Barghouti and Amina Mona and 1000 others for Gilad Shalit

October 18, 2011

* 1,027 prisoners will be released in total.

* 27 of them are female.

* 450 will be released within a week, likely as the actual exchange for Gilad takes place.

* The remaining terrorists will be released in two months.

* The 450 include 385 terrorists serving life sentences. They are classified as “heavy terrorists,” an Israeli term referring to exceptionally brutal individuals serving time for bombings, murders and terror attacks.

Hamas TV and Al Arabiyah is reporting that Israel agreed to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in return for Gilad Shalit and the trade may take place as early as next month.
Arab media outlets reported that the deal will includ former head of the Fatah Tanzim Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences for his role in the murder of Israelis during the al-Aqsa intifada, but a senior Israeli minister denied the report. Amina Mona will be back out there!The exchange would include Amina Mona, a young woman who lured a lovestruck Israeli teenage boy to a Palestinian city over the Internet, only to have him killed by waiting militantsNetanyahu stated that a video showing Gilad Shalit alive and “functional” was given as proof of life before negotiations ensued. He referred to the tape as a “insurance policy.”

Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed in a statement that a “difficult, but right” agreement has been signed with Hamas to release kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who is slated to arrive home in Israel in a few days.

mashal khaled shalitHamas leader Khaled Mashal addressed the Palestinian people Tuesday evening saying: “We should be proud. We are bringing this news to the fathers, the mothers, the children, the families of the prisoners. All who have cried a tear for the prisoners…This is a great achievement. But our happiness is full of pain that we were unable to release all (8,000) of the prisoners.”

Mashal said it was a “great achievement” to get so many prisoners in exchange for one man. He then sent a message to the remaining prisoners saying, “We will continue our efforts until we release all of you. Someone who agrees to release 1,000 prisoners will agree to release 8,000 in the future…This is a promise, this is our oath.”


Amina Mona will be back out there! Gentlemen take care

October 11, 2011

So Gilad gets his freedom for the first time in five years and decided he wants to get laid. He calls up an escort agency and says… man I need to get some action. What girl can you send me? The escort agency says… “Amina”! Gilad Shalit says, “Amina? …Amina who?”. “Amina Mona”, says the woman on the phone.

Abbas also handpicked five female recipients for the highest medal of heroism. Among them Amina Mona who lured 16-year-old Israeli Ofir Rahum via Internet chats to a cruel death. Without telling anyone, Ofir put on his best clothes and took the first bus he could. The girl came to pick him up in Jerusalem. The Israeli boy didn’t even realize when the car entered Ramallah. It is difficult to describe what the Palestinians did to him. He was Jewish, poor, naïve and innocent.