Meet Andy Khouri, a showbiz writing variant on Edward Said

March 3, 2011

Andy Khouri Jihad Enabler Center via

People with long memories may recall the case of the late Edward Said, a Columbia University professor and contributor to The Nation, not to mention an anti-Israelist, whom Prof. Justus Weiner discovered a decade ago had faked his autobiographies. Said was an Arab of Christian faith, and sadly, left-wing faith, who took the side of the Islamic entity that wants to destroy Israel and refused to recognize the Jewish inheritance of the Land of Israel.
I thought about this while looking at the works of a writer for the AOL-owned Comics Alliance named Andy Khouri, who wrote an obnoxious, unhinged rant a few months ago where he seethed with rage he probably won’t admit that people like me and Warner Todd Huston would ever dare criticize his favorite other religion (which he rather predictably confuses with race) when DC Comics and British writer David Hine did their propaganda stunt in Batman, and this week has written another entry for them where he talks about a podcast they have of an interview one of their writers did with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. His current blather is actually amusing in a sense, since it’s fairly erratic as his seething apparently got the better of him.

another hipster asshole.