Apple Hid $94 Billion in Tax Shelters $Aapl

January 29, 2013

(Sultan Knish)Al Gore is a board member of Apple Inc. He tried to dodge his taxes with a premature closing of the Al Jazeera sale. And Apple Inc. hid 94 billion dollars in overseas revenues in tax shelters. Al Gore just exercised Apple share options worth 29 million.

The iPad maker has slashed its tax bill by paying less than 2pc on its overseas profits, as it moves money through offshoots in low-tax countries such as the British Virgin Islands.
Apple’s completely legal tax avoidance strategies bring the total the company has sheltered from the US tax authorities to $94bn, according to a Sunday Times analysis.
Corporation tax on Apple’s overseas operations amount to just 1.9pc of profits, compared with a tax rate of up to 24pc in the UK and 35pc in the US.

Apple’s employees have donated $307,000 to Obama and only $28,910 to Mitt Romney. Apple itself has spent millions on lobbyists with the top issue being taxes. Apple spent most of its time lobbying in favor of H.R.1834: Freedom to Invest Act of 2011. What is this grandly named act of freedom? It’s a one time tax cut allowing companies to pay a lower tax rate on overseas revenues.



Apple Faces Intel Engineer Challenge In Israel, May Build New R and D Center

January 7, 2013
The technology is still made in countries like China that do business with people that kill Jews, but much of the design comes from the Jewish mind itself. A paradox that reflects tech public relations in Israel. The people that work in tech public relations are Tel Aviv hipsters that believe that every slippery slope is a truth in both directions.


Apple’s attempts to hire former Texas Instruments employees in Israel are being met with a healthy dose of competition. TNW has learned that processor giant Intel has begun an aggressive campaign to lure engineers away from Apple in that country.
According to sources close to both companies, upon hearing of Apple’s interest in TI’s semiconductor engineers, Intel has shown urgency in approaching individuals in order to boost its operations in the country. Intel currently maintains R and D centers in , Jerusalem, Petah-Tikva and Kiryat Gat.
Intel is also reported to be offering “healthy compensation packages” (which are said to be above standard salary rates) in order to lure engineers to the company.
Competition from Intel could affect Apple’s plans in Israel, which now include the possible opening of a new R andD center in the city of Ra’anana, but only if it gets enough engineers on board. Our sources tell us that if Apple does hire enough engineers, it will open the new R and  D center in the city in “the second half of 2013.”
Alternatively, if Apple doesn’t open its new development center, new hires will likely assist the company’s operations in Hertzeliya and Haifa.
We previously reported that Apple has been hiring “dozens” of engineers from Texas Instruments after the company began cutting around 250 jobs from its Ra’anana development center as it looked to lay off around 1,700 employees (about 5 percent of its total workforce globally.
Many of the engineers working at the development center were focused on the development of TI’s OMAP and radio (including WiFi and Bluetooth) chips, which are used a number of new smartphone and tablet devices.
Apple may soon conduct an interview day specifically for the former Texas Instruments employees. We are unaware of whether Intel has plans to do the same.
Image Credit: citoki0815/Flickr

The free market is blind to who you are buying from. If Israel itself were on the open market it’d be a colony to Qatar. Can Jewish minds resist this behavior of questioning objectivity? Relativity and proportions doesn’t mean equivalences. All symbols and ideologies are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean your borders are always a threat.

Apple Factory Abuses Were an NPR job – MediaBias

March 17, 2012

NPR just admitted that the whole story was basically faked.

(This American Life) The response to the original episode, “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory,” was significant. It quickly became the single most popular podcast in This American Life’s history, with 888,000 downloads (typically the number is 750,000) and 206,000 streams to date. After hearing the broadcast, listener Mark Shields started a petition calling for better working conditions for Apple’s Chinese workers, and soon delivered almost a quarter-million signatures to Apple.
The same month the episode aired, The New York Times ran a front-page investigative series about Apple’s overseas manufacturing, and there were news reports about Foxconn workers threatening group suicide in a protest over their treatment.
Faced with all this scrutiny of its manufacturing practices, Apple announced that for the first time it will allow an outside third party to audit working conditions at those factories and – for the first time ever – it released a list of its suppliers.

( really ought to be more of a bombshell story than it has been so far. NPR’s nails-on-a-chalkboard radio magazine “This American Life” in January broadcast a devastating hit piece which exposed Apple as a brutal taskmaster overseeing near-slavery conditions in its Chinese factories. The piece led to innumerable follow-up stories in major media outlets bashing Apple as the new Snidely Whiplash of Capitalism. Liberal Web sites and groups collected signatures for anti-Apple petitions, started Apple boycotts, picketed Apple outlets…

How did Mike Daisey explain his mendacity? With one of the best non-apologies in the history of lying:

(This American Life)“I’m not going to say that I didn’t take a few shortcuts in my passion to be heard,” Daisey tells Schmitz and Glass. “My mistake, the mistake I truly regret, is that I had it on your show as journalism, and it’s not journalism. It’s theater.”

( Mr. Daisey’s explanation of his serial lying — “a few shortcuts in my passion to be heard” — and NPR’s eager willingness to embrace his story, could actually be applied to almost all liberal journalism these days. In fact, that’s what they teach in Journalism School now — “Advocacy Journalism,” in which the narrative (generally a sob story with capitalism as the villain) is more important than hewing to the facts. If the narrative and the facts aren’t aligned — go with the narrative.

The fact that Mr. Daisey tried, and almost succeeded, in taking down a major corporation with a pack of lies, which were then parroted by nearly every leftist in the nation, should be the journalistic scandal of the year.

But who controls the media? The same people who ran with Daisey’s narrative. Expect the story to sink like a stone.

…makes you think about what kind of credible journalism goes into a story about Israel… but the truth about that is out there as well when NPR got caught soliciting money for International News from Jihadist sources

Apple to join Microsoft and Google in setting up Israeli R&D?

February 6, 2012

(Carl) In December, I reported on Apple’s acquisition of Israeli flash memory company Anobit, and how it would likely result in Apple opening up an R&D facility here.
But Intel has been here for 40 years, and Microsoft and Google have also been here for a long time. So what took Apple so long? I’m sure you’ll be shocked (Hat Tip: Israellycool).

The real question: why did it take Apple so long? One suspected cause was the political leanings of Steve Jobs’ wife: firmly in the left-leaning liberal and pro-Palestinian camps. Apple has neglected Israel as a market for its computers for years despite Israel leading the world in per-capita computer use. Apple’s market share in personal computers is much lower in Israel than in the United States or even Europe, and support for Hebrew is not as comprehensive as it is on Windows.

And people always ask me why I don’t consider buying a Mac (it’s also a lot more expensive and that’s another good reason). Read the whole thing

don’t forget that Jobs was Syrian by blood.

BDS Fail: Apple to open development center in Israel

December 16, 2011

Media_httpwwwcscolumb_oylde(h/t @IsraelInUSA) From Globes:

Sources inform “Globes” that Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has decided to open a development center in Israel focusing on semiconductors. The decision was taken even before the company entered into talks to acquire Herzliya-based flash storage solutions provider Anobit Ltd..
Apple has hired Aharon Aharon, a veteran player in Israel’s high tech industry, to lead the new development center.

Although Apple is a global innovation leader, the company is a relatively small investor in R&D. The producer of the iPad and iPhone invested $2.4 billion in R&D in 2010, which was only 2% of its revenue, much less proportionately than other high-tech companies.
Apple’s deployment of R&D activities is in line with this policy and the company has only one technology development center, which is at company headquarters in Cupertino, California. All activities outside of company headquarters revolve around marketing, sales and support. Strategic development is carried out at home. The planned Israel center will therefore be the company’s first such center outside of its California headquarters.

The planned Anobit acquisition is a big deal as well.
Sorry, BDSers, but you have to give away your iPhones and iPads now.

Another quick thought about Steve Jobs… I mean Jobs

October 7, 2011
…maybe cuz Steve Jobs sent all the jobs to China for slave labor to make those iPods that the hipsters wear. I’m upset too about losing an innovator, but he was no friend to America. …and yes I saw the South Park episode too and I get these people who made this little bitmap are making fun of guys like me, but the truth is that so called innovators like Steve did so at the expense of our society. And it isn’t like these guys were just following the system because the tech industry were the libertarian asshats that manipulated our elected representatives to allow this to happen. They didn’t just abuse the American worker… they exploited the slave labor in China and we should keep it in mind as we remember the good things that Jobs and his Tech pals did. These large companies… even the upscale ones had influence over our government and it is time to tell the Tech industry that we as a country will not take their abuse anymore. I know all about isolationism and the Smoot Hawley act, but America is now a consumer society and can afford to buy it’s own products. We have nothing to lose by asking our products to be made in America.

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, says "I meant to type "I reign as CEO of Apple" but autcorrect is a bitch

August 25, 2011
h/t BreakiingNews:
As a preemtive move Apple Corporation is filling Chapter 10 bankruptcy at Delaware district court while shorting its stock.

This message was found from Igor Berger on August 10. Delaware district court while shorting its stock. As the biggest market cap company in the world it is realizing that its snake oil salesmanship of iPhone will not last forever. Be warned and get out of the stock!

then five days later…

(Reuters) – Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs relinquished the reins at Apple Inc to right-hand man Tim Cook on Wednesday, after 14 years in command at a company he brought back from the brink and turned into the world’s largest technology corporation. Jobs, who fought and survived a rare form of pancreatic cancer and revolutionized the technology arena with the iPhone in 2007, is deemed the heart and soul of a company that started in a garage and is today neck-and-neck with Exxon Mobil in the race to become the largest U.S. corporation. Analysts do not expect Jobs’ resignation — which was more a question of when than if — to derail Apple’s fabled product-launch roadmap, including possibly a new iPhone in September a third iteration of the iPad tablet in 2012. But the company’s shares still dived as much as 7 percent in after-hours trade after the industry icon, who has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since January 17, announced he will be replaced by COO and heir apparent Cook.