Ann Coulter lacks objectivity

February 2, 2012

Media_httpuploadwikim_iycmc(Mad Jewess) Ann Coulter wrote an article today called “Three Cheers for RomneyCare”  NO SHIT. In October Ann Coulter trashed Romneycare.  Does this WACKJOB need some hormones?! She will also defend raising the minimum wage in another article @ Townhall. Last week Coulter was attacking the tea party. Insinuating they are racist.  Even my friend who is from Boston likes Romney, but says that “Romney care” is a DISASTER.

Priorities here: she hates liberal men (Jewish establishment educated types in her tiny little stereotypical frame of reference). The people she knows in the media who she resents is probably greater in her mind then the philosophy she thinks she espouses. Her politics is personal. She might be right wing, but she appears to be a penis biter like all the other women in the media. Her fangs are out for Gingrich because in her tiny little head she thinks he was unfair to his wife… (how would she know his marriage?) …but this is how the feminists… on the LEFT and RIGHT meet. Economics don’t matter when it comes to sticking it to the man. Bitter women… they are all around us.


Coulter: If Romney wins the nomination, we lose to Obama

December 9, 2011

(h/t the right scoop)Oh yeah that’s vintage Coulter. You know, back when she really wanted Chris Christie, back in February of this year?

NEWTer Coulter already.

Henry Rollins Vs. Anne Coulter

October 4, 2011
btw… don’t agree with either public figure… more on Henry’s side…. though I agree with a lot of what Anne says… I think she might be more liberal then she lets on…. example… endorsing Chris Christie is a sign that she is not that paranoid of Islam. I sense that Anne is a bit jaded and angry at what she would call the liberal men she grew up with.