Egyptian state security headquarters stormed

March 6, 2011
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I don’t think it’s gotten much play outside of Egypt except on Twitter, but hundreds of Egyptians invaded their state security headquarters on Saturday. Despite the fact that reports indicated that the state security was shredding documents for ‘days,’ there were still some juicy finds like the tape pictured above, which is said to be a ‘sex tape’ involving a Kuwaiti princess and an Egyptian businessman.

Egyptian protesters have stormed the headquarters of Egypt’s state security force in Alexandria, with several people suffering injuries in scuffles with riot police.
Around 1,000 people encircled the State Security Agency building late on Friday, demanding that the officers inside come out or they would storm the building.
Protesters then entered into the building and scuffled with riot police before military forces intervened and took control of the building.
Demonstrators said officers inside had been shredding and burning documents that may have proven past abuses.

The activists, who called the protests were demanding the abolition of the state security apparatus and an end to emergency laws.
Egypt’s internal security services and police forces, which were given a free hand to suppress dissent under the rule of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, remain to be a powerful symbol of the former regime.
Activists say security agencies arrested and tortured thousands of activists and killed many during the 30 years Mubarak stayed in power.
Ismael Alexanderani, a journalist and protester at the scene in Alexandria, told Al Jazeera that a minority of protesters were seeking “revenge” against the security forces, as several political activists who were present at the demonstration had been arrested or tortured inside the building earlier.

For those who read Arabic, you can find some of the documents here. The military prevented most of the documents remaining from being removed. If you find anything good, please translate and send it to me.
One of the things that the demonstrators claim to have found is belly-dancing suits. But many of the computers that were found had their hard drives ripped out.
The security services even kept files on the Mubarak’s themselves. But I doubt much will come out about anyone else.

though I have to admit the WikiLeaks will be hard to beat. LOLZ Obama and Clinton