Egyptian Comedian Sentenced for Offending Islam

February 2, 2012

Egyptian Comedian Sentenced for Offending Islam( THE GUARDIAN: One of the Arab world’s best known Egyptian comedians has been sentenced to three months in jail for offending Islam, a judge said Thursday, in the latest such case against a high-profile figure, underlining concerns about freedom of expression in Egypt.
The judge confirmed that Adel Imam, a veteran actor who first starred in a play in 1964, was convicted in absentia of insulting the religion.
The judge said Imam can appeal. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief reporters.
Tarek el-Shinnawi, an entertainment reporter in Egypt, said that Imam was in Egypt recently filming a television series. Egypt’s Actors’ Syndicate said Imam’s whereabouts are unknown. Imam could not be reached for comment.

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