Iron Dome’s record

July 13, 2011

The opening day statistic for Iron Dome is three for four when Iron Dome intercepted rocket fired from Gaza for first time. (give it a shot).  Until now, Israelis believed that Iron Dome would stop any rocket that was going to hit anything. On Tuesday night, it was reported that two Kassam rockets had been shot into Israel and that one of them hit a house. But Israel Radio reported on its 2:00 am newscast that two Kassams and a mortar shell were shot into Israel on Tuesday night, but “no one was injured and there was no damage reported.” Gaza terrorists who spoke to Weinberger said they plan to continue with rocket attacks despite the deployment of the Iron Dome system, which shoots short-range rockets out of the air. “The Israelis are using a lot of money for this defense, but during the last rocket attacks, our rockets made it through,” explained Abu Hamza, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist