Norwegian Parliament vice president Akhtar Chaudry to participate in Gaza convoy

April 8, 2011
gaza pool opened on May 18, 2010 source:Maan News
Lots of school kids in Oslo would love this kind of luxury

Socialist Left Member of Parliament and Parliament Vice President Akhtar Chaudry confirms his plans to sail to Gaza in May.

Three other MPs from Labour party have previously announced their intention to do so: Anette Trettebergstuen, Hadia Tajik and Stine Renate Håheim.
Tajik writes in a text message to Vårt Land that it is still not clear whether she will participate or not(unauthorized translation):

«Depending on timing and final arrangements of boat. Must know with certainty that everybody on board the boat are serious people, what kind of shipment, and who it will be delivered to (UN, not Hamas)».

Håheim confirms that she has signed up to join the convoy in May, but that it is still not clear whether she will be among the passengers.
Chaudry responds to a question on whether he can understand concerns that free access to Gaza can be used for smuggling weapons:

– Those who worry about this must also respond to concerns that 1,5 million imprisoned persons otherwise can get food and teaching material. My question is why the people of Gaza should be treated any differently than people in Oslo.

Chowdry’s co-vice president, Per Kristian Foss, Høyre, says it is inappropriate that the Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament participates in the convoy:

A member of the presidency ought to find other means to mark his position. Furthermore, Chaudry is a member of a governing party which has every opportunity to influence Israel through political decisions. Such actions can easily be interpreted as a one-sided support for Hamas.

Opposition MPs are very concerned this will be used against Norway in other fora. Hans Olav Syversen, Christian Democrats and member of Friends of Israel in Parliament says

The organization behind the convoy has been condemned, among others in Germany, because what seemingly was humanitarian help, in reality was help for Hamas. Medical supplies were beyond the date of expiry, and there were other things in the shipment that not of a humanitarian character, such as knives, bats, welding machines.

The final words go to Chaudry, when asked if he agrees that inappropriate of the VP of the Norwegian Parliament to participate in the convoy:

For me as an SV representative, the most important matter is that all positions are used to support the Palestinian people. Nobody have been treated more unfairly than the children of Gaza.

So, when these absolutely spineless politicos set sail for the sunny shores of Gaza, they may want to take a few minutes to reflect on the lack of civil liberties, including gay rights in Gaza, plot a plan to release Gilad Shalit who has been illegally kept since 2006, and obviously keep their eyes open for ships like the Victoria, heaven forbid that our MPs get themselves involved in illegal arms smuggling.
Prof. M. McGonagall
Finally,I permit myself to copy from Tom Gross’s political blog to show the falseness of the ludicrous claim that Gaza children suffer more than anybody else: