French Philosopher Who Agitated for Libyan Intervention Not Welcome at Tripoli Celebration Because he is a Jew

March 23, 2013
(Islam versus Europe) Last Tuesday, 19 March, was the second anniversary of Sarkozy’s declaration that a coalition was going to attack Libya to depose the Gaddafi regime.
One of the principal agitators for French intervention in the country was the “philosophe” Bernard‑Henri Lévy, a prominent media “intellectual” whose absurd philosophical pretensions were harshly exposed a few years ago when a book he wrote quoted from the “oeuvre” of a fake philosopher who, in reality, was a satirical character designed to expose the pretentiousness and vapidity of modern philosophy. BHL, as he is known in France, failed to get the joke and quoted the non-existent philosopher Botul as an authority on “the sex life of Immanuel Kant”.
As well as distinguishing himself in the “struggle against racism and the far-right”, BHL regularly agitates for military interventions in other countries to help various supposedly oppressed peoples. At the time of the anti-Gaddafi revolt, Libya became one of his favourite causes.
BHL was not invited to attend the celebration in Tripoli last week along with Sarkozy, though. The reason: because he is Jewish.
Under the cover of anonymity, an official from the city council of Tripoli explained: “We didn’t invite him. If he comes, we’ll shut the door. If the prime minister invited him, he can go to his house!”
The press office of prime minister Ali Zeidan also confirmed that BHL had not been invited “through the choice of the city council”. According to official sources, the latter feared that Bernard‑Henri Lévy being Jewish, his presence might provoke an attack of the Islamist militias. For the Libyan MP Abdelkader Hueli: “I understand why Bernard‑Henri Lévy wasn’t invited. Today, Jews are not welcome in Libya.”
Source: Novopress