Associated Press Analysis by AP Israel Watch

October 12, 2010
Amy Teibel:

It would be fun to catalog the terms of abuse & lies she has about Israelis she dislikes. Ready? (Italics by us, for emphasis on the main distortions.) [plus some clarifications]

  • nationalists [only a crime in Israel, in her eyes]
  • defensive [not Amy]
  • siege mentality [never mind that Israel and Jews ARE under siege]
  • hard-line pressure [the old stereotype about any Israeli leader with a backbone]
  • atmosphere of polarization [they, not Amy; Amy is Mrs. Tolerance herself]
  • criticism is being muzzled [no, it is not; in Gaza and the West Bank, yes]
  • committing war crimes [the old canard]
  • a military offensive in the Gaza Strip [if ever there was a defensive war]
  • harsh international criticism over a deadly naval raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla [as we have shown before, the international community supported Israel; the main international criticism came from….. AP]
  • killed a Palestinian militant in Dubai [a terrorist leader, he was]
  • would shut down groups that provide information that could be used to support war crimes allegations against Israel in court cases raised in other countries [no, rather, that baselessly slander Israel – we understand that she fears for her hobby horse, but she could always move to Gaza City or Jericho to continue to write her heartfelt cries]
  • would impose fines and entry bans on supporters of an anti-Israel boycott [any country would ban entry for people who come to make trouble, but Israel should be above this]
  • the Palestinian grief over Israel’s 1948 creation [rather, they should grieve about being used by all the Arab states that attacked Israel, that promised them all of Palestine, that used them as a bargaining chip and their leaders that never bothered to go for a state, especially not when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan]
  • hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were expelled from homes in what is now Israel [in AP’s narrative, Arabs are victims, so Israelis are aggressors]
  • would deny state funding to groups that mourn the “nakba” [the chutzpah of wanting state funding for deploring the existence of the state!]
  • human rights groups that expose unethical Israeli conduct should not be allowed to operate freely [the biggest lie; unethical conduct is chased after by so many Israeli Jews and Israeli Jewish organizations, and they have broad support in the Israeli mindset]
  • Israeli citizens who support sanctions or boycotts against Israel should be punished [Amy would like them to be medalled?]
  • Israel’s internal security service called in for questioning a former air force pilot who has become an outspoken critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians [people that don’t endanger the state should have nothing to fear from being questioned by them]
  • accused Israeli naval commandoes of roughing him up [if it were true it became a court case]
  • to Gaza to draw attention to Israel’s blockade of the territory [run by a terrorist junta; where is Gilad Shalit?]
  • Naomi Chazan, a professor who has come under fire from ultranationalists who accuse her of being “anti-Israel” [a friend of Amy; nice example of her polarizing (Who? Amy? Never!)]
  • the antagonism is dangerous [the antagonism by others, that is; hers is fine]
  • dissent is being quieted [in Israel everybody is a dissident and quiet is not what happens here]
  • ultranationalist [the term itself conveys intolerance]
  • played on the perceived disloyalty of Israel’s Arab citizens [suggestive use of language]
  • It has been widely speculated [by Amy’s sub-conscience]
  • the bill appeared aimed squarely at Arab Israelis [appeared but is not]
  • limiting democracy in Israel and deepening the prejudice against its Arab minority [baseless accusations that are possible in Israel’s democracy]
  • antidemocratic laws that ostracize and delegitimize minority views, particularly those of Arab citizens [we’re all shivering with Amy at this dreadful perspective]

the correlative has been denied