bankrupted itself by backing the revolution

April 18, 2011
the irony of all the rich snobs
…who love the “artist” Banksy…
Viva La Suckers!!!

The_American_Revolution had been partly caused by the economic problems of two monarchies, England and France, the former of which began squeezing the Colonies in order to balance its own books, and the latter which bankrupted itself by backing the revolution. The British monarchy became a shell after centuries of internal conflicts caused in part by its constant need for new sources of revenue. The French Revolution was in turn caused more by a demand for financial accountability from a free spending monarchy, than by the grand ideas like Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite. Meanwhile America’s own earliest conflicts between individual rights and the Federal government, such as the Whiskey Rebellion, were caused by the government’s need for revenue.

With a massive rising national debt that threatens to consume the entire productive capacity of the United States, modern day America is going down the very same road as the Kings of France. And the process has been radically accelerated by the transformation of the role of government, from that of the “fence” around our rights, to the “provider” of rights, and beyond that government had also redefined rights as services. And just as it costs more to put a nanny in every home, than to hire a watchman for a single block, providing services takes government to a whole new spending level.

WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN REVOLUTION! …which will execute us, like the French Royalty. Pompous dreamers who did not see they were agitating their own murderers. It was the French royalty who brought the court to the suburbs… where they could watch their top people… centralization that would lead to easy control. Viva that Revolution we are doomed to repeat over and over again. Call it a fight and then build the Panopticon, only to find oneself slaughtered by ones owns walls.