Anne Frank And Her Family Were Refused Entry Into The US

June 6, 2012

Research shows that U.S. diplomat James G. McDonald turned sharply against the Roosevelt administration in 1943-1944, over FDR’s failure to respond to the Holocaust,

(Daled Amos)They Spoke Out: American Voices Against The Holocaust is a project of Disney Educational Productions that chronicles the stories of Americans who rose to the challenge to rescue Jews from the Holocaust in Europe. It features the collaboration of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, and Batman artist Neal Adams.

One episode in the series, Walls of Paper, recounts the doomed attempt by Anne Frank and her family to get permission to enter the US:

Researchers recently discovered that before Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in the infamous attic in Amsterdam, the Franks sought permission to immigrate to America. “Walls of Paper” follows the desperate attempts by Anne’s parents to overcome the harsh bureaucratic obstacles set up by the Roosevelt administration to discourage foreigners from coming to the United States. This episode sheds light on a deeply divided America, where former First Lady Grace Coolidge and other humanitarians lobbied for legislation to grant haven to German Jewish refugee children such as Anne, while opponents of immigration preyed on the public’s fears and prejudice in order to keep America’s doors closed.

The video currently is not embeddable, but you can view Walls of Paper online here.
Though this episode does tell the inspiring story of those who attempted to help the Frank family, their failure does not say much for the Roosevelt administration and politicians who doomed the Jews of Europe to their fate.

Democrats didn’t know the difference between political refuge and immigration… still don’t


Iran, Germany businessmen keen to expand trade ties

November 2, 2011

We wonder why Anne Frank’s name has been used to promote terrorism,,, well this is why.

(JPost) Germany’s annual business with Iran hovers each year around 4 billion euros. During the first half of 2011, German imports of Iranian goods increased to 453 million euros, from 382 million euros in the same period a year earlier. Also during the first six months of 2011, German consumption of Iranian gas and oil rose to 280 million euros, from 197 million euros in the first half of 2010.

The conference’s political goals were ambitious, largely because the Merkel administration and Germany’s business class have fought tooth-and-nail to oppose robust EU and US sanctions clamping down on trade relations with the Islamic Republic.
The Federal Republic, which is Iran’s largest EU trade partner, permits Iran’s main foreign militia and political proxy, the Lebanese group Hezbollah, to operate in its backyard. According to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, there are an estimated 900 active members of Hezbollah in the Federal Republic and the radical Islamic political party remains a legal entity.

(Trend) Iran’s deputy minister of economic affairs and finance says Iranian and German businessmen are eager to expand trade in all areas, Press TV reported.
Mohammad-Reza Farzin made the remarks on the sidelines of meetings with Iranian and German businessmen in Berlin, IRNA reported on Friday.
He noted that Germany is the biggest trade partner of the Islamic Republic in Europe, and expressed hope that the volume of bilateral trade would increase in all spheres.
He went on to say that the Islamic Republic has always been a good economic partner for Germany despite the European financial and economic crisis.
Trade between Iran and Germany witnessed considerable growth throughout 2010 despite the sanctions imposed on Tehran over its nuclear program.
Around 50 German companies have branches in Iran and over 12,000 German companies have trade representatives in the country.
Crude oil and natural gas account for the lion’s share of Germany’s imports from Iran, while Iran’s main imports from Germany are metals, chemicals, and industrial equipment.
On Monday, the chairman of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, Mohammad Nahavandian, said that despite all the political barriers, the European Union is still Iran’s biggest trade partner in the world.
Eurostat, the European Union statistical office, announced in its October report that Iran’s exports to the 27-member EU increased 6.4 percent in the first five months of 2011 compared to the same period last year.
The report added that Iran’s exports to the EU exceeded five billion euros from January to May 2011, although imports from EU states have fallen around seven percent to 4.1 billion euros during the five-month period.

German program uses Shoah funds to play down Holocaust

October 14, 2011

BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT 10/14/2011 (h/t Docs Talk) School program is vehemently anti-Israel, NGO Monitor says; main focus was devoted to alleging Israeli violations and immorality.

BERLIN – The German Holocaust Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future (EVZ)” has used public monies to finance a second anti-Israel high school program that includes elements of Holocaust denial, according to a new report issued on Friday by the Jerusalem-based watchdog organization NGO Monitor.
The new revelations add to the bombshell disclosure in late September that EVZ provided 21,590 euros to a dubious 2010-11 student exchange program between an east German high school (Gerhart Hauptmann) and an Israeli- Arab school in Nazareth (Masar Institute for Education) to produce brochures delegitimizing Israel’s existence. The brochure compared Israel to the former communist East German state and depicted Jewish pupils in distorted and biased terms.

The Jerusalem-based watchdog organization NGO Monitor issued to The Jerusalem Post in early October an eye-popping report about a second EVZ-funded school program in which Holocaust funds were ostensibly misappropriated to finance playing down the severity of the Holocaust and promoting hatred of Israel.
According to the report, between March-July 2011, EVZ contributed funds to a partner agency for a program titled “Human Rights – Rights of Occupation,” with the German (Anne Frank School in Gütersloh) and Palestinian (School of Hope in Ramallah) students.
The NGO Monitor document notes that “while Palestinian participants questioned “whether the Holocaust had really happened to that extent,” the main focus was devoted to alleging Israeli violations and immorality, not on Holocaust education.
In July 2011, the Anne Frank School hosted Hajo Meyer, a Holocaust survivor and anti- Israel activist. In his presentation, Meyer referred to the “criminal State of Israel.” He also “wanted to express that many Jews today feel that no one else suffered like them during the Holocaust, which makes them blind for the suffering of the Palestinians under the occupation.”
Meyer, who lives in Holland, argued that “the earliest cause for anti-Semitism is situated in Jewry.”
The prominent German-Jewish journalist, Henryk M. Broder, has slammed Meyer as an “expert on applied Judeophobia” who traffics in the “brown filth”of the Nazi era.
The head of NGO Monitor, Prof. Gerald Steinberg, told the Post that “the latest revelations about the Remembrance Responsibility Future Foundation are morally shocking and unacceptable. Instead of teaching young Palestinians who are taught to question whether the Holocaust ever happened, the Foundation has created programs that exploit this tragedy as part of the demonization of Israel. The role of Hajo Meyer, an elderly Holocaust survivor, in this effort adds to the moral abuse.”
Steinberg continued: “To say that this contributes to delegitimization of Israel and modern anti-Semitism understates the case. Instead of using the funding to educate about and compensate victims of the Holocaust, the EVZ sponsors programs for German students that reflect the political war against Israel, and greatly distort the Arab-Israeli conflict. German foundations and their officials have a particular obligation to be sensitive to such unacceptable activities.”
According to the website of the German school – named after German-Jewish teenager Anne Frank who was murdered in Auschwitz – from her name a program has been established as a “point of reference for value assessments.”
Post phone and e-mail queries seeking a comment from Gunnar Weykam, a teacher at the school who runs the exchange program, were not answered as to why the school participates in anti- Israel activities and permits the Holocaust to be downplayed. Weykam coordinates the school’s “Palestine Project.”
Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s legal advisor, told the Post: “This program needs much more than changes and evaluation. EVZ must shut down immediately, and only begin again once the entire program, committee members, and staff has been entirely revamped.”
She added that “The German government not only has failed to compensate Holocaust victims – but by its onesided and obsessive focus on alleged Israeli ‘sins,’ it seems that the money has been used to minimize the Jewish experience, while at the same time heightening the inflammatory rhetoric and tension surrounding the conflict.”
Katja Wegner, a spokeswoman for the EVZ, told the Post, that EVZ doled out 17,100 euros for the program, which the Anne Frank school took part in. In a statement issued to the Post, EVZ defended the Anne Frank school exchange program, saying it contributes to a “different perception of Jews through Palestinians” and combats “anti- Semitism and hostility toward Israel.”
Jewish NGOs and academic experts on anti-Semitism in Germany accuse the EVZ with stoking hatred of the Jewish state and ignoring modern expressions of anti-Semitism in Germany.
The EVZ was founded in 2000 with a contribution of 5.2 billion euros by the Federal German government and German industry to compensate former slave and forced laborers during the Nazi period.
NGO Monitor cited in its report on the pro-Palestinian activities of the Anne Frank school that “as part of this program, the German students concentrated ‘on article 17 of the UN Human Rights Charter of 1948, in which the right to ‘own property by yourself as well as together with others’ was established. The German students have discovered and documented through conversations with victims, lawyers, human-rights workers and peace activists, whether, that and how the State of Israel violates this right.”
According to NGO Monitor: “During an August 2011 meeting with the mayor of Gütersloh, the students ‘discussed the question what our responsibility for the German past means and if it doesn’t implicate that we need to criticize all human rights violations, no matter who commits them.”
The German students met with Farida Amad in April 2011, during a visit to the “women’s society Inash-Il- Osra” in Al-Bireh. Amad said “Maybe we can’t liberate Palestine in 50, 80 or 100 years, but I’m 100 percent convinced that there will be a time when we get it back,” noted the NGO Monitor report.
Multiple e-mails and phone queries to Volker Beck, a Green Party deputy who sits on the EVZ Board of Trustees and frequently issues statements about countering anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel, were not returned in connection with financial mismanagement at EVZ.

Darkest Anti Semitism in Holland

October 12, 2010

I remember spending time in the mid-1970s with the late Meyer Levin in his home in Israel; we spent hours walking on the beach as he tried to persuade me that Broadway Jewish communists (Lillian Hellman in particular) had colluded with Otto Frank, Anne’s father, to ditch Levin’s screenplay about Frank and to present a far more “universal” and less specifically Jewish Anne. Hellman and others succeeded. More, they also managed to persuade Hollywood and Broadway to focus on Anne’s “optimism,” and to bypass her growing sense of the unfolding tragedy. Levin himself became obsessed with this “whitewashing” of the Holocaust through this use of Anne Frank. I believed him. Most others did not. I am afraid that he died a bitter and heartbroken man. Not until 1997 did Cynthia Ozick finally set the record straight in the pages of The New Yorker. She, too, found that Levin was telling the truth. Author Abigail R. Esman would have believed Levin. She would actually have a thing or two more to tell him. An expatriate Jewish-American, Abigail R. Esman, has written an important and powerful new book, Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West. It is set in Holland, where she has now lived for the last twenty years.


Prof. Phyllis Chesler
Prof. Phyllis Chesler is the author of fifteen books, including Women and Madness (Doubleday, 1972), The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005) and most recently, The New Anti-Semitism. She is the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women’s Health Network.
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Leftist Propaganda Brain Washed Generations. Even Anne Frank’s story was lost

Anne Frank: Mocked in a Sea of Antisemitism on Facebook – Jewish Internet Defense Force

February 13, 2010

I’ve had 9 profiles taken down for what I’ve expressed with my graffitiwall drawings. facebook is arbitrary and they know it. they took down the Jewish Internet Defense Force account on the premise that they suspected it was a fake account. why don’t they card Anne Frank here like they carded David Appletree?

not only did facebook not delete the profile, but they made a fanpage

Anne Frank Hide and Seek World Champion