Anti-Semites at Mondoweiss and Prison Planet blame ‘right-wing Zionists’ for Norwegian massacre

July 24, 2011

The anti-Semites at Mondoweiss have found a way to blame the Jooos …aka ‘right-wing Zionists‘ for Friday’s mass murder in Norway. Wayne Madsen of Prison Planet too. What did you expect?

Why did Anders Breivik kill Norwegians and not Muslims?


Fukushima Sabotaged by Stuxnet Virus?

April 24, 2011

Now we know who caused the Nuclear Meltdown in Japan  …the Joooooooooooos!.. ……I could of predicted this…


become a fake Truther and make these libels before everyone else. Then I could be bigger then Charlie Sheen! oh… and btw this Starbuck’s Latte Bitch is wrong. All six nuclear generators were made by G.E. not Siemens. 

here is the truth:Hours after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami struck Japan, Jewish and Israeli humanitarian groups pledged


to those who are annoyed that I am giving exposure to a complete lunatic…. don’t blame me… This was already going viral.  just sit back and laugh at this bimbo.

according to the History Channel Thanksgiving as a holiday was created by FDR

November 26, 2010
Obama meets with a different breed of Turkey

According to the History Channel (that I was watching tonight) Thanksgiving as an official National Holiday was started by FDR during the depression as a means to encourage holiday spending. By creating Thanksgiving a week earlier (there was a religious tradition of church going and fasting till the meal) he thought he could manipulate the economy… much like some of the poor moves Obama is making today. The present date of Thanksgiving was corrected by Republicans who rightly thought manipulating the economy was a Communist threat. The errors of playing with the economy was not felt till decades later when the “Great Society” fell apart in the 60’s and 70’s and gave us the poverty that we all grew up around.

The real lesson of Thanksgiving is don’t fuck with things. ….oh but we had people who voted for “Change”

apparently there was a woman who used the Thanksgiving meal as a means to establish National unity during the civil war, but she was not successful.

The truth was that the Pilgrim story of Thanksgiving was manufactured from a letter found one hundred years ago.

The idea that the Pilgrims were eating Turkey, cranberry sauce and Pumpkin Pie is a myth. The Pilgrims didn’t have any sugar. Most likely they were eating duck and fish… with possibly bread made of corn. They would not of eaten lobster because the Massachusetts lobsters were not tasty.

the largest myth according to this TV show was that the Indians were invited….. in fact they showed up because the Pilgrims were shooting their guns in celebration. Rather then get their ass kicked in by brutal savages the Pilgrims shared their meal.

most of the tradition associated with the holiday comes to us from the government… the armed forces who used it to boost morale during wars and obviously idiot liberals who used it to boost holiday spending.

it was just a TV show… and I don’t believe everything I see on TV… but it was interesting.

I sure hope they rerun the show.

Thanksgiving is problematic for many on the left because it provides a positive view of American settlement and the interaction between European settlers and Native Americans. Which is why liberals will try to subvert the story of Thanksgiving by depicting the settlers negatively. This is almost universally common on television nowadays. And for those activists obsessed with what people eat, Thanksgiving with its obligatory heavy turkey dinner, is also a major target. So we get HRH Michelle Obama telling Americans what they can and can’t eat for dinner. The difference is that Americans eat their own food. Unlike Michelle and her husband who eat at taxpayer expense.

The protests over the TSA have also failed to lead to a serious dialogue about what we should be doing to fight terrorism. Instead junk catchphrases and people stripping to their underwear while flying have turned media coverage of the situation into a series of running gags. Drudge forced media coverage of the backlash, but he steered it into freakshow areas. The media responded by running stories to pick up some of the traffic, but the stories they ran were more about the publicity stunts, while their above board coverage defended the Obama Administration and the TSA. It’s a ridiculous situation when people can Tweet that they’re going to fly in their underwear and get major news organizations to go and film them, that does nothing to address the problem. Instead it quickly leads to viewer fatigue and disinterest. And that means the policies will stay in place.

Too much of the backlash has focused on what people don’t want, rather than what they do want. That has allowed the Obama Administration to frame it as a choice between security and privacy. When it’s actually a choice between good security and bad security. That isn’t entirely accidental. Too much of the coverage was led by sources who don’t think that there even is such a thing as terrorism. Drudge and other blogs linked to content from 9/11 Truther Alex Jones and Prison Planet. This was Jones’ most successful effort to embed himself among conservatives to date. For those such as Jones or Ron Paul, there is no terrorism. The whole thing is a government conspiracy. The way they fed the story, was the way it got told. And an opportunity to actually reform airline security was missed.

And so what should have been an upbeat time, a harvest festival and a reunion with friends and family, instead is tinted in haze. And that seems par for the course under Obama.

#TeaParty Bot Tart has ALTERCATION with Airport Security.

November 14, 2010
Alex Jones acts like  it is a conspiracy
why a pervert would want to
get it on with Meg here… I mean come on!
Isn’t it obvious.

Alex Jones and pals have a gal that had a little problem at the airport, but she has a history of doing outlandish media stunts…. and frankly… I can see why some dude in an airport would get his rocks off by a little lock up… ok but seriously…. oh noes!
Bid on her tattoo auction here!

Some US scientists warned Friday that the full-body, graphic-image X-ray scanners now being used to screen passengers and airline crews at airports around the country may be unsafe.

A sign at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint instructs passengers about the use of the full-body scanner at O'Hare International Airport on March 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Some US scientists warned Friday that the full-body, graphic-image X-ray scanners now being used to screen passengers and airline crews at airports around the country may be unsafe.  Photo:Scott Olson/AFP

The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus. When she asked some question about what they planned to do to her, they flipped out. TSA agents yelled at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called in 12 local Miami cops and finally escorted her out of the airport.

Free Keene blogger Meg McLain is the subject of a recent Ridley Report: