Against Conspiracy Theory

February 28, 2008

I only wish things were that organized. things aren’t. hatred only back stabs and betrays… it fizzles out and can’t hold any order together for a very long time in a large geographic order. According to mathematical stats cooperation is the smart and selfish wise strategy… it is hard to imagine a malevolent entity holding cohesion for a long period of time, or at least as long as what is narrated in “Revelations”. Even on the poetic metaphoric level of the four horsemen… it doesn’t hold water. Chaos more times then not has no cohesion. One of the reasons that Jews are hated so much is we provide a cohesion in a community for people to fix they’re hatred on… these hatreds always fall apart because the projectile hatred eventually surfaces as being a mirage and what you end up with are malicious people finding themselves unable to be allies once they have satiated they’re projectile hates. projection on the other and focusing on hate works on the uneducated masses… as we saw in Europe for the last 2000 years or in the Middle East now, but for the powerful it is unlikely to last for a long period. Hatred in the upper class lasts only long enough for it to be convenient. Look at Hilary and Suha Arafat… it became inconvenient for her to have those opinions. She was way to pragmatic… A long term alliance would never develop. Stalin and Hitler’s agreements? I wouldn’t put it past these folk to do ill… but organizing on the level of a religion… (well for example how long did Communism last in the leadership classes? not long. for the most part communism is a diversion from the inner sins of the wealthy on the poor… on a structural level a solution can be resolved through government power is obscene… but the ruling classes weren’t fooled for long… and no one thinks the elite are altruistic… it just shows you the likelihood of a powerful order is unlikely… this is the exact reason that communism is so dangerous… it leaves us with a tyrannical structure… and the rulers of the structure become in flux… hence the structure crumbles and the civilization decays.
As for the Hollywood conspiracy. There is a strong interest in knowledge in the Jewish community… this brings them to social networks and Hollywood in general as writers, actors and artists… the money in Hollywood is proportional to who is working in Hollywood. as far as cold stats of money are concerned the media is not as profitable as some conspiracy theorists might like 2 think. as someone who has worked in advertising… I can tell you the guy who collects advertising money is more times then not begging an industry to advertise. that isn’t to say that sometimes advertising works… that is just to say that a business model has to exist before an organization can expand it’s market share… thus said even if Jews are powerful in the media it is a small proportion to profit from multitudes of potential industries.