Egyptian child preacher calls for jihad against "brothers of apes and pigs"

September 27, 2012


Following are excerpts from an Egyptian TV show featuring a child preacher, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on May 4, 2012.

Child preacher: Oh Muslims, oh leaders of the Arabs, who convened for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque…

The procession of pure blood that was spilt on the land of Jerusalem must be clearly understood: We have resolved to raise this cause once again, but this time in a new color, the color of blood, the water of honor, and the determination of he who marches towards paradise.

The master of rhymed prose, Al-Qarni, once said: We were visited by a man from Palestine. He sat down in the dirt. We said: Why don’t you take a proper seat? He said: How could I possibly have a seat, while Jerusalem is being held captive by the brothers of the apes and the pigs? We asked if he was carrying a message from Jerusalem. He said: No, but I have a question from Jerusalem in need of an answer.

Jerusalem is calling: Where are the real men? Where are the descendants of [the Prophet’s companions] Khaled, Sa’d, and Bilal? Where are the heroes of war? Where are the lions of battle? Where are those who memorized the suras of Tauba and Anfal [about Jihad]?

Ya gotta love their use of echo while he talks.

imagine that? they got beaten by apes and pigs and now they need a child to speak for them


Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli

February 27, 2012

(EOZ)Saudi cleric who once offered cash prize to whomever kidnaps Israeli soldier comes out against the Syrian President. Saudi cleric Aaed al-Qarni is claiming that killing President Bashar Assad would be a more noble deed than killing an Israeli person.
Saudi newspaper Sabah quoted al-Qarni as saying that Assad deserves to die for heresy, referring to him as “Basharon,” in a jab alluding to former Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Muslim cleric claimed that the Golan Heights will not be freed until Assad’s “treacherous” regime falls.
(Almanar)village idiot of a village of idiots.

Saudi Prince raises offer to kidnap IDF soldier [UPDATED]

November 2, 2011

(Israel Matzav) reported on a Saudi cleric who offered a $100,000 reward for kidnapping an IDF soldier. Now, a Saudi prince, Khaled Ibn Talal, has added $900,000 to the offer making it $1,000,000.

“Al-Qarni offered $100,000 to whoever abducts (an Israeli soldier) and I say to him – I sympathize with you and am offering $900,000 to put the figure at $1 million,” he said.
Prince Khaled is the third son of Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi King’s brother.

The prince made the offer in an interview with Saudi television on Saturday. Prince Khaled bin Talal AKA Khaled Ibn Talal, AKA Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, (Islamic Terrorist Financier) is the brother of business tycoon and Fox News and now Bloomberg co investor and co-owner Walid bin Talal AKA Prince Ahwaleed binTalal.