Updated: if #AaronSwartz had gotten older he might of realized that his progressive buds @EFF and MIT were hypocrites

January 17, 2013
Aaron Swartz and Jonathan Pollard. So much in common. Not 100% innocent Jews, but their fate was probably flavored with AntiSemitism.
(Hey Jillian C York… Why didn’t you help me with my legal bills?)

(The father of information activist Aaron Swartz blames US prosecutors for his son’s death)Before his days with Apple, recalled Mr. Swartz, Jobs and his business partner Steve Wozniak “used to criminally defraud the phone company” by selling small “blue box” devices that allowed anyone in the country to conduct long-distance calls for free. Gates’ development of Microsoft’s BASIC, Swartz said, was “sketchy” at best. “These are people who are lionized,” he said, and “treated like idols in our culture.”

And so the conspiracies from Russia will be promoted like 911Truth. It is sad that no one offered to pay this guy’s legal bills when he was alive… now everyone will profit off of his death. The same conspiracy theorists that took advantage of a man of logic when he was alive will continue to spin this to their advantage and blame this on a free nation. It is one thing for a grieving father to defend his child. It is another thing for a news outlet like RT to shamefully report this.

(Our Legal System Didn’t Give Aaron Swartz a Chance) In his book Three Felonies a Day, veteran defense attorney Harvey Silverglate warns that “the trend of ambitious prosecutors exploiting vague federal laws and pursuing criminal charges instead of more appropriate civil actions” makes potential criminals of us all.  Redundant indictments for multiple offenses flowing from a single act — and threats of lengthy, life-destroying sentences — enable prosecutors to extort pleas from innocent or not-terribly-guilty defendants. It is often “nearly impossible for normal, rational, self-interested, calculating people to risk going to trial,” Silverglate observes. Moreover, the minority of people willing to take that risk may be deprived of the means to do so by pretrial orders freezing any assets allegedly generated by their alleged offenses.

Noah: People ask me why I took a guilty plea of misdemeanors when I set out to free information. Here is why. I’m alive. Adam Swartz is dead. I get to write this: Adam trusted in the system and his elitist Boston @EFF pals who did nothing. My mother asked me why I never contacted the ACLU. For a good reason I didn’t. These people are parasites. This Adam guy believed in justice and the system. I guess I’m a cynic… but I didn’t have to kill myself……… if this #hacker #AaronSwartz had gotten older he might of realized that his progressive buds @EFF and MIT were hypocrites. He took the fall for other people’s greed. If academia is funded by totalitarian governments and you are busy destroying the property in a free market then it doesn’t matter how much insider code you have. All the scum on twitter’s first year that were touting the open platform of twitter with RSS were the last people to bitch when the social networks turned into walled archetypes. The elite in these programs depend on the system that they rail against. Progressives are a lot like Muslims. They kill their own more than anyone else.

This weekend the internet mourned the loss of one of its folk heroes. Aaron Swartz, a co-creator of RSS and an early employee of popular link-sharing site Reddit, was found dead in his New York apartment on Friday. The post-Reddit era in Aaron’s life was really his coming of age. His stunts were breathtaking. At one point, he singlehandedly liberated 20 percent of US law. PACER, the system that gives Americans access to their own (public domain) case-law, charged a fee for each such access. After activists built RECAP (which allowed its users to put any caselaw they paid for into a free/public repository), Aaron spent a small fortune fetching a titanic amount of data and putting it into the public domain. The feds hated this. They smeared him, the FBI investigated him, and for a while, it looked like he’d be on the pointy end of some bad legal stuff, but he escaped it all, and emerged triumphant.
He also founded a group called DemandProgress, which used his technological savvy, money and passion to leverage victories in huge public policy fights. DemandProgress’s work was one of the decisive factors in last year’s victory over SOPA/PIPA, and that was only the start of his ambition.

Do a google search for ‘Noah David Simon’ and you can see they did to me what they did to Aaron Swartz. The difference with me is I could see my opposition. This guy was too far on the inside to realize that he was in the lion’s den. His crowd was with people who distributed a lot of Palestine propaganda… against free markets. Though Abbas leader of Fatah appears to claim to be Libertarian, Fatah started as a Socialist movement. You can realize that copyright is obsolete without railing against private property. Free markets recognize there are somethings you can not own. It doesn’t mean the government owns it. I’m sure Aaron’s friends feel they are closer to Libertarians, like Abu Mazen… but that just becomes sustaining an unsustainable system. It’s a lie either way. Socialist or Libertarian… it’s breaking the rules. Anarchy always defaults to tyranny.

If he had been found guilty of the charges, Swartz faced up to 35 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines, although it has emerged that negotiations between his lawyers and prosecutors had included a potential plea bargain of six months in prison. Condemnation of prosecutors over the litigation against Swartz continued on Tuesday. A petition to the Obama administration to remove Ortiz from office reached 28,188 signatures, past the crucial 25,000 signatures needed for a White House response. In July 2011, Ortiz said in a statement about the case: “Stealing is stealing whether you use a computer command or a crowbar, and whether you take documents, data or dollars. It is equally harmful to the victim whether you sell what you have stolen or give it away.” Lawyers for Swartz said that, despite their best efforts, prosecutors had refused to negotiate a plea bargain which did not involve jail time. One also said that MIT refused to agree to a plea bargain in which Swartz did not serve time. Andy Good, Swartz’s initial lawyer, told the Boston Globe that he had warned one prosecutor, Steve Heymann, that his client was a “suicide risk”. Good said: “His reaction was a standard reaction in that office, not unique to Steve. He said: “Fine, we’ll lock him up.” I’m not saying they made Aaron kill himself. Aaron might have done this anyway. I’m saying they were aware of the risk, and they were heedless.” Lawyers for Swartz said they had offered to accept a deferred prosecution or probation, so that if he did it again he would serve time. Marty Weinberg, who took the case over from Good, told the paper he nearly negotiated a plea bargain in which Swartz would not serve any time. He said JSTOR signed off on it, but MIT would not. “There were subsets of the MIT community who were profoundly in support of Aaron,” but that support did not override institutional interests, Weinberg told the Globe. Another of Swartz’s attorneys, Elliot Peters, said on Monday that MIT officials were “very cooperative with prosecutors” during the investigation. “MIT could have handled things differently, rather than inviting law enforcement and turning it into a federal criminal case,” Peters said.

(Anonymous hacks MIT after Aaron Swartz’s suicide | Internet & Media)

  • We call for this tragedy to be a basis for reform of computer crime laws, and the overzealous prosecutors who use them.
  • the extreme measures of the prosecution merely reflect Anonymous and groups like EFF

  • We call for this tragedy to be a basis for reform of copyright and intellectual property law, returning it to the proper principles of common good to the many, rather than private gain to the few.
  • …actually that’s bullshit. Aaron came off looking like a good guy and guys like Noah David Simon (that is me) were libeled as stalkers of women. If anything Aaron realized that he had nothing to live for and it was probably because of this sicko culture he was a part of that encouraged him. He would not of been an insider unless he was mentally ill

  • We call for this tragedy to be a basis for greater recognition of the oppression and injustices heaped daily by certain persons and institutions of authority upon anyone who dares to stand up and be counted for their beliefs, and for greater solidarity and mutual aid in response.
  • try attacking feminism for free expression and see how quickly Anonymous will abandon the martyr

  • We call for this tragedy to be a basis for a renewed and unwavering commitment to a free and unfettered internet, spared from censorship with equality of access and franchise for all.

that includes violent threats… if not then they should support the Jewish Internet Defense Force

(M.I.T.’s president, L. Rafael Reif, said he had appointed a prominent professor, Hal Abelson, to “lead a thorough analysis of M.I.T.’s involvement from the time that we first perceived unusual activity on our network in fall 2010 up to the present.” He promised to disclose the report, adding, “It pains me to think that M.I.T. played any role in a series of events that have ended in tragedy.” )The last post he wrote on that blog, in November, was a detailed analysis of the final installment of the “Batman” series.

The Joker is actually the hero

…only in the movie Aaron. The rules work only within the given system… He had no faith and was stuck within the constructs of logic. No faith, hence the suicide.

Having warned his readers that he was about to reveal the conclusion of the movies, he ended the post by writing:

Thus Master Wayne is left without solutions. Out of options, it’s no wonder the series ends with his staged suicide.”

But Aaron did not fake his suicide. He must of been disappointed by the third movie.


‘Anonymous’ escalates cyber-war against Israel and pro-Israel groups | The Times of Israel

November 16, 2012

(In a widespread effort called #OpIsrael, hackers promised to take down over 40 Israeli government and military websites; AIPAC website briefly downed on Friday afternoon)


As the battle in Gaza grinds on, an unprecedented technological skirmish is taking place in cyberspace. On the Israeli side, the IDF’s Wednesday morning tweet announcing the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense marked the first military declaration of hostilities via Twitter in history.

Now the IDF may be facing an organized response from a group of hackers claiming to be part of the international hacker coalition Anonymous, who published on Thursday their own declaration of cyber-war on Israel and its supporters.
In a press release posted Thursday to an Anonymous-affiliated website, the hackers warned Israel not to shut down Internet in Gaza and to cease its military operations in the coastal strip, which follow a barrage of hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Israel in recent days.
“To the IDF and government of Israel we issue you this warning only once,” read the press release. “Do NOT shut down the Internet into the ‘Occupied Territories’, and cease and desist from your terror upon the innocent people of Palestine or you will know the full and unbridled wrath of Anonymous. And like all the other evil governments that have faced our rage, you will NOT survive it unscathed.”
In a widespread effort called #OpIsrael, Anonymous hackers promised to take down over 40 Israeli government and military websites.

Despite the IDF’s official blog disappearing for a brief moment on Thursday, it appears the effort has fallen flat, with only a handful of small websites, including falcon-s.co.il and advocate-israel.com, suffering real outages.

Shortly after noon on Friday, the group also managed to briefly bring down the website of AIPAC, the influential Washington-based lobby for stronger US-Israel ties, though AIPAC managed to restore the site within the hour.
Anonymous last attacked AIPAC’s website in March, bragging about the feat on Twitter.

Israeli hackers appeared to be returning fire Friday, as the Anonymous Twitter feed reported that an Anonymous-affiliated IRC network (which hosts online chat rooms) ”appears to be under heavy attack by pro-Israeli cyber groups.”

In addition to its attacks on Israel, Anonymous has developed an “Anonymous Gaza Care Package,” a file containing “instructions in Arabic and English that can aid you in the event the Israel government makes good on it’s (sic) threat to attempt to sever your Internet connection.”
The file also contains “useful information on evading IDF surveillance.”

In addition, hackers have worked to provide Gazans with chat rooms and communications channels that are more difficult for Israeli security services to observe. A list of dialup phone connections to European Internet service providers has been published to allow Gazans to access the Internet through regular phone lines in the event that Internet access in the strip is shut down.
While the Anonymous campaign has yet to score meaningful victories, and Israeli hackers appear to be responding vigorously, Anonymous has vowed the campaign will be long and painful.
“For far to (sic) long, Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and watched in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people in the so called ‘Occupied Territories’ by the Israel Defense Force (sic),” it said in the Thursday press release.
“To the people of Gaza and the ‘Occupied Territories’, know that Anonymous stands with you in this fight. … know that tens of thousands of us in Anonymous are with you and working tirelessly around the clock to bring you every aid and assistance that we can.”
AIPAC did not return requests for comment.

Anonymous hacker ‘Sabu’ was an FBI plant for months

March 7, 2012
There are going to need to update that chart

‘There’s a lot of hate being spewed’: hacker ‘Sabu’ was an FBI plant for months

March 7, 2012
Sabu ... hacking ringleader turned FBI informant.
Sabu …
hacking ringleader turned FBI informant.
Jeremy Hammond ... one of five alleged computer hackers charged over high-profile cyberattacks.
Jeremy Hammond
one of five alleged
computer hackers
charged over
Photo: AP

(Reuters via smh.com.au) Even as he urged tens of thousands of Twitter followers to rise up and attack government and law enforcement, the most wanted hacker on the planet was working for the FBI.

New Yorker Hector Xavier Monsegur, 28, was exposed on Tuesday as the person behind Sabu, the colourful leader of Lulz Security, a much-feared and talented offshoot of the cyber-activist group Anonymous.
Better known as LulzSec after its Twitter handle, the gang broke into computers at Sony, an FBI-affiliated non-profit agency in Atlanta, and a string of security companies with federal contracts. The group hacked the websites of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and Fox broadcasting, battered Arab government websites in support of regional uprisings, and for a time took requests from the public for targets.
Many hackers were stunned when they learned that Sabu had been arrested, given his technological skills and role as Lulz’ de facto chief of security.
But details from court filings revealed something far more spectacular – he had been cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation since June 7.
“Anyone who trusted Sabu is going to be in a panic right now,” said Jennifer Emick, a former Anonymous activist who began working against it when it started attacking the US government. “Hard drives are being deleted.”
Jake Davis, accused of being “Topiary”, the most public face of Lulz, had been seized in late July, one of several arrests in Britain that followed Sabu’s first encounter with the police.
Online chat rooms favoured by Anonymous filled on Tuesday with bile and worry about who would be next. One member warned that Monsegur had better have good FBI bodyguards.
“There’s some paranoia. There’s a lot of hate being spewed,” said Gregg Housh, a leader of Anonymous in its less criminal days and a regular correspondent of Sabu’s.
Secret hearing
Monsegur was born in New York, attended college and worked at various technology jobs. He displayed a rare combination of hacking talent, working-class sensibility and political conviction. In chats and internet posts that gave Lulz unprecedented reach and popularity, he often seemed angry while Topiary was funny and irreverent.
In an interview with New Scientist, he said his first hacking for a cause was more than a decade ago when he interfered with communications during controversial US Navy bombing exercises in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
He lived in a 14-story brick housing project overlooking the FDR Drive on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Neighbour Victor McCarty, 47, said Monsegur “never really came out of the building much. He always said he was busy on the computer”.
On Tuesday, no one came to the apartment door, which was decorated with a faded sticker of the American flag.
Monsegur’s anti-government hacking accelerated as federal investigators closed in. His tone became even more vitriolic after he was apprehended, possibly because the FBI wanted to flush out the most strident of his peers.
Monsegur was arrested in June on credit card fraud charges after Facebook was served with a warrant and turned over messages he had sent via the online social network.
He agreed to cooperate and secretly pleaded guilty on August 15 to some of the most serious Lulz crimes in exchange for the FBI seeking leniency for Monsegur at his sentencing, according to records unsealed on Tuesday.
Who’s next?
US prosecutors and the FBI announced charges against five other men on Tuesday: one in Chicago, two in Britain and two in Ireland.
“What this case shows is that the FBI is getting very effective in going after these groups,” said Jerry Dixon, a former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division and director of analysis at Team Cymru, a cyber security research group.
“They are able to get members to turn in the others and peel back the onion and ferret out many more of the members.”
So much hacking occurred with Sabu’s encouragement after his arrest that the case has raised questions about what the government allowed in the interests of the investigation. An FBI spokeswoman declined to address the issue.
Monsegur’s name had been circulating for months among security professionals and investigators.
Before his arrest, Sabu fretted in private chats that he would be tracked through a combination of his actions, nicknames and other digital crumbs he had left behind.
He urged colleagues to be careful and to wipe their computers and computers they hacked.
“There are many things hackers can do to hide their tracks, but they can rarely do everything,” said Mark Rasch, a former cyber crimes prosecutor with the US Justice Department now with CSC.
Lulz officially disbanded last year, merging back into Anonymous and Antisec, a loose affiliation of hackers targeting law enforcement and “white hat” security companies.
Anonymous veterans said they did not believe that Sabu’s arrest and betrayal of his fellow hackers would end Antisec’s activities.
“This is going to prompt a major response,” said Barrett Brown, a past Anonymous spokesman who knew Monsegur and was interviewed by the FBI during a search on Tuesday.
The response on the internet raged all day. “Last thing to say about Sabu, he’s a traitor, a coward and a fiend,” one tweet said. “And unless he shows regret I will not feel bad if anything happens to him.”

Anonymous threatens AIPAC

March 7, 2012
(Carl) The hackers’ group Anonymous is threatening AIPAC.
Let’s go to the videotape.
I hope AIPAC has Israeli security on their computers. It’s the best that’s available.

Media_httpuploadwikim_aheoi…I’m so confused with Anonymous. some of their videos are Pro Israel and Muslim Brotherhood sites were shut down by Anonymous.  It is very obvious that the media and blogosphere needs to be very careful in accusing the hacker group of some kind of centralized command. Anonymous has no leader… and because of this… it can be co-opted by a hateful element.

Stratfor Files Discuss Israeli Commandos Destroying Iran Nuclear Facility | Wikileak

March 6, 2012
(Anonymous Conceptual Graph of Power)
…conjecture at best…

(1Jerusalem) Last December, the global intelligence company , referred to as Stratfor, was hacked by members of the . Among the files gathered were a very large number of internal emails, showing how the private intelligence gathering company conducted its business around the world, and include a lot of revelations that are only now becoming public. One such email for example hints at the fact that Israeli commandos and Kurdish fighters may have destroyed an Iran nuclear facility. If true, this could have wide repercussions in the middle east.
The email is just one of five millions that the firm sent and that was hacked in the December attack. In it, Stratfor analysts apparently obtained information that would indicate an Israeli commando wiped out an Iranian nuclear facility. Some of the company staff discuss how likely that is, and come to the conclusion that it could be true if the Israeli forces cooperated with Kurdish fighters. The explosion at the Iranian facility was seen as possibly being caused by such an attack: “[He] was asked what he thought of reports that the Israelis were preparing a military offensive against Iran. Response: I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago.” Thanks to the series of emails that followed, the company comes to the conclusion that it may well have happened the way their informant says it did.
But this is just one of many revelations that are already starting to come out from these massive files. In its press release, portrayed Stratfor as a private intelligence agency, a shadow CIA bribing people to obtain their intelligence through a series of hidden Swiss bank accounts, working with large corporations, executives, government agencies and the military to get the best intelligence they could through money exchanges or extortion, and then turning this into a money making business. Their latest fund StratCap aims at profiting financially from getting this early access to facts and rumors from around the world. Meanwhile, a select few individuals and corporations are allowed to pay the company to get early access to this information.
Meanwhile, Stratfor has posted a statement on its web site, saying the hack and subsequent release of private emails is a deplorable and illegal act, something they did not authorize, and warn that some of the emails may be altered or faked. They claim that their internal systems are now more secure and that such a hacking attempt would not happen again. Still, there’s no doubt that the emails released will more than likely bring us more facts about powerful world figures in the weeks to come.

Brotherhood sites hacked and shut down by Anonymous group

November 12, 2011

(h/t Bat Zion) (english.ahram.org.eg) The Muslim Brotherhood websites were attacked yesterday by hackers claiming to be from the “Anonymous” international hacking group.
The hacking group had made an announcement Tuesday in which they threatened to launch “Operation Brotherhood Takedown,” on all Brotherhood sites at 8pm on Friday, 11 November.
Media_httpuploadwikim_aheoiThe Brotherhood claimed in a statement released on Saturday morning that the attacks were coming from Germany, France, Slovakia and San Francisco in the US, with 2000-6000 hits per second.
According to the MB, the attacks began at 6pm on Friday with the worst assault against the group’s official website, Ikhwanonline, with 120 thousand hits per second.
The hackers later escalated their attack on the site to 380 thousand hits per second.
Under the overload, four of the group’s websites were forced down temporarily.
Anonymous is made up of a group of unidentified hackers who have previously attacked Israeli, Russian and NATO sites.

Real Equal Opportunity Terrorist Anarchists would shoot themselves in the head. I have yet to see anything constructive that these guys have done. When will they actually build something as opposed to make the world wish they were still writing everything by hand? This was a public relations move after they attacked Israel. It was a sign of equivalences. Israel is not the Muslim Brotherhood. The next group to laugh like Nelson from the Simpsons when Anonymous hacks some entity will be the next victim. These guys need to be stopped. They obviously are growing because people think they are heroes. By attacking both the Jews and the Muslim Brotherhood they are showing signs to the public that they think they are superior to the rest of us. Who made them King of the Apes? They did. Anonymous really seems to think their shit smells better then the rest of us because they don’t take a side and attacked all parties. It is regretful that they are now attacking terrorist groups. For one thing online activity makes it easier to monitor the Muslims. For another thing the Brotherhood will retaliate by claiming to have found Anonymous members and probably merely only have some kid with a Western haircut and an iPad. If you know so much about networks… do something constructive with the knowledge.