Flotilla of fools to sail from Turkey at the end of Ramadan?

July 17, 2011

‘Israeli Arab’ weekly Kul al-Arab is reporting that the Greek government has agreed to release the yachts from the flotilla of fools to Turkey, and that Turkey will allow the flotilla of fools to sail from its harbors at the end of Ramadan (approximately August 31).  A member of the Turkish delegation to the second Freedom Flotilla told the Arab-Israeli weekly Kul Al-Arab that the Greek and Turkish governments have agreed that the flotilla ships, which Greece prevented from sailing to Gaza, will be transferred to Turkey, and sail towards Gaza at the end of Ramadan.  A member of the International Committee to Break the Siege of Gaza said that Turkish President Abudllah Gul approved this agreement after the failure of negotiations with Israel, in which Turkey demanded an apology and restitution payments for the events of the first Freedom Flotilla. Another activist said that Germany mediated between Greece and Turkey via Israel Matzav

hey Greece? WTF! a loophole here is not helping. these people are not trying to aid Gaza. They have made this very clear.  Also forgive my ignorance, but isn’t after Ramadan when the Muslims like to attack?  I’ve heard this before.