUSH culture.  His skin is dark and I would have no issue mingling so to speak genetically with some of his beautiful dark skinned relatives.  I would have no issue with any of my family having dark skinned children, and in fact I do have dark skinned relatives on my mother’s side.

twitteratti are horrible… it’s like anywhere else….


Nazis expect every JEW to be a philosopher…
lucky for me I am well read and educated… I actually gave an intelligent answer… but the simple fact of the matter is if someone insists on knowing if JEWS are a religion or a culture/religion… it is neither and it is both.
It can be one thing for one person and another for another.
language insists on declaring JEWS as not a RACE because of Hitler… but that is incorrect, because the vast majority of us are related…. or as related as say BLACK people are who mix as well…. point being is that RACE is a human construct, designed to help us deal with generalities that are real. That doesn’t always mean we can define things uniformly.

JEWS are a RACE and also not a RACE…
but for this angry dude that answer was unacceptable.

intolerance comes from not being able to objectify people. Intolerance comes from finding something out of a classification that one is used to. This guy with all his arrogance was a classic BIGOT. I am amazed the people on TWITTER let this happen. Like a line in the sand as in UN 242, classifying is designed to help, but it is not a classification that is beyond exception. I understand how frustrating it can be for people to not have things uniform and convenient, but human relations and also language evolves and defies this kind of determined bias.

People like things to stay the same… but they don’t. The classification of what we consider to be BLACK or WHITE, Jew or Gentile will evolve. Most of what we have dealt with over the last century is a reflection of HITLER’s convenient classification of an enemy, but that does not mean that most JEWS are not genetically related to each other. To call some one a RACIST for hating JEWS is fair game… and that classification can change as well.
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Are JEWS a RACE?  What is your slant on this?

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