PA to cancel all security commitments to Israel

December 10, 2010
So how can Israel claim to be protecting it’s citizens if the PA threatens to attack through terrorism? I’d like to go to Israel, but I do not believe the Israeli government is protecting their citizens if they allow people there who follow the Hadith of the Tree of the Jew. When they say they are going to start killing Jews, they mean it… and no Jew outside of Israel will come unless the Israeli government starts listening to the words of the late Rabbi Kahane. You can not live with people that tell you it is their duty to kill you. It is not patriotic to show up in a country that allows this.

Al Quds al-Arabi reports that PLO, Fatah plan to push for a unilateral abrogation of all Oslo and Road Map commitments, including fighting terror, in response to failed peace talks.
The Palestinian Authority will stop coordinating its security with Israel, in response to the US’s official announcement that peace talks have failed, Al Quds al-Arabi reported on Friday.
Khana Amira, a PLO official, told the UK newspaper that the PA is also considering canceling its other commitments to Israel, including the Oslo Accords and the Road Map, which demand that terror organizations will stop. Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior PLO official and an adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly plans to convene a meeting with the PLO and Fatah central committees on Friday afternoon, in order to make a new plan for the Palestinians.
Palestinian officials told Al Quds al-Arabi that they expect US President Barack Obama to attempt to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
“Maybe the meeting will give the American government another chance,” an official told the paper.
The Palestinians are also considering seeking the UN Security Council’s recognition of a Palestinian state on all the Palestinian territories that were captured by Israel in 1967.
In October, Abed Rabbo warned that the PA would unilaterally abrogate the Oslo Accords if the peace process broke down.
“We can’t remain committed to the agreements that were signed with Israel forever,” he said. “One party can’t remain committed while the other party has violated the agreements and even canceled them.”
Government sources in Jerusalem were unfazed by Abed Rabbo’s threat at the time.
“We hear these sorts of things now and again from the Palestinians, that Abbas will resign, they are going to dismantle the PA, that they are going to take everything to the UN, that they are going to give up on a twostate solution,” one government source said.
“But it is not serious. Everyone understands that the only way to achieve peace is through direct negotiations, everything else is not serious,” the source said.
Khaled Abu Toameh and Herb Keinon contributed to this report.

PLO to set up Arab organization to support armed resistance

October 4, 2010
all they want is piece. …and yet we just gave them sixty more days to lie

Lest you delude yourselves that the PLO has any intention of ever making peace with Israel….

PLO executive committee member Muhammad Zuhdi Al-Nashashibi, who resides in Jordan, told the online newspaper Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi that he plans to found an Arab body that will defend the right of the Palestinian people to defend itself with arms against the occupation, in accordance with the UN Charter and the laws which permit this. He attacked PA President Mahmoud ‘Abbas for disarming the resistance and dismantling its infrastructures as part of the Road Map, when Israel is not putting a halt to its settlement activity.

Al-Nashashibi added that he will urge Arab attorneys to take legal steps to restore Arab real estate in West Jerusalem to its former owners, based on documents from before 1948, in an attempt to elicit court rulings similar to those issued to Jews regarding real estate in East Jerusalem, especially in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

If the name Nashashibi doesn’t ring a bell to most of you, go here. It’s one of the most prominent ‘Palestinian’ clans, and it traces its ancestry in Israel back for hundreds of years (I cannot verify whether that is true). Think of them like the better-known Husseinis.

this is who Obama is going to force Israel to cooperate with

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Abbas Asking For US Forces to Supposedly Defend Palestinian State From Israeli Invasion, Permanent NATO Bases in Peace Deal

May 21, 2010
Fayyad said that Abbas had also said that he would perhaps even agree to an international troops presence like that on the Israel-Egypt border and the Israel-Lebanon border.

So called peace according to Fatah of Palestine would imply that NATO and the U.S. have sovereignty over Israel over the protection of it’s borders. Translation: Of course Fatah is like negotiating with no one, so essentially the deal means Israel can no longer protect itself and Palestine does not follow it’s own promises.

(JPost)The Palestinian Authority is considering allowing the permanent stationing of NATO forces in the future Palestinian state, London-based pan-Arab daily Al-Quds al-Arabi reported Palestinian sources saying Wednesday.
The NATO forces would be able to prevent arms smuggling into the future state and to monitor that it would remain demilitarized.
Under any peace agreement likely to be formulated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel would expect the Palestinian entity to remain demilitarized.
The Palestinian Authority will also ask NATO and the US to commit to “defending the Palestinian state from Israel,” were relations to break down and were Israel to threaten the future Palestinian state with invasion, the report said.
US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday afternoon. According to the report, Abbas would be making this offer and request in the meeting

PLO negotiating chief Saeb Eriqat has denied news that the Palestinians have agreed to a NATO presence on the soil of the Palestinian state that is to be established.
The NATO presence would be deployed to defend the state, oversee its borders and crossing points, and prevent the entrance of weapons, since the state is to be demilitarized.