Eichmann Trial Uploaded to YouTube

April 10, 2011
The cost of believing lies? Millions die.

…Now, he proceeded, he “would like to find peace with [his] former enemies“… …This outrageous cliché was no longer issued to them from above, it was a self-fabricated stock phrase, as devoid of reality as those clichés by which the people had lived for twelve years; and you could almost see what an “extraordinary sense of elation” it gave to the speaker the moment it popped out of his mouth. Eichmann’s mind was filled to the brim with such sentences.”

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(INN) The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial project has marked the passage of 50 years since the trial of  Adolf Eichmann by uploading footage of the entire trial to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/EichmannTrialEN). Eichmann, one of the major planners of the Holocaust genocide, was put on trial in Israel in 1961, after having been captured by Israeli agents in Argentina.

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