Gloria Steinem in Wonderland: Hollywood Turns Alice Into Feminist Manifesto, Anti-Male Action Flick

March 5, 2010

If you’re planning to see Disney’s new version of “Alice in Wonderland,” know that it really isn’t Alice in Wonderland at all. It’s Gloria (Steinem) and Betty (Friedan) and Susan (Sarandon) in a high tech, souped up, feminist wonderland. It’s like NOW (the National Organization for Women) invaded a kids’ flick and turned it into a horror movie. There’s nothing wondrous or wonderful about it. It’s dumbed down baloney.

Gloria Steinem’s Fantasy, Not Lewis Caroll’s Charming Classic

The new “Alice” is about the horrors of marriage and how, even back in the 1800s a young girl knows more about business and trading in far off lands than a wealthy English tycoon. The movie, which debuts in theaters tonight, bears very little resemblance to the classic Lewis Carroll fairy tale, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” While the 3-D effects were okay and some of the movie was cute, the destruction of Carroll’s charming tale is a huge disappointment. And it simply wasn’t “Alice in Wonderland.” It was the feminist manifesto fraudulently and deceptively dressed up a that name.

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taking away the naughty element of Wonderland kills the fun. Alice in Wonderland is often a play with sexuality on a young girl. the hypocrisy of society is especially disturbing because Alice is being harassed the whole time… one often wonders if the writer isn’t getting off on the offense of it all. Alice escapes an uptight victorian life for her dreams where she meets hypocritical scoundrels. The idea is that through the experience she becomes a more adult woman. These scoundrels certainly should never inspire a woman to become hostile and anti-social herself. In essence what you describe Debbie is an Alice who becomes her own monster. the frustration and paradox of the experience is supposed to make Alice grow into a character that the reader feels has come to a conclusion that argument and hostility comes to no end. the newest incarnation of Alice has decided to become a diva instead. How depressing.