Islam versus Europe: Richard Millet Forced to Quit Top Post Over Breivik Essay

September 15, 2012

French writer Richard Millet, who caused an uproar late August for praising Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik in a pamphlet, has had to step down from a top position with France’s prestigious publisher Gallimard, though he remains on the payroll.
A writer who argued in an essay that Norway deserved mass-killer Anders Breivik has been forced to step down from a prestigious role with top French publishers Gallimard.
Richard Millet remains a Gallimard employee, the company stressed Friday, but he will no longer sit on its committee of readers, which helps select books for publication and shapes the output of established writers.
Millet will continue to look after the writers he handled for the publishers, Gallimard said.
It remains to be seen how many of them will want to continue to be associated with him following an outcry over a publication branded “fascist” by a group of 120 writers this week.
Antoine Gallimard, chief executive of the publisher, had written to Millet to express his shock at the end of August, soon after the pamphlet “In Literary Praise of Anders Breivik” was published.
On Monday, Gallimard wrote to the writer once more to remind him that “as a member of the committee of readers, he represents the (publishing) house.”
Millet’s position had been made untenable and he duly announced his resignation from the reading committee late on Thursday.
The writer insists he does not approve of Breivik’s crimes but wrote approvingly of the Norwegian’s 1,500-page online manifesto which outlines his hatred for social democracy, immigration and multiculturalism.
“Breivik is without doubt what Norway deserves,” Millet wrote, arguing that the killer was as much a child of a broken family as he was the product of an ideological-racial divide caused by immigration from outside Europe.
A prolific novelist and essayist, Millet has been the editor of two winners of France’s literary prize, the Goncourt — Jonathan Littel (2006) and last year’s winner Alexis Jenni.
Despite a traditional reluctance in France’s literary world to do anything which could be seen as restricting the freedom of speech, several Gallimard writers had urged the publisher to distance itself from Millet.
In an article for Le Monde this week, to which 120 writers put their names, novelist Annie Ernaux desribed the essay as a “fascist pamphlet that is a disgrace to literature.”

Mohammad’s 1984



June 21, 2012
.They got a taste of their own violence…


Fatah Youth, the Fatah/PLO
terrorist group’s youth movement
had its own presence at the camp
for the last 15 years, says the Palestinia

(what?) The only Norwegian Jew deported in 1942 to remain alive, Samuel Steinmann, states the proposal by the chairman of the board of the White Buses, Rune Gerhardsen , over tours to Utøya is a demotion of the Holocaust.
On Wednesday, Gerhardsen told Dagsavisen of his wish to arrange tours to Utøya under the auspices of the White Buses . These tours may make Norwegian youth understand the continuity of Adolf Hitler’s thoughts, via for instance the Srebrenica massacres, to the thoughts of Anders Behring Breivik, Gerhardsen said.
The only Norwegian Jew still alive of those deported in 1942 is displeased with Gerhardsen’s initiative.
“I feel like this is a demotion of the Holocaust’s gravity”, Steinmann says to the Dagen newspaper.
“The concentration camps and Utøya are objects that are very far removed from each other. One is about the persecution of Jews, the other about being purely a terrorist incident”.
Guri Hjeltnes, the director of the Holocaust center for the study of the Holocaust and minorities, on her hand holds the opinion Gerhardsen’s idea is a good one.
“These are exciting thoughts; I will praise the board over their initiative. Then we can rather discuss what places should be visited”, Hjeltnes says.
The White Bus foundation was established in 1992. The foundation arranges tours for students to the Nazi’s KZ camps, in order to increase the fund of knowledge over human rights and encourage students to display personal responsibility. The foundation has taken its name from the white buses employed to repatriate survivors post WW2. Norway cannot discern the moral difference between genocide by society and the act of one depraved person against society

Mass. Student Defends Norwegian Massacre Suspect

April 21, 2012

(Libra Bunda)WORCESTER TELEGRAM GAZETTE: BOSTON — A senior at a Roman Catholic college in Massachusetts who has written letters of support to a Norwegian mass murder suspect will not be on campus “for the foreseeable future,” according to school officials.
Officials at Assumption College in Worcester wouldn’t say Friday whether student Kevin Forts would graduate in May. Renee Buisson, the school’s public affairs director, released a statement saying that Forts has a right to express personal opinions as a U.S. citizen, but that his conduct was “under administrative review.”
The review includes the English major’s comments to a Norwegian news outlet in support of Anders Breivik, as well as an arrest for an alleged assault on campus this year.
Breivik is standing trial in Norway in a shooting and bombing massacre in July that killed 77 people, including children. He confessed but rejects guilt by claiming he was trying to protect Norway and Europe by targeting political forces he says opened the country to immigration. He has said an anti-Muslim network he is part of will lead a revolt with the aim of deporting Muslims.
An English-language video interview on the website of VG Nett shows Forts defending Breivik’s actions. Forts called the deaths of the children “a necessary political sacrifice that is not necessary again.” Forts said people need to look at Breivik’s political platform, “rather than his atrocious actions.”
The student also called Breivik a patriot whose act “demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience.” » | The Associated Press | Friday, April 20, 2012

I don’t agree, but if we are going to shake hands with terrorists like the Palestinians then shouldn’t we be consistent? What makes Breivik different?

Slaughterhouse-Five: soft pornography, says professor Scroggins

August 11, 2011
A Vonnegut library offers banned book to students says Reuters. Up to 150 students at a Missouri high school that ordered “Slaughterhouse-Five” (the book was pulled from its library shelves), can get a free copy of the novel, courtesy of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, library officials said on Thursday. The Republic School District took the move at its April 18 meeting following a complaint lodged by local resident Wesley Scroggins in the spring of 2010.  According to this AP article, Mr Scroggins is “A Missouri State University professor who home-schools his children and petitioned successfully to ban the books.” Why a person who home-schools his children gets a say in the question of what books the school students can or cannot read, is ridiculous. The irony here is how useful a tool the book is today to justify a military venture and I’m sure this right wing home schooling fellow felt threatened by criticism of our military. If one has a historic reference where “Disproportionate Retaliation” was used against the NAZIS, then it could be ironically used to justify an attack in Afghanistan or Gaza. Censorship is a very poor response to ideas. For example when that fellow Anders in Norway went ballistic and people reminded me there were children in the Pro Gaza camp and that they were slaughtered, I said I was indifferent because I knew that civilians and children were victims in WWII in Nazi Germany as well.  The reason I knew this is that I had read Slaughterhouse Five.  I hope the so called LIBERALS in Washington State (home to facebook) are paying attention.  More on Mr Scroggins’ censorship here and here and here and here too and um here is the Neo Con Jew blog I found out about this at.

Breivik Unlikely to be Declared Insane

August 1, 2011
Palestinske flagg og palestinaskjerf har preget AUFs sommerleir. Det samme har dessverre forverringen av situasjonen i Gaza og Libanon. Foto: ASKILL HALSEOften when people create fabrications they start believing it themselves. Somewhere in Ander’s subconscious was a fear of others… to get rid of others he was willing to work with the others. None of it makes sense to you and me… but Anders convinced himself of his own fabrication. Was he evil? yes! Should he be punished? yes! Is he crazy… yes! Did the people who were his victims have it coming? yes!
(’s unlikely that the Anders Behring Breivik, who committed the massacre in Norway on July 22, will be declared legally insane, the head of the panel that will review his psychiatric evaluation told The Associated Press on Sunday. According to Dr. Tarjei Rygnestad, who heads the Norwegian Board of Forensic Medicine, the attacks were so carefully planned and executed that it would be difficult to argue they were the work of a delusional madman.
so crazy people can not plan things out? This conjecture on labeling the act of terrorism is silly and is merely the powers that be attempting to pass blame. The Left screaming that the guy was a Zionist… the media pushing that he was a Christian, while Anders’ own manifesto said he wanted to work with Muslims to attack his own people. Now the very nature of terrorism is on trial. Is it crazy? Does it matter? Only to people who have a dog in the fight. Is terrorism merely an illness caused by others?  If this had happened in Israel… then I’m sure the Norwegians would say he was crazy and needed help.

#Utoya camp supported Fatah Terrorists. #Norway #Oslo #Fatah

July 30, 2011

Statsministeren kommer neppe til å mangle t-skjorter i sommer. Han fikk denne fra Fatah Youths Hassan Faraj og dessuten en fra Oslo AUF med påskriften "Free Palestine". Foto: ASKILL HALSE
…Norwegian Prime Minister gets a T-Shirt from the Fatah Youth Hassan Faraj and also one from Oslo AUF with the inscription “Free Palestine” …They got a taste of their own violence…


Palestinske flagg og palestinaskjerf har preget AUFs sommerleir. Det samme har dessverre forverringen av situasjonen i Gaza og Libanon. Foto: ASKILL HALSE
Gry Larsen via

Jens Stoltenberg cheering when he arrives at Utøya and the decision for more money to Palestine.

Here is a press release
in Norwegian
from the Utoya camp
before the shooting.
translated from
Bli Palestina Jens

Palestinian flags and Palestinian scarves marked the Labour Youth League summer camp. Before Anders Behring Breivik arrived on the scene there were violent terrorists glamorized

Stoltenberg used his speech to announce that the government has best provide another 100 million in aid to Palestine. 63 million will go through the UN, the rest through the Red Cross and other volunteer organizations….Stoltenberg also pointed out that Norway has gone further than other countries in allowing Hamas to have contact with Norwegian officials, and emphasized that the criticism against Israel weakened if they don’t set clear requirements for both parties. There he [Stoltenberg] greeted the international guests and got a t-shirt with “Tear down the wall” by Hassan Faraj from the Fatah Youth. Even if Fatah and Hamas are political rivals, [Stoltenberg] believes that Norway should provide support for the new Palestinian government. Palestine had democratic elections[????]. …and there are normal political parties in Palestine that are a resistance against occupation, said Faraj to Adresseavisen. Faraj appreciates the financial aid, and believes the Norwegian policy towards Palestine is to some extent positive. We feel that Sweden and Norway will help us more than other European countries, said Faraj.

Questioning if the Norwegian Labour Party was in Bed With the KGB is pointless, when Norway is in bed with the jihad.

Norway also funds Pal TV:

Swedish media at Juniper in the Desert

Time for Norwegians to learn a lesson?

July 30, 2011
Palestinske flagg og palestinaskjerf har preget AUFs sommerleir. Det samme har dessverre forverringen av situasjonen i Gaza og Libanon. Foto: ASKILL HALSE

Norwegian ambassador to Israel Svein Sevje told Maariv this week that ‘Palestinian terrorism’ against Israel is more justified than terrorism against Norwegians. Perhaps it’s time for Norwegians to wake up and smell the coffee? (h/t Israel Matzav) There are many Norwegians who not only justify terrorist attacks against Israel, but praise them, support them, help finance them, and legitimate them.

Utoya camp supported Fatah Terrorists.