Irish buffoon Using Winehouse to slam Israel

August 2, 2011
Amy Winehouse - Reuters - Because Israelis “are never told ‘no,’ they are like spoilt brats who slap someone and then get away with it, so next time they punch them, and get away with it, but punching is no longer ‘fun,’ it’s time to escalate, next time they shoot someone, just because they can. It’s fun to be this powerful, almost like God.”
“But, guess what? Israel is not ‘God’ and ultimately what killed Amy Winehouse will also kill off Israel as well. All we have to do is wait, and just keep on chip, chip, chipping away at the out of control, over excessive, over indulgent, spoilt brat killer bully that we now know as Israel.” via
Wow… I had no idea that Amy was like that… but seriously… as far as being drug addled. Perhaps this Irish bloke should take a look at Israel’s neighbors. Take a look at the Heroin problem in the Muslim world, but it is like the left trying to bring analysis of that Anders fellow (read the posts I wrote on him). There really is no where to go thinking about what they are talking about. It is complete nonsense.

British singer Amy Winehouse found dead

July 23, 2011
…and no one is shocked. Another Jewish sister… dead. but hey the feminists should be happy… she was independent… she had a career. why was she not happy? she needed a husband… but of course the liberals will just say it was just a drug problem…. but how did that happen? Why must the mainstream always say the pain ended with her drugs? What led her to the drugs?

Amy Winehouse

April 29, 2011

Devora Myers has a piece on Amy Winehouse in The Tablet entitled ‘Hot Mess’.

An excerpt:

…Winehouse wasn’t always the bad girl we see warbling, drunk and off key, during live performances. She was once a freshly scrubbed Jewish teen from Northeast London. Back when she recorded her first album, Frank, at 19, she was curvier and wore her long dark hair in loose waves instead of a mammoth beehive. On that album’s cover she is smiling with a full set of teeth, wearing a pink shirt that could’ve easily been pulled from the racks of Topshop. There’s nary a tattoo in sight. True, she had been kicked out of a prestigious stage school for getting her nose pierced, but that’s hardly scaling the mountain of teenage rebellion.
Winehouse’s musical tastes were informed by her family. Her parents and her paternal grandmother, Cynthia, who once dated the legendary musician Ronnie Scott, raised her on a steady diet of jazz greats and soul singers from Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald to Dinah Washington. She seems genuinely close with her father, Mitch Winehouse—the one man in Amy’s life who has lived up to the ideal man she sings about in “Stronger Than Me.” The elder Winehouse has stood by his daughter throughout ordeals with drugs and alcohol and ably manages her finances and career. He even tried to play the guilt card on her by faking a heart attack in order to force her to confront her drug-abuse problems. “I was at me wits end. I just didn’t know which way to turn. I’d tried everything,” he told the Daily Mirror. “Once I even started screaming said I was having a heart attack, but it didn’t work. Amy’s not stupid and she wanted to see my medical records proving I was actually ill.” Another Jewish father might boast about how his son got into Harvard; Mitch Winehouse talks about he couldn’t fool his addict daughter into believing he was having real chest pains. (Such nachas.)

Hot indeed.

Obviously a victim of the self hate that British Jews feel.  She has no love for herself.  If she were so smart then she would not punish herself. Most of the world does not care if a Jewish sister lives or dies… perhaps if she realized how little empathy she got for her breakdown, then she would see how she hurt her family who loves her in ways you can not love an art form.