I Wonder What Happened to Her ASS?

August 10, 2011
I just saw this for the first time… maybe the rest of you knew all about it, but apparently they tried to make a Wonder Woman T.V. show directed by David E. Kelley, the Writer of Ally McBeal (BLECH)… and they tried to tone down her sexuality a bit. I suppose it is the Seattle Wonder Woman or something…. ugh. This version of WW had the hero as a corporate executive and not an Amazon princess… (no I don’t get it either). Early on they even tried to put her in pants and not in the shorts that were nice and exploitative so I could look at her star spangled push tush. Sigh… feminism… when will the media get past it?

…Apparently Wonder Woman argues with her marketing team about the ginormous breasts of her action figure, which ends with her shouting, “We are not marketing my tits!” But then later, she shows off those same breasts to a security guard who’s blocking a room she wants to get into, saying “Do you like my outfit? This outfit opens doors for me…