Amira Hass: IDF does not ask about weapons to flotilla

July 19, 2011

Amira Hass reports from the deck of the French yacht Dignite al-Karama.

When the Karame was some 50 miles away from Gaza, the Israel Navy began trailing the yacht and contacted the passengers on board, demanding they state their final destination and disclose if they are carrying any weapons.
A member of the Greek delegation to Gaza answered the questions and promised that they are not carrying any kind of weapons. He said their destination is the Gaza port.
An Israel Defense Forces official confirmed that the Israel Navy contacted the yacht, and warned it that it is nearing a blockaded area. Defense establishment sources stressed that they would not allow any kind of vessels to dock in the Gaza Strip, so any ship trying to break the blockade would be intercepted.
Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza Movement said the Dignite-Al Karame had previously declared Alexandria, Egypt, as its destination so it could slip out of Greece, and then changed its route to Gaza, saying it was a legal move.

And what do you know – Ms. Hass is lying again. I played the video of the IDF making contact with the French yacht. Here it is again. You will note that the IDF does NOT ask about weapons. They ask about cargo.
Let’s go to the videotape.

Aren’t you glad you asked?

don’t expect the truth


Why Amira Hass Is Against the Firing of Qassams

March 24, 2011
Amira Hass

Amira Hass‘s Op-Ed yesterday, “The sanctity of the soaring Qassam,” provides a fascinating look into the depths of her psyche.

In a display of verbal gymnastics, Ha’aretz‘s Hass attempts to explain to Hamas why the group should not fire Qassams at Israel. Why gymnastics? Because instead of simply saying, “Don’t fire Qassams in populated areas because it is a crime against humanity and wrong,” she speaks in terms of tactical interests.
Hass explains that Qassam attaks enables the Israeli military “to put on an act of being an army, one that targets civilians, and thus provide Israel with more ammunition for its victim show.”
Hass gives additional reasons why Hamas should not fire rockets:

It’s wrong to provide [Israel] with pretexts that would enable it to once again put Gaza’s children and old people through an ordeal like Cast Lead, or even one half as bad.


The Qassams merely feed Israel’s madness. The Qassams merely feed Israel’s madness. It is not the Qassams that will ensure the Palestinians, both in and out of Gaza, a life of dignity. It is not the Qassams that will topple the Israeli walls around the world’s largest prison camp.

Despite several attempts to explain why Hamas should not fire Qassam rockets, she never once mentions the significance of firing on civilians. Hass is simply not capable of just once simply saying: shooting rockets at civilians is a wrong and unjustified act. Period.
Her total lack of feeling for the lives of Israelis is on display when she states:

Who cares that the “appropriate Zionist response” to 50 mortar shells, which sowed fear but did not kill, was the killing of two 16-year-olds?

It is pure luck that the Qassams only “sowed fear but did not kill.” Is Hass waiting for someone to (once again) be killed by Qassam fire before she will acknowledge that indiscriminate firing on civilians is wrong?
Beyond the fact that it has been a matter of luck that the mortars did not kill anyone in this round, Hass is completely unconcerned about the emotional trauma suffered by those who lived through 50 mortar attacks (as well as thousands of rockets over the last decade). Will Hass so easily dismiss Israeli strikes in Gaza that result in damage but not death?
— By Yishai Goldflam. To see the Hebrew version of this blog post, visit Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Israeli site.
24 March ’11

Punishment for Anat Kamm of @Haaretz

April 17, 2010
Perhaps a live Iranian prison might be just want Anat needs. Let’s show this totalitarian hussy what a real transformation of society would be like.  Take it in the tuchus for CHANGE Anat! Her prison sentence should be an Iranian style rape live on the internet!
Anat Kamm said she is a messianic leftist. 
 “I didn’t succeed in changing enough things that it was important to me to change during my army service, and I thought that I would bring about that change by exposing them. That’s why it was important to me to inform the public about the IDF’s policies in the territories.”

Over the past two weeks Israel has been rocked by a major espionage scandal in which the Haaretz newspaper plays a central role. To understand the significance of the scandal, it is worthwhile to preface a discussion of it with a look at a smaller story Haaretz developed this week.

Amira Hass

On Sunday, Haaretz’s Amira Hass reported that in January, the IDF published a new military order that paves the way for the mass expulsion of illegal aliens from Judea and Samaria. The story sported the disturbing headline, “IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank.”

In a follow-up on Monday, Hass reported that 10 self-described human rights organizations (all funded by the New Israel Fund) sent a joint letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak asking him to rescind the order. She noted, too, that, “the international media also has taken great interest in the story.”
And indeed, on Wednesday, a Google news search for “IDF West Bank deportation order” drew nearly 20,000 results.
Also on Monday, Haaretz published an editorial based on Hass’s stories. Titled, “IDF bid to expel West Bank Palestinians is a step too far,” the editorial asserted, “Implementing this new military order is not only likely to spark a new conflagration in the territories, it is liable to give the world clear-cut proof that Israel’s aim is a mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank.”
That is, Israel is fomenting a war and Israel deserves to lose that war because it is the villain.
On Wednesday, Haaretz reported that Jordan had joined it in condemning Israel.
That’s quite an accomplishment for an Israeli newspaper with a negligible share of the domestic market.
The only problem is that the order Hass reported on is 41 years old. After creating an international scandal, on Wednesday Haaretz acknowledged that the supposedly new order has been in place since 1969. What changed in January is that the IDF decided to expand the rights of illegal aliens in Judea and Samaria to pre-deportation hearings.
This was not a change for the worse in the status of illegal residents. It was a change for the better.
And still, due to Haaretz‘s misreporting, Israeli diplomats are being called into the chanceries of the world and raked over the coals for the country’s alleged plot to conduct a mass expulsion of Palestinians.
Haaretz accomplished two things with this story. It weakened Israel abroad, which clearly serves its ideological purposes. And it demonstrated its enormous power to damage Israel’s international image at will, which of course puts Israel’s law enforcement and judicial arms on notice as they prosecute and adjudicate the Haaretz spy scandal.
HAARETZ’S MANIPULATION of the deportation story bears a striking similarity to the way it manipulated its own spy scandal. That scandal was under a total court-issued gag order that barred the local media from reporting on it until last Thursday.
That gag order gave Haaretz the opportunity to manipulate the story to its advantage before the state authorities had a chance to explain what it was about. And so, early last week, Haaretz editor Dov Alfon approached credulous foreign journalists and spun a tale. By Alfon’s telling, Israel’s draconian Shin Bet security agency had “disappeared” one reporter – Anat Kamm – and caused another – Uri Blau – to flee the country.


the Haaretz reporter interviewed and published comments in the story by one of the key people at the New Israel Fund event – and that person was none other than Dov Chanin (also spelled Khenin), a Knesset Member from the hard-core Israeli
communist party. That party has never gotten around to repudiating Stalinism.
Chanin is an unreformed Stalinist and cheerleader for Arab terror, but was being featured at a celebration of the New Israel Fund. He is quoted at length in Haaretz as saying that the “attacks” against the New Israel Fund represent a clear and present danger to Israeli democracy, and that it is essential for all good people to rush to the defense of the besieged Israeli democracy.
Got that? A Stalinist who has never gotten around to repudiating the Soviet regimes that produced a conservatively-estimated 100 million deaths in the 20th century and which suppressed all freedoms, including the right to vote, is suddenly alarmed that students who criticize the behavior of the New Israel Fund are a threat to Israeli democracy. And Haaretz cites him as if his words deserve serious attention. Chanin by the way has a PhD in political science from Tel Aviv University – many of whose department faculty members are communists.

Let’s see how they would treat Anat in some of those countries she is enabling…
“In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a “wedding” ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard – essentially raped by her “husband.” “I regret that, even though the marriages were legal,” he said. Why the regret, if the marriages were “legal?” “Because,” he went on, “I could tell that the girls were more afraid of their ‘wedding’ night than of the execution that awaited them in the morning. And they would always fight back, so we would have to put sleeping pills in their food. By morning the girls would have an empty expression; it seemed like they were ready or wanted to die. “I remember hearing them cry and scream after [the rape] was over,” he said. “I will never forget how this one girl clawed at her own face and neck with her finger nails afterwards. She had deep scratches all over her.” “

it is almost like the Iranians were Liberals. it’s only marriage after all. “Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?” was the follow-up question posed to the Islamic cleric. Mesbah-Yazdi answered: “The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it’s acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed.” This reply, and reports of the rape of teen male prisoners in Iranian jails, may have prompted the following question: “Is the rape of men and young boys considered sodomy?” Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: “No, because it is not consensual. Of course, if the prisoner is aroused and enjoys the rape, then caution must be taken not to repeat the rape.”” “One aspect of these permitted rapes troubled certain questioners: “What if the female prisoner gets pregnant? Is the child considered illegitimate?” Mesbah-Yazdi answered: “The child borne to any weakling [a denigrating term for women – ed.] who is against the Supreme Leader is considered illegitimate, be it a result of rape by her interrogator or through intercourse with her husband, according to the written word in the Koran. However, if the child is raised by the jailer, then the child is considered a legitimate Shi’a Muslim.”” Gateway Pundit: Ahmadinejad’s Spiritual Advisor: Raping Prisoners Is OK But Wash Your Hands First – (via Fwd: Eye On The World: In Iran, Islam really is the Religion of Piece (of Ass) – (via

Ayatollah Khomeini Book Of Rules For Having Sex With Children And Animals…

image via doppelganger

All Roads Lead to Anti-Semitism in the MEDIA. Jewish Only Roads were a fiction

January 29, 2010

Israel’s Ha’aretz has opted not to adhere to journalistic norms, having consistantly refused to correct

Amira Hass

stories by journalist Amira Hass that spread the falsehood.)

After the Boston Globe and Associated Press published corrections noting that there are no “Jewish-only roads” in Israel or the West Bank, the Washington Post cleared the record with its own detailed correction:

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Code Pink Adventures in Hamas Land

January 17, 2010

The lucky few allowed into the Strip included neither Evans nor her friends, former Weather Underground terror leaders Bernadine Dohrn and William Ayres

……………But they bore no grudge against Egypt. The Egyptians were mere puppets of the real culprit: Israel. As Evans said, “It’s obvious that the only reason for [Egypt’s treatment of the demonstrators] is to make Israel happy. Israel is behind the refusal [to allow the demonstrators into Gaza] – what other excuse could there be?”

Amira Hass

Hass’s participation in the pro-Hamas propaganda trip is a bit surprising. In November 2008, she was forced to flee from Gaza to Israel after Hamas threatened to kill her. At the time, Hass appealed to the Israeli military – which she has spent the better part of her career bashing – and asked to be allowed to enter Israel from Gaza, after sailing illegally to Gaza from Cyprus on a ferry chartered by the pro-Hamas Free Gaza outfit.

Dohrn, the woman who has called for a “revolutionary war” to destroy the US, felt that the Egyptian authorities’ behavior was nothing but an unfortunate diversion from their mission. As she wrote in a blog post from Cairo, “We find ourselves unwillingly in Cairo, drawn into clashes with authorities and one another on side issues, when what we most want is to keep our eyes on the Palestinian people.”

I was wondering what William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn were up to. Obama in the White House and he becomes an International Pariah. It has to be that Israel controls Egypt? Not at all. Egypt is as threatened by Iranian financed Gaza as everyone else.

Unfortunately for the lucky 100 who were permitted to enter Hamastan, the diversions didn’t end at the Egyptians border. Hamas immediately placed them under siege. The Palestinian champions had planned to enjoy home hospitality from friends in Gaza. But once there they were prohibited from leaving the Hamas-owned Commodore Hotel and from having any contact with local Gazans without a Hamas escort.

Amira Hass: “There is no Israeli journalist that is criticizing Palestinian internal issues the way I do.”
Who is she kidding? Have you read Haaretz lately? There is divergent opinions in Israel. Oh… but it gets funnier.

I was kicked out of Gaza by Hamas, and I don’t know if they’ll allow me back. It was a shock for me, and they used the pretext of security, just like Israel uses the pretext of security all the time, but for me the thing is they don’t tolerate independent journalism.

Hass’s behavior is actually more revealing than surprising. The truth is that Hass and her fellow demonstrators were willing to be used as media props by Hamas precisely because it isn’t the Palestinians’ welfare that concerns them. If they cared about the Palestinians they would be demonstrating against Hamas, which prohibited local women from participating in their march to the Israeli border, and which barred non-Hamas members from speaking with them. It would offend their sensitivities that Hamas goons beat women for not covering themselves from head to toe in Islamic potato sacks. It would bother them that Hamas executes its political opponents by among other things throwing them off the roofs of apartment buildings.

Obama Ally Jodie Evans and Code Pink Invites Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Join Us In Cleansing Our Country’ – Big Government

A recent sympathetic article on the Muslim Brotherhood was published by the Christian Science Monitor.
Jodie Evans and Code Pink attempted to destabilize the Egyptian government by provoking a crisis last month over the government’s refusal to allow all 1362 ‘Gaza Freedom’ marchers to enter Gaza through Egypt.
It would appear that Jodie Evans and Code Pink found an ally in Egypt in their opposition to the Mubarak government.
This is how Jodie Evans repays the kindness showed by First Lady Suzanne Mubarak who came to Code Pink’s aid after Jodie Evans sent her a letter asking for help delivering the ‘humanitarian aid’ to Hamas-controlled Gaza.
Code Pink’s involvement with radical Islamic terrorists and terrorist sympathizers in the Middle East would be troubling enough without Jodie Evans’ close ties to President Barack Obama and his administration.

Does CIA Director Leon Panetta know that a close ally of the president he serves is asking a radical Muslim group with terrorist sympathies to join them in “cleansing our country”?

bristling at “masculine militarization,” “cultural imperialism,” or any other in-vogue sin found on the placards waved at rallies, many Afghan women are haunted by the memory of the Taliban’s public stoning to death of women. They recall what life was like when you couldn’t leave your home alone, when you could not speak aloud in the streets because your voice was deemed inhuman, subservient, inherently impure. It was not the West’s interference that led to their collective misery, but the lack of it.
Afghan women might also tell you about the intensely empowering experience of watching 1,500 women gathered in Kabul’s Loya Jirga tent in the historic “5 Million Women Campaign” where they mobilized to go out and vote. They might tell you about the exhilaration of watching women take their seats in parliament in 2005. They might tell you about the courage of the hundreds of women who protested the discriminatory Shia Personal Status Law that a fundamentalist mullah sought to push through parliament.

“We hope this means Code Pink will rethink what we see as a damaging position out of sync with the peace building and development priorities voiced by ordinary Afghans. But why did it take Code Pink so long to ask Afghan women what they think?”
because Code Pink is at war with men in the West. what goes on in the rest of the world is only a pawn in their strategy.

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Socialist Unity advertises Respect leader Salma Yaqoob’s appearance on the BBC’s Question Time as the sole antiwar voice in a discussion on Afghanistan.

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